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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


Hard to miss, pal!
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 5:10 PM
Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 12:46 PM
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It took me 2 months to see someone had screamed and shouted.... I must be going deaf.
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I WANNA SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT AL OUT ~(*_*)~ ( XD i just HAD to do it)
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:'D glad ya think so! Youre pretty awesome too!
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Verse 31

I needed something to get my mind off it because at that point, I was just drawing a blank. So when I stepped slowly to the door, I got my wish when the door flew open and… flattened me…

Flash: *Crashes with the door on him* Ow….

Shining Armor: FLASH! *Looks around and doesn’t see him* Flash?! Oh no! I’m too late! DARN IT! If only I wasn’t so busy with that errand! I could’ve saved ‘em… I’m sorry, Flash…

Flash: *Dizzy and flat with a funny crooked smile* Hey, Lyra… Can you high-five another stop sign…?

Shining Armor: Flash?! *Turns around* There you are! Uh…. *Shakes him awake* WAKE UP!

Flash: Did you get that post-mare’s cutie mark, sir? I think she dropped an anvil…

Shining Armor: Did you get eliminated?

Flash: *Shakes his head out of the daze* BRBRBRBRB…. No, sir! I was able to reason my way back into the game!

Shining Armor: Oh, that’s good! Then what are you still doing here?! You have to get to the arena! Your next match is gonna start!

Flash: ACK!!! I gotta get there! Sorry, sir! But it’s just become ABSOLUTELY imperative that I do this right! I gotta go! *Darts out*

Shining Armor: Hey! Wait up!

Flash: Huh? *Sees Amp and they pick him up on the way there at top speed* Amp?!

Amp Atom: WHOA!!! Uh… Hello there, Flash! I was looking for you!

Flash: I’m sorry, Amp! But-

Amp Atom: I’m fully aware of what happened, Flash. And I’m sorry about it. I’m also sorry if meeting me also bothered you. As it were, I needed to put in some last-minute tweaks to your Lightning Spear.

Flash: It’s almost done?!

Amp Atom: It should be by the end of your next match! Be sure to meet me in the halls as soon as you’re finished with the next one! I’m confident that you’ll win the next!

Flash: Thanks! I’m gonna need all the confidence boosters I can get if I’m gonna win this! *Takes off to the arena at top speed* (Is it true, Blueblood?! Are you REALLY my father?!)

Shining Armor: Why can’t I run that fast?!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 31
After a few Verses of heavy exposition and revelations, we could use a lighthearted page! So here, have one!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 30

Flash: You hear all that, Comet?! I’m gonna save both of us now! I’m gonna win this for you!

Comet:……I….I can’t… believe… Why would you do that?!

Flash: Because you’re my brother! We’re family, Bro! And though you’ve made a lot of mistakes that hurt Mom and me, I’ve already forgiven you. And I see that you’ve been hurt by this jerk! And as the Element of Justice, I’m gonna fight him to bring that justice to him! Just watch me!


Flash: And when you get that pardon, you can try again at chasing your dreams! And you know? I can’t wait to serve and fight alongside you!

Comet:…….*Gets angry* FORGET IT! You can’t beat him! Do you even know who he is?!

Flash: Sheesh, have a little faith, will ya?!

Comet: NO! It’s impossible for you to win! And even if you DID somehow win, I’d rather rot in a hole than ever work with you!

Flash:…..Oh, come on… (I try to help him out, I try to stick my neck out for him…) *Sigh*

Comet: Not even being close to Dad is worth being with you too!

Flash: You’re still on that… for the last time, Comet! FATHER IS NOT HERE!!!

Comet: YES HE IS, YOU IDIOT! Look behind you! *Points to Blueblood as he attempts to leave and he pauses* HE’S our father!

Flash: WHAT?!

SCORE: ALERT! Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)…

Blueblood: NGH! *Turns around with a flaring glow in his eyes* Y-You….

Flash: *Gasps* N-No way… (Those eyes again?! But…)

Blueblood: Tch! *Turns forward and runs*

Flash: HEY WAIT!!! *Steps forward, then turns around and sees Comet creating a wormhole* Where do you think you’re going?!

Comet: Far away from here! DON’T try to find me this time! I’m deserting this circus! Nopony here will remember me… Dad hates me… and you… YOU!!! It’s not worth it anymore! *Steps through the wormhole* I NEVER want to see your face again, Flash! FAREWELL! *Vanishes with the wormhole*

Flash:…… Wait! Comet! COMET!!! You’ve… You’ve gotta be kidding…

It was then that I finally found out the truth of who my father was. Yeah, you already knew it, but that’s probably because you came in from the first part! But yeah… I almost never get sick… but this was one time that I felt like I could puke at any moment… except for the fact that ponies don’t puke. Seriously, though! I had no idea how to feel at that point.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 30
A shocking revelation, a farewell, and a lesson on equine anatomy! How's THAT for a Verse?! Yeah, I know I brought this up before at some point, but equines are one of those kinds of animals that have a one-way stomach and cannot vomit! Though in this case, Flash really wishes he could since he feels sick to his stomach from what he just learned!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Verse 29

Flash:…..Rrrgh… (C’mon, Flash! This is ridiculous! Mom always said you were good with words, so think of something to say! This is your future here! Are you about to just let him walk all over you?! C’mon! You gotta fight back! That’s what you did whenever problems came up! You… fought… back… THAT’S IT!)

SCORE: Taking On The Shagohod (Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater)…

Blueblood: So what will it be, colt?

Comet: *Grovels* Please! You have to give me another chance! You can throw him out if you want, but please give me another! I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll give you anything! Just let me try again!

Flash: *Shocked* (Is Comet… BEGGING?! But… he’s only ever belittled himself when he was thinking of our father… Wait… could he be… no, that’s impossible!)

Blueblood: Stop being such a pathetic pest! You expect me to let a crybaby like you have a chance to claim?!

Celestia: Blueblood! You’re going too far! We have to decide on this as a group!

Blueblood: No, Aunt Celestia! I am doing what must be done!

Celestia: How is this helping at all?!


Flash: (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Comet like this… Not since he stopped talking about Father in his sleep when we were foals. What is with this Blueblood guy that is making him weep?! I really don’t want to guess that HE’S actually my father! Or maybe he’s actually the one who…)

Blueblood: So what about you, Flash?! Do you have anything to save yourself with?!

Flash:…..Yeah! I do! A good few things in fact! But first, I have a question for my brother.

Comet: Huh!?

Flash: Comet, you told me that after I beat you, you would tell me who defeated you yesterday. I have an idea of who that was by the way you’re acting towards the suspect. But I need a confirmation. Who beat you?

Comet: F-F-Fine… It was… *Points to Prince Blueblood*

SCORE: Snake Eater [Instrumental] (Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater)…

Flash: (Knew it! Thank goodness. Then the rest of this appeal can go by without a hitch! Once again, luck is on my side!) *Smiles* Good! Then I have my appeal ready! Prince Blueblood, I want to know something. How willing are you to make absolute sure that I never become a Royal Guard?

Blueblood: Why do you ask?

Flash: You just seem so happy about that thought that you would be willing to take us this far! Despite not even knowing what’s at stake here! You could lose out on the chance to have two powerful and loyal subordinates at your disposal! Or even so much more! What I might lose is the chance to stand and fight for not just the Royal Family, but for everypony that has given me a reason to live on! I have everything to lose here! You can even ask Princess Celestia herself! She’s seen what kinds of hassles I’ve had to go through for them! So she already knows what I’m willing to sacrifice everything for! Perhaps you should too!


Flash: You know what I did before I came here? Back in high school, I was a bit of a rock star. My friends and I were in a rock band known as Flash Drive. We gave everything our all on stage for our fans and for a cause to save my mother and I from a heavy debt. We won because we lived by a strong code of honor that as performers, we ALWAYS deliver to our fans what we promised! And we do it with our undying integrity, vigor, nobility, faith, and valor with the sense of justice on our side! Since then, I’ve lived by that code that whenever I make a promise, I keep it to the very end! I’ve made the sacrifices to get to this point because I promised I would make something worthwhile out of them! There are hundreds of screaming fans in that arena out there waiting for the show I promised! So no matter what, nothing’s going to stop me from delivering that show! Nor will it stop me from becoming a Royal Guard!

Blueblood:…..That is your appeal? “No matter what-“you say? Hmm… Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

Flash: You want to make a bet?

Celestia: You’re not going to do this to Flash too, are you, Blueblood?!

Blueblood: Name your terms, Flash.

Flash: A bet it is then! Alright! You were able to beat my brother before! But I bet you won’t be able to beat me! I’m gonna do something that any and all Royal Guards should do! I challenge you to the same duel that Comet Tail failed to beat you in and when I beat you, you’re going to pardon both Comet and me! Not only that, but also give Comet a second chance to take the exams to become a Royal Guard instead of arresting him!


Flash: And finally you’ll let the graduation go on as normal for me! In other words, Princess Celestia will decide where I go from there!

Blueblood:……HMPH! Very well! But once I dash your aspirations of victory, my terms are that you will not only be not excused, but thrown into a brig for 5 years, plus hard labor, and you can forget ever becoming one of our guards! You have stepped over the line one too many times, colt! You and your brother will pay for your crimes!

Flash: Not if I win! Fine then, it’s a deal! *Walks up to Blueblood* Let’s shake on it! *Puts hoof out*

Blueblood: Don’t push your luck! *Turns away* Aunt Celestia, could you please shake his hoof on my behalf?

Celestia: Why?! This is your deal! It’s your responsibility!

Blueblood: I refuse to touch this scum!

Flash:…..RRGH! (Man, he’s full of himself!) Sorry, Princess Celestia, but I don’t think he’ll let this go until the deal is fully struck.

Celestia: You talk about it as if you know him…

Flash: For some reason, I kind of feel like I do.

Celestia: Well, you’re not wrong. *Bumps his hoof and shakes* But you do know it’s against the Royal Guard’s code to stand against a member of the family, in fact, it’s a direct violation!

Flash: I understand that, but how else was I to get out of this?! …I’m sorry. And even if I win and get that pardon, I’ll accept whatever consequences you have for me for breaking that code. I’ll graciously take responsibility. That’s my promise to you!

Celestia:……….*Smiles and nods* Alright. Now I’ll be going to inform the spectators. I think they’ve waited long enough. *Leaves with Kibitz*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 29
I finished a homework assignment and was in a good mood, so I decided to upload another part for you guys! HAPPY DAYS! And now we see Flash's determination return once more! He's willing to give up everything for the ones he cares about! That's more than what Prince Blueblood can say for! Flash gets stuff DONE!


Flash Sentry & Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Verse 28

Okay, THAT was a pretty stupid turnaround! Comet and I both got arrested for apparently breaking some kinds of rules. My friends were just as confused as I was! Heck! They were even more so since they weren’t there to see it. I found myself in a room with Equestria’s High Council along with Comet Tail. He just woke up and is in a daze. I helped him up and got yet another shot in the face for it. Sheesh, no good deed ever goes unpunished…

[KIBITZ- Tom Kane]

Kibitz: Princess, how do you see this matter?

Celestia: A waste of time! But there is no other way to compromise with this since Blueblood has declared this an offense.

Kibitz: *Sigh* Sometimes I wonder why he couldn’t have turned out like his cousin.

Celestia: That reminds me, she’s in the spectator’s crowd with Twilight right now. I don’t want to keep her waiting on this! I’ll be having my words with Blueblood once this is over…

Blueblood: *Steps in and glares at the two colts and mumbles* I can’t afford to let either of them go…  



Kibitz: *Sigh* Cadets Flash Sentry and Comet Tail. You both have been put in this spot due to the accusations of overstepping boundaries and violating the rules of the examinations. On record, this is a first offense, however, you both will have only one chance to appeal, so make it count.

Flash: Well, Comet? How about you do something about this?!

Comet: Why me?!

Flash: Because this is YOUR fault! You attacked Private Soarin! You challenged me! So YOU take responsibility for it!

Comet: You’re the one who accepted it!

Flash: Yes, I did! But only because you would’ve interfered further anyways!

Comet: You also wanted it!


Flash: Ergh… Sorry, sir. *Lowers his head*

Comet: Hmph! I’m not!

Flash: Princess Celestia, you also allowed it under the condition that Comet would be brought in for questioning as well. Couldn’t you vouch for me here?

Celestia: Trust me, Flash. I would want nothing more than to do so, but I unfortunately don’t have the final say in the highest council unless I was the one who addressed the main issue. I am not that pony, unfortunately. My nephew, Prince Blueblood is.

Flash: Say what?! Agh! Typical! (I can just never have a normal contest without something stupid getting in the way!) So we only get one appeal, huh?

Blueblood: Not that any appeal will matter. As far as I’m concerned, you’re both guilty and should be deported!

Comet: But…

Flash: Why do you have such a vendetta against us, Prince?! All we want to do is better ourselves by dedicating our time and energy to protecting you!

Blueblood: What you want doesn’t concern me. And how dare you lash out at me like that?!

Flash: Ergh….

Blueblood: You forget, colt! I’m holding your fates in my hooves! The next thing you say shall be your appeal! And I can’t wait to crush it!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 28
Wow, Prince Blueblood REALLY doesn't want Flash to become one of his employees! Also we now have Kibitz from the IDW comics!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Kibitz- Tom Kane
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Verse 27

SCORE: Alert/Tanker Incident (Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty)…

Blueblood:…..Huh?! *Sees it coming right at him*

Flash: ACK! *Gets to Blueblood first and gets him to hit the deck* GET DOWN! *They duck and the shard stabs into his seat and sends it flying into the wall behind it, and pinning it there like a portrait* Whoa…. *Panting* That was close! Are you alright, sir? *Gets punched by Blueblood to get off him* POOF!!!

Blueblood: GET OFF, PEST! *Gets up* You have a lot of gall to jump me like that!


Comet: What…. WHAT?! No… NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *Aura flares as he gets really angry and rages* AAAAAAAGH!!!! FLAAAAAAAAAAASH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Dissipates and he collapses* How… Dare… You……..

Advent: *Shivers* That’s only the second time I saw that… yet it still gets me…

Milky Way: Flash! Why did you save HIM?!

Blueblood: *Growls* GUARDS!

Celestia: Blueblood, what are you doing?!

Blueblood: I demand that these two be put under IMMEDIATE arrest!

Milky Way: WHAT?!

Flash: W-Wait, what?! *Gets grabbed by two guards* WAIT! WHAT DID I DO?!

Celestia: Blueblood! He just saved you! Guards! Let him go! If you must arrest anypony, let it just be Cadet Comet Tail for interfering!

Blueblood: Cadet Flash Sentry is an accomplice of his in that regards for allowing said interference! Not to mention for ruining my outfit! Guards! Take him out of my sight!

Flash: Didn’t I just save you?! *Gets pulled out* Hey! Wait! It can’t end now! Not like this! Let go!

Celestia: HOLD IT!

Blueblood: Aunt Celestia! What are YOU doing now?!

Celestia: I’m going to call an intermission! *Summons the announcer to her* Inform the spectators that we will be taking a short break to settle an issue. They may mingle while we take care of this before the next match.

Announcer: Yes, your highness. Should I announce the winner?

Celestia: That can only be decided after this is settled. Don’t announce it yet.


Comet: Ngh… C-Curse you… Flash…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 27
No good deed goes unpunished as they say. 


Flash Sentry & Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Advent Playwright- Chiara Zanni
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Announcer- Scott McNeil 
Verse 26

{THE FIRST TRIAL} The Storm Begins! FIGHT!  
Flash Sentry VS Comet Tail
SCORE: Stains Of Time (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

COMET TAIL- Comet Tail is armed with a constantly propelling staff that he can throw around with kinesis like a boomerang, make home in on Flash and do heavy damage on impact, and even have rush through the surface of the battleground itself. He is also very proficient at dodging when Flash gets in close to attack him. And attacking close, though it is the only way to do damage and defeat him, isn’t the best plan to do recklessly since he can use both his spinning staff and his own close-range hoof and horn combat in conjunction with each other.

FLASH SENTRY- Flash Sentry’s basic attacks from his training with the Lightning Spear are retained, however he does not have the electricity to back him up, nor does he have the blade itself to do the real damage with. However, since Comet has already used up enough of his own vitality during the first couple rounds of their match, Flash doesn’t really need the magic enhancements. Flash can parry the incoming staff and go back to using his own hooves to attack up close if he has to. Basically, he’s Flash Sentry in his purest form, so to speak.

So the real battle began and Comet started throwing basically a spinning hurricane of death at me! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he wanted to put my head on that stick! Then again, since I DID know better, I figured that he wanted to anyway! I tried to take defense and block it, but it slipped right past my guard and knocked me back so hard that I could’ve sworn I was seeing stars! It’s no lie to say that IT HURT!

And that was just on the first swing! He then brought it back and hit me again on the rebound! Though you know what was the worst part? The most painful part of this was that he was right. I couldn’t call him out on shenanigans here because it’s not considered cheap if it levels a playing field for somepony that can fly. Just imagine if I was an Earth Pony like Mom, though! I wouldn’t stand a chance! But since I’ve always been a fast flyer, I knew evading was my best option.

I jumped up and took flight upwards to set myself up for a dive bomb! I flew in fast to strike him down, but took a tough hit on my way to him. I flew into him and he knocked me right out of the air; sending me tumbling down to the ground. Comet started stepping towards me and readied his staff again for another throw. I slowly got back up and braced myself for it.

Comet: Aww, what’s the matter, Flash?! You were acting all tough earlier! What happened to that?!

Flash: Ngh… *Panting* Don’t worry, Bro! I’ve still got… plenty of tough in me!

Comet: We’ll see about that! Your reason for fighting… It’s all because of Mom, right?

Flash: What are you getting at now?!

Comet: You always were a dog for her, y’know?

Flash: Rrrgh!

Comet: Well now you can be a REAL dog! FETCH!!! *Launches it at him*

Flash: Oh horse-apples… *Jumps out at the last second to dodge the staff only to see it tear up the ground below him* HOLY…!!! (If it can do THAT to the battleground… No wonder it hurt so much!) Are you REALLY trying to kill me now?!

Comet: Hey! It’s not my fault you’re so weak and soft! *Brings it back and hits him with it*

Flash: OOF!!! *Gets hit several times and then knocked down with the staff jamming itself in his belly with his back to the ground* AAAAGH!!!!

Comet: Music to my ears! *Lifts the staff off him and has it spin rapidly again* Too bad it has to end so soon! Oh well! SAY GOOD NIGHT! *Launches it at him for a finishing blow*

Flash: *Breathing heavily* (Not good… Not good!) RRRGH!!! (I….) *Glares and a yellow shine starts flickering in his eyes* (WILL…) *Gets up and onto his hooves and spreads his wings out* (NOT…) *Bolts past the staff and over to Comet to hit him with a superfast staff thrust* (LOSE!!!)

Comet: OOOOAGH!!! W-WH….?! *Gets pushed back really fast, then bucked into the wall of the arena with a rough crash* GRRRCK…. How did he…?! *Gets really angry and his eyes flare up even more* RRRRRGH!!! RAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Both of our eyes were flaring with their own colors. You can just imagine it. We’ve both already taken our share of hits, but somehow, we weren’t feeling tired anymore. Instead, we were having our second winds come in simultaneously. The next thing we knew, we were at the center of the arena in a power struggle, rapidly striking, guarding, and dodging each other’s attacks! Our outbursts of energy were so intense it felt like the whole world was shaking around us! Imagine it any way you like. Lastly, after one last push back for both of us; Comet launches his staff one last time!

Comet: THAT’S IT! PLAYTIME’S OVER! TAKE THIS, FLAAAAAASH!!!! *Launches staff and it spins so fast that it has its own wind currant*

Flash: (That kind of spinning speed could take down a grown tree!) *Starts flying along the ground to dodge it* (Gotta think… What’ll get him to slow it down?!) *Sees it shredding along the walls and ground* (SWEET CORNDOGS!!!) *Looks to Comet then back to the staff* (He won’t let it hit himself with that kind of speed! I think I got it!) *Bounces off the wall and flies towards at top speed* THIS ENDS NOW!

Comet: You’re right it does! That’s right, come here! *Tries to hit Flash, but misses as he goes right past him* What?! *Sees the staff flying towards him while following Flash, who is now right behind him* AGH!!! *Slows it down and ducks* NO! WAIT!!!

Flash: Now’s my chance! (Hit the breaking point!) *Turns around, leaps off of Comet, and strikes the spinning staff with his own at the right spot on it* HAAAAAI… BOO-YAH!!! *The staff snaps in two and flies in two directions. One towards the lower part of the wall and the other right towards the VIP seats at Prince Blueblood. Seeing this, Flash gasps and dashes towards him at top speed to save him.* PRINCE BLUEBLOOD!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 26
I swear, this is a My Little Pony fanfic! I promise! So now the real battle between the two brothers finally commences and Comet has a rather devastating move in his arsenal which is the equivalent to throwing around a spinning buzz-saw! Because buck the rules! He just wants to make Flash dead!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Verse 25

Flash: Comet Tail?! What are you-

Announcer: You can’t be here! You lost yesterday! You were already dismissed!

Comet: SHUT UP! I’m not following that! I was cheated out of that win! I’m NOT about to let that go! I want to fight my brother! And that’s what I’m gonna do!

Flash: But why?! You’re another cadet, aren’t you?!

Comet: I don’t care! I want to fight you and beat you! Nopony else has that right! ONLY I DO!!!

Flash: Why is that, though? Wouldn’t you rather us graduate together?

Comet: I’m not going to be dismissed! Instead, I’m going to beat you down to a pulp, then take the position in the Canterlot Royal Guards! Then I’ll be that much closer to Dad!

Flash: Just when I thought this would’ve been more interesting, you make this into your useless driving force instead! *Shakes head*

Celestia: Cadet Comet Tail! *Teleports down to the arena* This interruption isn’t going to help you with your enrollment probation! Desist this at once and leave for further training! I won’t have you disrupt any more of this!

Comet: Look, Princess. As far as I’m concerned, the only one I will ever listen to is my Dad! I don’t take orders from you!

Celestia: Is that so?! Insubordination will not be tolerated! You’re missing part of the point of-

Flash: Okay then!

SCORE: Overture ~ Metal Gear Saga (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots)…

Celestia: Hmm?

Flash: With all due respect, Princess Celestia. I want this. I want to fight him.

Celestia: Cadet Flash Sentry, I’m about to issue an order for my guards to seize him. Please don’t interrupt. You have an exam to take.

Flash: Yes, but my partner, Private Soarin is down and out. And Comet’s responsible for it. And if you look around, you can see a whole arena full of ponies that want to see a grandiose show! I’m all for abiding by the rules, but for this, I want to give them, Comet, and myself a battle worth being a part of! So please, may my brother and I have your permission?

Celestia:…..*Looks over to Soarin, who nods* Hmm… *Nods herself* Very well. However, Comet Tail! You will be questioned later, victorious or not! *Teleports back*

Comet: Hmph! Nothing matters anyways! So long as I get some satisfaction out of beating Flash in front of Dad, that’s all I need!

Flash: You still… Ah, forget it! We have a duel to do! And y’know, Comet? I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!

Comet: You’re right about that. This has waited far too long! Now we’ll finally get to see who’s better!

Flash: If that’s the way you want to see it, fine! Whatever! Me? I just want to shut you up! *Takes staff off of back and readies it*

Comet: *Lifts his staff with his horn, but holds it in his hooves* This is perfect! Just simply perfect! Let’s go!

Announcer: Under the princess’s permission, you may begin! But you’re both on thin ice, so no false moves! Got it?!

Flash: Understood, sir!

Comet: Not my style anyway!

Announcer: Very well then. BEGIN!

The duel began. The one that I honestly have waited for since the time I found out that Comet was the one who nearly landed our family in the streets! I didn’t get a chance to the last time we met in front of a crowd. This time was different. This time, we both finally got to see who the best of us is! Though we started with bow staffs, we quickly changed up.

After a good few hits on each other, Comet and I felt the same thing. We just didn’t feel like we were actually giving it our all. If my staff was a spear, I might’ve felt more attuned to it, but I didn’t want to hurt him THAT bad. So I changed up with him anyways. He jammed his staff into the ground and took a different fighting stance. I did the same and we braced ourselves for each other’s next move.

Comet: RRRGH!!! This hardly feels like fighting AT ALL! *Eyes flare for a moment* I want this to be more personal!

Flash: *Gets instant flashbacks to seeing those eyes again* Every time… Alright, that’s the way you want it?!

Drum Role: They’re about to go into hoof-ti-cuffs!

Bass Keys: Yo, Dawg. Shiz ‘bout ta get real, man!

Amp Atom: Define “real”…

Advent: Be careful, Flash… I saw that look in Comet’s eyes from here…

Bon Bon: You okay, Milky?

Milky Way: I don’t know… *Covering her eyes, but looking through her hooves* I don’t know how to feel about this! My sons are fighting again, but…

Lyra: Don’t think of it like that. Just think of it like the two are playing a game of chess!

Milky Way: This is different! You don’t get hurt in chess!

Bon Bon: She has a point, Lyra.

Flash: *Back in the arena* Tell me, Comet! I know you lost yesterday. And from what I’ve heard, you were about to claim a graduation with one last victory, but somepony beat you. Who was it?!

Comet: What’s it to you?!

Flash: Oh, nothing really. Just curious! *Dodging attacks and attempting his own*

Comet: Forget it! I’m not telling you anything!

Flash: That’s too bad! I was hoping that maybe if I beat him, it might make you feel a little better!

Comet: Shut your mouth! *Runs at Flash and tries to skull-bash him only to get thrown in a back-roll* AAAGH!!!

Flash: Just trying to help. Because seriously, you need to calm down!

Comet: Don’t flatter yourself! There’s no way you could ever beat him anyway!  You wouldn’t even last a minute against him!

Flash: Either you’re really scared of him or you’re his biggest fan! I wonder which one it is!

Comet: SHUT UP!

Above us, a cluster of storm clouds were starting to develop as our hoof-to-hoof duel intensifies. Each hit connects and trades with each other. We continuously trade blows until we end up coincidentally hitting one front hoof to the other, almost looking like a hoof-bump. It’s followed up by both of us withdrawing back and head-butting each other. We both stagger back a little bit in a daze until…

Flash: Ngh… *Loses balance and falls over, gets back up and screams* Hrrgh… COMEEEEEEET!!!! *Echoes*

Comet: *Gets back up and also screams with an echo* FLAAAAASH!!!! *Starts raining with thunder and lightning*….Perfect!

Milky Way: *Gasps with heart pounding*…!!!!

Blueblood:…….*Looking down to the arena with a glare*

We continued trading blow for blow as we carried on the conversation...

Flash: Yeah… Yeah! It is! I always imagined it like this! You, me, at our full strength, and in a storm! This IS perfect!

Comet: Alright then… Tell you what! I’ll tell you who beat me yesterday IF you can beat me today! But at this rate, there’s no way you will!

Flash: Well then I just won’t lose! Easy as that!

Comet: You really are that stupid, aren’t you?!

Flash: Why? I just realized something. You’re not using your magic, you’re not setting traps, you’re not hiring thugs to do your dirty work, and though your eyes give off that same flaring glow, that still confuses me by the way; you’re not pulling any cheap tricks! I gotta say, Comet, it’s great to see that you’ve finally matured to the point of fighting fair, but you’re not so tough when you do!

Comet: OH, IS THAT SO?! *Lifts the staff out with kinesis and has it float next to him* I don’t know if I would call this “cheap”, but I certainly know a good few tricks! Like this one! *Starts twirling the staff to the point of it spinning like a propelling saw* HRRRRGH!!! HEHEHEHEH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *Eyes flare again* SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT, FLASH! *Readies it for the true beginning*

Flash: Okay, that’s new! Alright then... BRING IT ON, COMET!!!

I already knew how much this was gonna hurt just from the looks of it… It hurt me a lot more than it hurt him, that’s for sure!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 25
This was one of the most fun moments to write for me. Mainly because I drew inspiration from one of my favorite moments from one of my favorite games.… Check out this classic! And get hyped for the real battle to begin!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Announcer- Scott McNeil
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Drum Role- Peter New
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Advent Playwright- Chiara Zanni
Bon Bon- Chantel Strand
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Lyra Heartstrings- Britt McKillip
Verse 24

SCORE: History Unfolds (Soul Calibur II)…

Flash: *Looks out the doorway in the large coliseum, pulls back, and his heart is pounding* Yeesh! I didn’t think so many ponies would be here! *Sees that nopony is standing next to him* I really need to stop talking to myself… It’s okay, I’m just nervous… But I’m also excited! Y’know, somepony should make a word for both… Maybe… Nervouscited! Yeah! I’ll pitch that word out to somepony and see if it goes mainstream! *Hits himself* FOCUS, Flash! This is important! *Walks back to the shadows* I guess I’ll wait for them to ca-


Flash: Never mind, it’s go time now! *Turns around and heads out into the light* (Shining Armor, Heavyweight, and Thunderclap have been there for my training since it all began… Now, it’s all on me! For the first time ever, I can finish something big on my own! I can finally prove myself!) *Looks around and sees the many ponies cheering as he walks to the center until he sees a certain group in the bleachers* *Gasp* (Wait… Those ponies… Guys?! MOM?!) Hahah! I wasn’t expecting you guys! *Flies up to them before reaching the center* GUYS!!! *The audience is slightly confused but understand as they see him fly up to them* Mom! Flash Drive! Cousins! You all made it!

Milky Way: But of course, dear! You didn’t think I’d miss your big day, did you?! Not for the world!

Flash: (Whoa! Mom is… Has she let herself go in all the time I was gone?!)

Bon Bon: The day you kick flank and make our family proud?! Who would miss that?!

Bass Keys: Yo, Dawg! D’ose suckas dun’ know who dey dealin’ with, man! We gon’ cheer fo ya all da way!

Drum Role: You always did know how to put on a good show! And the last one’s always gotta be the big one! So we’re all counting on ya!

Advent: I’m glad you were able to make it this far! You know what you have to do!

Flash: Heh! Don’t you worry! I’ll win this for sure! Just you watch!

Amp Atom: OH! And Flash! Meet me after the first round is over! I have something to give you during the break!

Flash: Will do!


Flash: ACK! OKAY! OKAY! I’m coming! *Flies back down* Wish me luck, guys! *Lands in the center* Cadet Flash Sentry reporting! SIR! *Salutes*

Announcer: Good! Now you are aware of the rules of the final exam, correct? No lethal force, no attacking after the final decision, and absolutely NO hits below the belt on the caudal side! Understood?!

Flash: Yes, sir!

Announcer: Alright! So for this, you will be taking on three challenges! Each one varying in styles and difficulties depending on the level of experience that the opponents in question. If you win, then you will be allowed a 15 minute break. If you lose consciousness, then you lose and will be dismissed from the ranking exams! Whatever happens next is up to you. Is all that clear, cadet?!

Flash: Crystal clear, sir!

Announcer: Good! Then let’s not waste any more time! Your first opponent is Private Soarin! Get ready! *Pulls out megaphone* WOULD PRIVATE SOARIN PLEASE REPORT TO THE ARENA?! *They wait a bit, but no response* PRIVATE SOARIN! REPORT TO THE ARENA IMMEDIATELY!!!.... *Sees Soarin in armor limping in severe injuries towards the arena* Huh?!

Soarin: Ngh… Nghrrrgh… S-Sorry…. I’m… late….

Flash: Whoa! What happened to you?!

Soarin: He’s…. right behind me… He’s… after… you… *Gets picked up by telekinesis and thrown at them* WHOOAAAAAAAH!!!! *Hits the floor next to Flash* OOF!!!

SCORE: Infinite Loop (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots)…

Flash: Who did this to you?! Uh… Sir! I don’t think Private Soarin is in any condition to fight!

Announcer: Private Soarin! Can you stand?!

Soarin:……Guuuuh…. No more, Spitfire… I don’t wanna start swerving….

Announcer: I don’t see this other pony! Where are you?! *A wormhole appears from the closed gate and out comes the perpetrator* You?!

Comet: *Walks towards them and the camera pans up to him* Of course it’s me! I can’t possibly be anyone else, now can it?! Now let me see my BROTHER!!!

Flash: Comet Tail…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 24
Sorry, Evan! :iconbravokrofski: You're probably gonna be a bit annoyed that this is the only time that Soarin appears in the story and it's not for much... But in any case, it's time for Flash's training to finally pay off! But not in the way that he expected!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Announcer- Scott McNeil 
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Bon Bon- Chantel Strand
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Drum Role- Peter New
Advent Playwright- Chiara Zanni
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Soarin- Matt Hill
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile

Meme Thing

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 2:43 PM

Sheesh, guys! You tagged me like there was no tomorrow! Okay, I'll :iconpalpatineplz: DO IT!


Full Name: 
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Blood Type: O Positive
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Ancestry: Global
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Build: Lean
Eye Colour: Grayish 
Hair Colour: Dirty Blondish
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Scars/Markings: Slit on my left wrist due to a nail accident when I was a little kid.

General Attitude: Calm, meditative, open-minded, and one who likes to have fun and enjoy the positive side of life while still accepting the negatives. I'm also rather perverted, but only for humor. I am also a very loving individual to those whom I care about. Stay on my good side, however, whatever you do!
Life Aspirations: Fascination is the greatest philosophy!
Favourite Foods: Tortilla Soup, Eggs, & I LIKE CEREAL!!! :iconchocolatecheeseplz:
Religion: No religion. I follow Faith.
Likes: A lot of things.
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Fears: Bees. 

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Verse 23

SCORE: The Best Has Yet To Come/MGS4 Version (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots)…

And so training was set to begin once more! From that point on, it was all specifically combat-based. Though Shining Armor himself refused to accept my challenge to him, I still wanted to know why, but considering how much harder both my other two wing-mates were, a part of me didn’t even want to know! So I guess it was for the best that I didn’t find out.

Anyways, instead of each match being held once a week, it was set that each of the cadets would have their own day to take on each match. Mine just so happened to be on the last day. So for the next month, I concentrated on improving my skills without the use of the Lightning Spear. During that training, I learned something interesting about one of my friends.

Flash: Wait a minute, you’re an Earth Pony?!

Heavyweight: Why do you think I can weigh a ton?! Pegasai can’t naturally weigh this much!  There’s no way their wings can lift them!

Flash: Well I did know of one Pegasus who was as big as a pro wrestler.

Heavyweight: Bulk Biceps? I You mean my son? Don’t let his size fool ya though. Those muscles are balloons compared to me!

Flash: Really?! If that’s the case, then how are you able to fly?! Those wings look real enough to me. Don’t tell me their fake!

Heavyweight: Guilty as charged! In fact, I need to take off the covers. *Removes the feathered cover off his wings to reveal them to be artificial wings* There we go! Now they can REALLY stretch out! *Spreads wings with them letting out clanging sounds*    

Flash: Wh-What are those?!

Heavyweight: Prosthetic Wings! I had them installed a long time ago.

Flash: But I thought you said you were a Pegasus!

Heavyweight: That’s because I didn’t think I could trust you enough before. Not everypony looks at these with smiles and nods, unfortunately.

Flash: Oh… I see. I guess that makes sense. But why did you put wings on you?

Heavyweight: Well, I told you I had a wife, right? Well y’see, she likes living close to her family and they live in Cloudsdale, so she had a hard time picking between living closer to me on the ground or living up in the air near her folks. So instead of making her have to choose, I compromised and went to a doctor to have them surgically installed into my body and nervous system, allowing me to be able to fly!

Flash: You did it for your wife? Wow, that must’ve been painful… and expensive!

Heavyweight: Oooooh yeah! It was painful alright! Expensive? You don’t know the half of it! But I was able to pay it off with my profit of being in the Royal Guards. But no matter what the case, you can bet that lucky charm you wear around your neck that it was worth it! My wife was happy and that was all I needed.

Flash: Huh… That’s not bad.

Heavyweight: Besides, being able to fly meant that I could do more to serve Princess Celestia than how I could if I was just an Earth Pony! It’s as they say, kid: “You can’t expect to make a change if you can’t change yourself!” Through worthy sacrifices, the best can be brought out of you!

Flash: But aren’t you afraid of them stop working or even getting broken?

Heavyweight: They’re made of a really tough and flexible material, though they need to breathe every now and then. Tell you what, try and hit them! See how scared I am of them getting damaged! *Brings wings in front of him*

Flash: Well… Alright! *Takes his staff and strikes at the wings only to get knocked back* WAAGH!!!

Heavyweight: YEAH! Ya dig?! That’s MITHRIL right there, kid!

Flash: Mithril?!

Heavyweight: Like I said! Strong, light, and flexible! So good luck trying to clip these wings just to get an upper hoof on me! *The wings shimmer*

Flash:…….That is so cool….!

Heavyweight: Like I said, kid! It’s the worthy sacrifices that can make all the difference! Through a few aches, pains, and expenses, I’ve been able to make my family happy and do my duties better than ever! All it takes is the right willpower!

Flash: Willpower… Valor… *Looks down to his Element of Justice, but doesn’t see any glowing* Huh…

Heavyweight: Something wrong, kid?

Flash: Uh… No. It’s nothing. (I don’t have the Element of Valor with me, but I would’ve gotten some sort of glow if he was the one anyways. Agh! I should’ve brought it with me instead of leave it at home with Mom! Oh well. I guess he’s just not the one. Though he seems like he would be…)

Heavyweight: Well anyways, c’mon! We got some more work to do! Gotta be ready for that big day! You’ll be going through a battle rush of several opponents in a row! If you win, then you can be a full-fledged Royal Guard like the lot of us! Aren’t ya excited?!

Flash: Heh! More than I’ve ever been! Alright! Let’s get rockin’!

Those words that Heavy spoke to me would sink into my head and help me in the coming conflicts. Just to add onto all the other lessons that I learned and had stuck with me. The month passed and the day of truth finally arrived. Fun fact! It was right after Comet Tail’s. And I don’t know how, but he actually ended up losing in his last fight. I guess whoever his last opponent was; he was strong enough and cunning enough to stop Comet in his tracks. I didn’t see it myself because I was too busy training for it. But then, my turn came up. And OH WOW, was it intense! How about we see how!?

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 23
Heavyweight is a man! MANLINESS! IN A PONY! DAAAAAAAAH!!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith

GUUUUUUYS!!! It's Moonsong18's BIRTHDAY!!!

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Happy Birthday, Jay! :iconmoonsong18: 

I consider this very special! Jay, you mean an immeasurable lot to me! I hope you know that! You are the very best and I love you in ALL the ways! ALL OF THEM! YEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEE!!! 

So guys, I would like to simply ask you to go to her profile and share some of your love too with her on her special day! Just not too much love it you know what I mean! That's MY department! YEEHEHHEHEHEHE!!! 

Once more, Happy Birthday, Jay! From this Count to you, my Queen! I love you! 

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  • Watching: Gravity Falls
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  • Drinking: Apple Cider
Verse 21

After a mad flight, we managed to get out of the Southern Badlands and headed back to Canterlot at mach speed! When I looked at them all again, they were dumbstruck! And let me tell you one thing about the looks on their faces! If us ponies could throw up, I’m sure they would’ve! HAHAHAHAH!!! So in any case, with us home safe and the dragons no longer attempting to attack us, it all seems well. I guess they lost interest after we left them in the dust. However, there was the matter of breaking the news to Princess Celestia about the flag. I’m not gonna lie. I was nervous. I was afraid that that was it for me all because of that jerk, Garble. Shining Armor had me wait at the door while he talked to her himself. While I was waiting, his sister passed by me. With her was a little purple baby dragon.

SONG: Gaia Temple (Sonic Unleashed)…

Flash:….*Sigh* (I didn’t think they would even let dragons in here. Then again, I guess I never do think right when it comes to dragons. Well… I just hope Twilight’s little guy doesn’t grow up to become anything like Garble!) *Looks back in the room, then looks down* (I can’t believe how bad I messed that up. I could’ve moved faster, but I got careless. Then to top it all off, I nearly lost my head… again…)

Twilight: Hey!

Flash: Hmm? What?

Twilight: Any idea as to why my brother is so fixated on you?

Flash: Nothing special to it. I just asked for his help. That’s all.

Twilight: Is that right? Hmm… Well…

Flash: Now might I ask you something?

Twilight: What?

Flash: Whenever the Chief isn’t hanging around with you, you’re always by yourself. Do you ever hang around with any friends?

Twilight: Why would I do that? I have all my studying to do. I’m not gonna live up to Princess Celestia’s expectations by playing with other ponies. My B.B.B.F.F. is one of the few exceptions.

Flash: “Big Brother Best Friend Forever”?

Twilight: Yeah. Don’t you have one of those?

Flash: Yeah… in my dreams… The only brother I have is a total monster. Worse than the kinds that the Chief and I had to fight together.

Twilight: C’mon, I’m sure he can’t be THAT bad. Aren’t you family with him?

Flash: All friends are family, filly. But not all the family is friends. Just be glad that you don’t have to deal with that kind of problem.  (You’ve got a good brother…the kind that I wish I had.)

While the future princess and I were talking, Shining Armor was talking to the current one at the same time.

Shining Armor: ...and as it were, your highness, as you can see, we… don’t have our last flag. I have no excuse for this mistake, but I take full responsibility for it.

Celestia: Actually, I’d like to hear why you don’t have it. Please explain. It’s not like you to come back feeling like a failure, Shining.

Shining Armor: You’re right. The last time that happened was with your nephew… Please don’t take this as an excuse.

Celestia: Go ahead.

Shining Armor: When we arrived at the flag’s location, we approached it, but were ambushed by three dragons. Their leader then breathed fire onto it, burning it to ashes. He passed it off as a sneeze. I apologize for this mishap.

Celestia: I see…

Shining Armor: I feel guilty about this. I should have controlled the situation better and commanded my troops to getting the flag faster, but because I didn’t, our cadet might have to be held back in failure.

Celestia: I can tell you are telling the truth in everything you’re saying.

Shining Armor: Absolutely. I want nothing more than to see my pupil pass this! You would know how that feels, right?

Celestia: *Closes eyes and sighs* Yes. I would.

Shining Armor: Then please, Princess Celestia, I must ask that you give him another chance! He’s been able to make it this far, learning both how to hold his own as well as support the team! With the right motivations, he could become a great soldier for you.

Celestia: *Quietly* Oh, I know the motivations he has…

Shining Armor: Pardon me, your highness?

Celestia: Bring him here. I want to speak with him now.

Shining Armor: Oh, of course. *Walks over to Flash and Twilight* Hey, Flash. The princess wants to talk to you. Don’t keep her waiting.

Flash: Right. Later, filly!

Shining Armor: Hey, Twily! And what’s up, Spike! Heheh! How’s the little lizard doin’?

I started talking to the princess and Shining walked back over to rejoin us after a bit of time with Twilight.

Flash: *Walks over to Celestia on her throne* You wanted to see me, Princess Celestia?

Celestia: Yes, Flash. I want to make sure you’re fully aware of the situation here. Your team performed the task set to you by the head of coordination for the ranking exams; however you don’t seem to be able to provide the proof that you have done it. You don’t have your last flag.

Flash: *Looks down* Yes, ma’am… I got careless for a moment. Had I known that enemies were coming, I would’ve just rushed in, took the flag, and got us out before anything bad happened. But… I didn’t… I guess that means I’ve failed, huh?

Shining Armor: *Steps next to him* It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I was the one issuing the orders. You were on standby to wait for them. I told you three no unnecessary actions and you followed them accordingly. Don’t take blame for it when it’s my responsibility!

Flash:……Either way, we failed… After getting so close to finally passing and moving on, we ended up failing…

Shining Armor: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I won’t issue the punishment I told you before. You still fought hard and made sure that all four of us made it out safely. So I’m sure you’ll pass it next time.

Flash:....*Looks back up to him and smiles* Thank you, Chief.

Celestia: That was well met and commendable. However, I didn’t say “You failed”, now did I?

Shining Armor & Flash: HUH!?

Celestia: You may not have your flag, but I know for a fact that you have done your duties and survived to fight another day. That is why I’ve decided to allow you to continue your bid to passing the Royal Guard Ranking Exams!

Shining Armor & Flash: NO WAY!!!

Shining Armor: Thank you so much, your highness! But where would we go for the next flag?

Celestia: No. Not for a flag. We’re kind of on a tight schedule and Flash needs to be ready for the final phase of the exams. For the next month, you will be concentrating all of your efforts to passing the combat scenarios. We don’t have time for another survival course. So I recommend you train hard for the last trials.


SCORE: Cosmos Victory Fanfare (Dissidia Final Fantasy)…

Flash: Accomplished?! We did it?! I… I get to move on?! I can still win?! *Has a big smile with tears in his eyes* OH, THANK YOU, PRINCESS! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU!!! :iconbigheartplz:

Celestia: Oh! *Eyes wide open and she blushes a little* Uh…?

SCORE: Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing)…

Shining Armor: DACK!!! *Eyes turn all white anime style and he knocks Flash to the floor* YOU IDIOT!!!

Flash: *Dizzy and crooked smile* Sorry… Wrong choice of words…?

Shining Armor: Show some more respect than THAT, moron!

Celestia: *Chuckles* Now, Flash. The rest of this exam will be decided by you. You will stand alone against these coming challenges. Your comrades can help you train and prepare, but once you set hoof into the ring, it’s all going to be you and your opponents. Do you understand?

Flash: *Gets up and rubs the back of his head* Of course, Princess Celestia. *Salutes* I WON’T let you down again! That is a promise! I will win, pass the tests, and become your loyal soldier and protector! I WILL be victorious!

Celestia: *Smiles* Hmm… Good. Then you are both dismissed. I wish you the best!

Shining Armor: Thank you once more, your highness! C’mon, Flash! We’ve got training to do!

Flash: Roger, Chief!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 21
This is why Royal Guards are usually stone-faced and expressionless. When they're not, stuff like THIS happens! Can someone as goofy and emotionally charged as Flash REALLY become a strong hero among the Royal Guards?! Don't answer that... But yeah, now the missions are over and it's time to move on!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Verse 22

Shining Armor: *They walk out and Shining pins him to a wall around the corner* WHAT THE HAY WAS THAT ABOUT?! We don’t flirt or fraternize with our clients or employers! ESPECIALLY not with Princess Celestia!

Flash: Sorry! I meant it in a platonic way! I’ve always been a bit of an emotional guy! I wasn’t hitting on her or anything!

Shining Armor: Just for that, I have a special surprise for you later! *Grits his teeth* Get ready for it!

Flash: *Sweats a little and gulps* S-Sorry, sir…

Shining Armor: For now, we rest, get something to eat, and then get to training. Because at the end of the month, we’ll finally see you prove yourself! I want you to be at your absolute best for this! You got it?!

Flash: Absolutely, sir! *Gets off the wall and follows Shining Armor to the mess hall*

Shining Armor: One other thing, Flash. I don’t want you to use that Lightning Spear of yours unless I say otherwise. You got it? You don’t seem to still have it down and figured out yet.

Flash: Yes, sir. I’m glad I won’t have to use it again for a while. It’s funny that you say that, though. *Pulls out the head* Because it kind of broke again… Eheheh…

Shining Armor: AGAIN?! Seriously, why does that keep happening?!

Flash: My guess is because of all the electricity that it keeps getting. Every time I used it, I felt a lot of voltage going through it. I was afraid that it might electrocute me if I just put my hooves on it wrong. And when I was done using it, the staff for the body just breaks to pieces.

Shining Armor: So much for having such a special weapon. If it keeps breaking like that, what good is it? It’s good in combat, sure, but what would happen if we ran out of staffs to handle it?

Amp Atom: You make one, then!

Shining & Flash: *Jump in shock* WAAAGH!!!

SCORE: Theme Of Tara (Metal Gear Solid)…

Amp Atom: *Blinks and eye twitches a bit* Um… Hello, Flash!

Flash: A-A-AMP! What’re you doing here?!

Shining Armor: I swear, this academy just lets ANYPONY in! This a friend of yours, Flash?

Amp Atom: Amp Atom’s the name! Rising star engineer of Canterlot, helpful advisor, Element of Integrity, master of the M.A.G.I.C.S. for Flash Drive, and mixer of science and magic! I just came back from my research trip to Ponyville and I’ve been listening to what you’ve been talking about! I hope you don’t mind, I just couldn’t help but overhear your dilemma.

Flash: Well, it’s nice to see you again, Amp. But I don’t think that-

Amp Atom: You’re in luck once again, my friend. For contrary to what you’re about to say, I CAN help you with this!

Shining Armor: Do you even know what this thing is?

Amp Atom: The Lightning Spear of Star Swirl The Bearded. A magically powered spear that generates its own voltage and allows the chosen wielder access to its various abilities such as electro-kinesis, increased speed and maneuvering capabilities, and even the multi-function of both a staff and tether form of spear-based combat. Created by Star Swirl himself in the Pre-Discord era of Equestria utilizing the electric powers of the Spirit of Lightning, Phosphorus! *Smirks* Am I right, or am I right?

Flash: *Eye twitches* How did you know all that?!

Amp Atom: I read it up in this book here! *Pulls out a book titled “Obscure Unicorn History” and shows it to them* Chapter 7 is a whole article dedicated to Star Swirl’s inventions including the Lightning Spear!

Flash: WHAT?! Seriously?!

Amp Atom: *Opens it to the page* Read it for yourself.

Flash: *Reads it* That old kook said there was no manual for this spear! But here are a few things about it. “The Lightning Spear of Phosphorus is said to be designated for a select few to wield it. Only one per generation can be chosen to use it. Though, many have been chosen to wield it, none have ever managed to master it on record to this day. Even Star Swirl himself, the one who created it, has never been able to master it. Because of this, the spear’s staff body has been known to break upon being used up once. The head remains intact and sharp no matter what and still can be used if attached to another body.”

Amp Atom: However, due to its nature of breaking, it was deemed useless.

Flash: Well, it came with its own electric chain one time when I used it. It was during a fight with some Cloud Gremlins.

Shining Armor: So why not just use the head?

Amp Atom: That’s actually kind of dangerous! I’m surprised you’re still alive to say that!

Flash: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Amp Atom: Keep reading!

Flash: *Looks back in the book* “It is also noted that the Lightning Spear of Phosphorus is a dangerous tool not only to the opponent it strikes, but also to any user that has failed to master it. Incorrect handling of the spear has led the user to a bitter end due to energy overloads and electrocution.”…..Uh…. And Star Swirl chose ME to handle this thing?!

Amp Atom: I’m sure he wouldn’t have if he didn’t think you could handle it.

Flash: “It is strongly recommended that using it be done with a staff or other solid attachment to avoid direct contact with the energy flow from the spear’s head. As well, it is strongly recommended that be held in the hooves and never in the teeth. However, due to high mortality rates of novice users, the weapon was confiscated by Princess Celestia. It would eventually disappear from sight. Its current whereabouts are unknown.”

Amp Atom: And up on releasing it, it is noted that Star Swirl left this as a message. “I hope that one day, the generation will come that Phosphorus reclaims his power in the form of a new hero.” I guess one appropriate update would be “It’s now in Flash Sentry’s hooves.”

Shining Armor: Not for long! *Looks to Flash* Now that I know this info, you’re not going to be using that spear again!

Flash: Why not?!

Shining Armor: Because you using that thing is gonna kill somepony! Yourself included!

Flash: But-

Shining Armor: Princess Celestia obviously took it out of reach of others to protect them. When Star Swirl made that spear, he wasn’t thinking right! For all we know, it might’ve been the thing that killed him right before he released it!

Amp Atom: No it wasn’t! He passed away from old age and energy exhaustion.

Shining Armor: Whatever! The point is, you’re not going to risk your life using that spear!

Flash: Now hold on a sec! I can’t accept that!

Shining Armor: And why not?!

Flash: Because I made a promise to the spirit of Star Swirl that I would master it and that I would use it to fight for justice! I can’t just break my promise like that!

Shining Armor: You almost did in that last mission! Remember?! Isn’t that why the spear’s magic stopped working?! You’re lucky that it didn’t decide to zap you instead!

Flash: That wasn’t the spear’s fault! It was mine! And I already promised that I wouldn’t let it happen again! I AM going to master the spear! That was my vow to its creator and I’m sticking to it! I’m sorry, Chief! But this is one order that I can’t follow!

Shining Armor: And I suppose you have a better idea?

Amp Atom: That’s exactly why I’m here, actually.

Flash: Huh?

Amp Atom: The Lightning Spear is a tool that requires the right touch. And by the knowledge that it hasn’t taken your life during use, I’d say that you have that right touch. It must’ve come naturally to you. Sure, you lucked out when you used its tether function, but maybe that’s because you were able to avoid its electric feedback in your hooves. Or perhaps…it was a part of you all along… Then again, that’s just all just a theory.

Shining Armor: What’s your point?!

Amp Atom: Good pun there! Huhuhuh… But my point is that Flash knows how to use it when he needs to, but the spear’s cool-down requires it to let out some electrons that it has built up in it. It’s because of that that the spear bodies that you attach it to break apart. But if we were able to give it a type of body that could withstand its voltage, then it could easily do away with its heavy drawbacks and safety hazards!

Flash: So what you’re saying is-

Amp Atom: That’s right, my friend! I’m going to create you a new spear body! One that will do everything I just said and more! You will have the perfect weapon!

Flash: Are you sure you can do something like that?! I mean sure, you were able to make a musical movie projector of a synthesizer, but this is a whole different thing!

Amp Atom: You’re correct. BUT I have been studying, hypothesizing, and researching hard for the past few months on this very subject under the orders of Princess Celestia herself!

Shining Armor: The PRINCESS told you to do this?!

Amp Atom: That’s what I said! She sent me to Ponyville’s library and had me spend all my time there to get as much research done on it as possible. She even provided some housing for me IN the library itself! So I could study ‘til the cows came home! In all the time I spent there, I was researching and experimenting with different metals that would be able to handle high levels of magic-based voltage. After many tries, I was able to find a good combination that can withstand it!

Flash: Princess Celestia sent you there for that?! Hold on, that seems like TOO much of a coincidence! Why did she make you do that? It couldn’t be for me! I didn’t find the spear again until about a month AFTER I left from the Ponyville Port to come here. You showed up to start on the same day, didn’t you?

Amp Atom: Yes, and I honestly didn’t know either as to why. Princess Celestia didn’t say other than “The time is coming soon that this will be relevant.” I didn’t question it; I was just excited to get to work on it since it seemed like such an interesting topic of study! And it most certainly WAS!

Flash: *Remembers when Celestia talked to him about the spear itself earlier* Wait… I think I get it. She knew that I would eventually pick it up again somehow. Maybe that’s why… Could that be why she sent you to study it?

Amp Atom: Perhaps! I did hear that the spear’s power had resurfaced later when our friend Advent told me that your last attack on King Ka’ah was like that of a lightning bolt! I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that YOU were the one who used it! And you wouldn’t believe my surprise when I received confirmation from the princess that you WERE the one chosen for this generation to wield it! It’s like an Equestria Games Torch and you were just given the flame to start running!

Flash: Advent told you that, huh?

Amp Atom: Yes! It was then that I became all the more determined to finish my research! So that way, I could help you master the spear’s power!

Shining Armor:……Is that even possible?

Flash: What would you do if you can?

Amp Atom: It will take some time. So what I need to do is examine the spearhead itself and apply what I learned to work out its kinks and make it into the perfect weapon for you! I will need to borrow it for a while, though. So I’m afraid you will be without it for the time being.

Shining Armor: That will be fine. He needs to train to be able to fight without it anyway.

Flash: Yeah, but what if an emergency comes up and I need it?

Shining Armor: You’re still a cadet anyway, so you won’t be seeing any real fighting in an emergency anyways. Besides, your final exams are a non-lethal competition. The combat scenarios you’ll be going through involve defeating your opponent, but NOT killing them. The Lightning Spear is your strongest tool and should only be reserved for when it’s necessary! Understood?!

Flash: Understood, sir. *Gives the spear to Amp* I’m trusting you, Amp! You’ve never let me down before!

Amp Atom: Don’t you worry, Flash. Once it’s ready, you’ll become a force of nature! One that could even rival the power of the Elements of Harmony!

Flash: The what?

Amp Atom: Look it up sometime. You might like what you see! In any case, I’ll be going. I got some work to do on your weapon!

Flash: Thanks, Amp!

Shining Armor: Let’s go too. We’ve spent enough time here and I’m starving!

Flash: Right behind you, sir! *Follows*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 22
Long Verse? Well, I needed to make it long to fit in the whole conversation since we were gonna delve into this strange weapon that Flash has been using for the past several Verses! And YAY AMP ATOM'S BACK!!!


Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 20

The battle ended there and we all regrouped a bit of distance away from the arena. We wanted to have a sigh of relief, but unfortunately we couldn’t since the flag we came all this way to get was no more. Not even the ashes remained since they blew away during the whole dance. We won, but I still felt pretty defeated since I thought that we had failed the test because of this. That and I hate having to be rescued…

Shining Armor: Well so much for that… *Looks to Flash* Look, before you think it for a second, I’m not gonna blame you for that. There was no way we could’ve seen that coming.

Flash: I’m not worried about that. I’m just sorry you had to save me again.

Heavyweight: Don’t apologize for that, kid. We can’t all be like Buck Norris!

Thunderclap: Saving lives, whether it be our own, our priority clients, or each other is our job.

Flash: I guess so. And I’m also sorry for losing my cool out there. You three make it look so easy.

Heavyweight: To be fair, you look like you had a tougher run-in with those guys than we did.

Thunderclap: Yeah, I would know how that feels.

Flash: You’re right. Besides, if I have to be sorry about anything else, it’s the fact that if you look around, you’ll see a bunch of dragons looking down at us. *They all look around in shock except Flash, who’s still sitting there trying to pick himself up* And they don’t look to happy…

Shining Armor: Oh shoot… Well then… Uh… I’m guessing your leader, King Bahamut isn’t willing to listen to our appeal, is he? *They all keep glaring and growling at him* Uh-oh…

Thunderclap: Actually, sir. Last I heard, he was spending the next couple years in the highest volcano asleep. So these dragons pretty much have free choice of actions.

Shining Armor: And you didn’t mention this sooner?!


Flash: *Getting up* Not like it matters at this point! Let’s just get out of here!

Heavyweight: Good call. There’s nothing more we can do here! They won’t listen, so let’s just break out the chariot and hustle back to Canterlot!

Shining Armor: *Makes it appear* That’s the plan! Let’s go home! *The three Pegasai take their positions* GO! GO! GO!

SCORE: Dark Skies (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

So to end off our mission, we have to hurry back up north and out of dragon territory before we end up getting burnt or eaten alive! There’s no way we would’ve been able to take on all those dragons! We just barely were able to beat those “little” guys! So we had to make fast progress back to Canterlot and report to Princess Celestia. But in order to do that, we had to evade their incoming attacks that included them launching their heads forward to bite us, fire breath, and claws! Imagine it any way ya want but we’re moving on.

Flash: Guys! Hang on! I’m getting us home now! *They put their hooves to him and he electrifies them with the spear* PHOSPHORUS! *They all light up and become a lightning bolt to flight away*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 20
The most important part of any mission is the safe return of all personnel involved! In other words, get the heck out of there! Say goodbye to the Southern Badland Dragons, guys! 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker 
Verse 19

The shield broke and Garble rushed through and headed straight to us. Shining Armor and I had only a few seconds to counter, so we took it! Garble flew back and tumbled on the platform, got back up on his feet, and ignited himself again. I stepped forward to meet his challenge once more. I’d say now would be a good time for the lyrics to kick in!

SONG: The Only Thing I Know For Real [VOCAL] (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

Lots of noise was being made in that crater! Thunderclap and Heavyweight were doing everything they could to outmaneuver and overpower the two crony dragons while Shining Armor and I were dealing with the leader. Sparks and embers were flying all over the place while we were trading strike for strike! You can imagine how it all went if you want, but Author just wants to move the plot along before things get too redundant. Because this is just the beginning of what’s to come later. After Shining Armor helped with a few combinations, he ended up getting knocked off the platform. Fortunately, there was a nearby rock for him to teleport to and land safely instead of the pool of lava below us.

Shining Armor: *Falls* WHOA!! AAH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!


Shining Armor: *Teleports to the large rock* *Whew* Good thing Twilight showed me that spell. I’M ALRIGHT, FLASH! JUST TAKE HIM DOWN!!!

Flash: *Turns back to Garble* ROGER THAT!

Garble: HAHAHAHA!!! This is loads of fun! So c’mon! I’m just getting started!

Shining Armor: I really hate being the only one here that can’t fly... *Looks to the chains suspending the platform and sees them weaken* Hmm… *Heads to the nearby cliffs and starts scaling them*

At some point in the fight, Garble falls and is really low on health, so it’s almost the end of it! But he wasn’t about to let it end like that so easily! He and I both charged our fire and electricity respectively for one last attack! Kind of like a joust. Our auras collided and we struggled to push each other back. The platform we were standing on was even about to crumble beneath us from all the force coming from our attacks! After a bit, he changed up his strategy and grabbed me using a withdrawing move. I can’t stand his guts, but I’ll admit; that was crafty.

Garble: That’s it! *Grabs Flash* Time to take a dive!

Flash: Hey! Let go! *They take off* AACK!!! AAAAAH!!!

Garble: Something you should know about us dragons! We like to go swimming in lava! What about you?! Ya think your soft pony hide can take the heat?! *Dives down to pile-drive Flash into the lava* LET’S FIND OUT!!!


Shining Armor: *Shoots the stones that hold the chains with magic beams* I don’t think so! *Jumps down and fires one more shot at the right angle to hit Garble directly in the face* LET ‘EM GO!

Garble: *Gets hit* AAAACK!!! *Loosens his grip on Flash*

Flash: *Kicks him away and escapes* Whoa! Thanks for the save!

Heavyweight: ROOM FOR TWO MORE?!

Thunderclap: Let’s wrap this up!

The final blow includes Heavyweight and Thunderclap tricking the other two dragons to fly into each other, then they flatten them with a double collision tackle, then all three of us stomped them down to fall into Garble for all three of them to dive into the lava. Shining Armor then jumped up and used his magic and strength to take the giant platform and slam it right down on them, sealing them in the lava!

Shining Armor: OUT OF THE WAY! *All three Pegasai move away* SLAAAAAAM DUNK!!!!! *Finishes them off with the giant stone platform* *BAM!*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 19 2/2
With his regained strength, Flash takes on his old enemy and with the help of his comrades, he manages to defeat him, giving closure to their past! Flash now knows that he has truly become stronger thanks to this victory! Now to get the fruit out of there!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Garble- Vincent Tong
Verse 19

{JUSTICE VS. VENGEANCE} Payback for past sins! FIGHT!  
Flash Sentry VS. Garble the Red Dragon
SONG: The Only Thing I Know For Real [INSTRUMENTAL] (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

(Author’s Note: The supporting troops take their 2-on-2 battle into the air. This aerial team battle takes place along the whole volcano crater with Heavyweight and Thunderclap taking Spear and Clump utilizing their synchronized double attacks including their spears, speed, physique, and weather control against their sporadic and fierce double dragon tactics including fire breath, tail swipes, and scratching claws. Meanwhile, Shining Armor provides backup for Flash as he takes on their leader, Garble on the platform itself. )

GARBLE- Attacks include a flaming charge, fire breath, burning claws, grappling and throwing, and dive-bombing the ground to create a blazing shockwave. He likes to switch between ground and aerial combat. He has no weaknesses, so all there is to do is attack.

FLASH SENTRY- In the first phase, Flash’s lightning abilities are hindered and he can’t use any of his powers from before. However, for the second phase, all his attacks such as his electric spear combos, bolting movement, etc. that remain in his move pool come back to him. Only this time, he has Shining Armor at his side to assist. Whenever he executes his own attacks, he can either call up Shining Armor to attack with his own spear combos or physical blows. He can also call up Shining to create a shield to block Garble’s attacks since he is a rather fast dragon.

Shining Armor: He’s taking flight! Intercept him!

Flash: Roger, Chief! *Flies up after him* C’mere, scumbag!

Garble: Heh! *Flies back while on fire* The heat is on! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Shining: I hate not being able to fly… FLASH! BRING HIM DOWN!

I charge into it with my electricity surging around me like crazy! I was ready to take him down! And for a while, I thought I had him on the ropes since I was able to match his power and easy outmaneuver his speed with my own. But after a good bit of Shining Armor and I doing some decent damage on him, he turned the tables on us. Garble decided to make this all the more personal when he kept taunting me with low blows. He really wanted to get under my skin… well unfortunately, it worked…

I tried hard not to think of that fight as a grudge match. Especially after the promise I made Advent. I promised that I would fight only for the sake of justice, but there was something in me that just didn’t want to settle for that. I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t help but feel at least a little bit of malice. I haven’t ever forgiven Garble for almost killing my mom. And to top it all off, he just burnt away what I thought was my last chance to reach my goal.

Flash: There’s nowhere for you to run or hide! Try to run, and I’ll catch you! Try to hide, and I’ll fish you out! There’s no way you’re escaping this time!

Garble: Not like I want to this time, pony-boy! I’m pretty hungry right now! And I’m in the mood for some lean pony meat! But first, I’m gonna need to beat ya down and tenderize ya!

Flash: Will you SHUT UP?!

Garble: What’s the matter? Getting all the spices under your skin so soon?!

Flash: RRGH!!! The more you talk, the more I just want to see you put DOWN!

Garble: Heh! Tough talk coming from a crybaby who couldn’t even stand up to a namby-pamby pony princess!

Flash: Why you… *Gets hit back* AAAGH!!!

Shining Armor: Flash, don’t listen to him! He’s just trying to weaken your morale! Don’t let him! Just power on through!

Flash: That’s what I’m trying to do! *Charges back in* HRRRRGH!!!

Garble: *Blocking and dodging Flash’s incoming attacks* Your weak and stupid! Your brother hates you so much he hired ME to get rid of you! You’ve got nothing to look forward to than everyone hating you! Oh, and Flash Sentry is a stupid name!

Flash: (He’s like a bad itch!) RRRGH!!! SHUT UP ALREADY!!! *Tries to stab him, but gets an uppercut from a flaming fist into the air* NGH!!! GAAAAH!!!! *Gets grabbed by his tail and thrown back down to the ground* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! OOF!!! RRRGH!!! *Is really angry now*

Garble: Heheheh!!! You’re getting pretty hot-headed! I must’ve busted a nerve! Huh. Hot! Just like that dumb mom of yours! I MADE her hot! REAL HOT! And next time I see her face, I’ll show her your face all cooked up! Then, with her stuck in shock, I’m gonna make her a hot cake! HAHAHAH! That’s right! I’m gonna finish what I started with her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Flash: You… YOU!!! *Is furious now* THAT’S IT!!! I’M GONNA TEAR YOU APART!!! *Flies back at him, but notices something strange about his spear’s fluctuating energy* Huh?!

I knew he was out for revenge against me, but would it be right if I gave into a want for vengeance? I began to think about all this while Garble and I traded blow for superfast blow. It wasn’t long before that thinking caused my Lightning Spear to lose all connections to my mind. In other words, I couldn’t use my power… just when I needed it most… that figures. I noticed it quickly and ended up being on the receiving end of a flaming dragon dive-bomb!



Flash: NGH!!!

Shining Armor: FLASH!

Flash: *Gets slammed into the platform and Garble pins him down* Grck!!! Get… OFF!!!

Garble: Y’know, this just keeps bringing back memories of a couple years back! You were just about to do THIS to me! *Grabs the spear and points it down on his chest* Well, I just cooked you up, so how about I have me a nice spicy “pony-kebab!?” *Gets blasted off him and drops the spear* AAAGH!!! Who just-

Shining Armor: *Runs at him with his horn glowing* Don’t forget about me! *Shoots him again* Don’t waste your breath talking! You just make yourself opened for more punishment! *Helps Flash up* What’s going on?! I thought you said you could handle that Lightning Spear!

Flash: I don’t know! I thought I had it too! But now I’m REALLY mad!

Shining Armor: Here he comes… *Sees Garble rushing at them, but puts up a shield to repel him* Flash! You need to figure out how to get your spear working again! But you can’t do it angry!

Flash: Why not?!

Shining Armor: Because you’re a soldier in training! And a true guard never handles his situations with anger! You need to calm down or else you’re going to get yourself killed! Not to mention, US!


Shining Armor: Remember what I said to your friend Advent back from our first mission?! I told him that we don’t ever fight out of anger or for vengeance! We only do what is necessary for what is right! And as you can see, losing your head is NOT necessary! In fact, it’s causing us to lose this battle! So take your stupid pride and toss it out! It has no place here! Or are you telling me that this REALLY how you plan to win?!

Flash:………I… I… *Remembers his promise to Advent, then what Celestia said about being true to himself, then what Star-Swirl said about the spear and how it reacts to his feelings of justice, and then his mom protecting him from the flames from before*…..I see… I get it now… *Sees Shining Armor trying to hold back Garble’s assaults* Huh… Heh… My apologies, Chief! Sometimes I can be a real idiot! *Looks to the spear* Sorry, Advent. I nearly broke my promise to you. I won’t make that mistake again! You’re right. All this useless pride is doing is making things worse. So I’ll just have to… GET RID OF IT! *Eyes open wide and he sees the spear starting to spark again along with the Element of Justice under his armor* Alright then! SIR! Permission to take this battle once more?!

Shining Armor: What?! *Looks back and sees Flash sparking again* Oh good! Looks like you got it working again! Did my words sink in?!

Flash: Like quicksand, sir! Either we apprehend the dragons or we just take them down! That was your order, right?!

Shining Armor: Yes, it was! What, you want to take him yourself?

Flash: In truth, yes! But I am still gonna need the help!

Shining Armor: Well then, alright! Permission granted! Your condition, however is that you’re gonna have me as backup!

Flash: Understood! SIR! *Salutes and turns to Garble* Now the real battle begins! Let’s dance, creep! *Starts glowing and is wrapped in electricity*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 19 1/2
When facing a callous monster who tried to kill you and almost killed someone close to you once more steps in your way, what would you do? How would you feel when you have to face him in a professional manner? Especially since you made a promise not to fight with a grudge? Put yourself in Flash's horseshoes and think about it!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Garble- Vincent Tong
Verse 18

Flash: WHOA! WHOA!!! OKAY!!! STOOOOP!!!! GUUUUYS!!! *Appears to them* Sorry about that!

Shining Armor: Welcome back!

Heavyweight: Nice entrance, kid!

Thunderclap: Anything you want to share? What did she want to talk to you about?

Flash: Nothing special. I want to focus on the mission now.

Shining Armor: Well alright, then! So we go in, get the flag, and get out! Simple! Only fight back when ABSOLUTELY necessary! Let's hope that doesn't happen. For now, we're off!

SCORE: Blast Furnace (Metal Gear Solid)…

We took flight to the southeast past Ponyville and mentally prepped ourselves for when things decided to get really hot! It became imperative for us to keep our heads cool as we flew over Apple Loosa and into the Macintosh Hills. It’s there that Shining ordered us to take the rest of the trip on hoof to make sure that we don’t get caught by the dragons of the area.

Shining Armor: *Teleports the chariot away and the 4 of them go on ground* It shouldn’t take us too long to get there if we go now. But be careful. You never know when any enemy inhabitant might jump out and strike! After all, we all remember what happened during the first mission!

Heavyweight: Shouldn’t we be at peace with the dragons by now?

Thunderclap: Last I checked, Princess Celestia and the Dragon King were still in the midst of deciding terms of peace before filling out the treaty.

Shining Armor: Why do you think I emphasized that last rule the way I did? We don’t want to anger any dragon to the point of them wanting to attack us. One dragon would be bad enough to deal with. But what if King Bahamut decided to send out all of them?!

Flash: We’d be toast…

Shining Armor: Extra crispy! You get the idea. So let’s get this done as fast as we can, but as carefully as well!

We advanced forth dauntlessly and made rapid progress. The next thing we knew, we were already going into the volcano through a cavern entrance. Fortunately, most of the dragons were asleep, so sneaking past them wasn’t too much of a hassle. Shining Armor just followed his horn to the flag’s location, which took us through the cavern and into the main crater of the volcano. We looked up and saw a large platform suspended in chains.

Shining’s horn points us up to it. So we head up there. We actually find the flag pierced into the rocky platform and… I know what you’re thinking and you’re right… “It’s too easy!” It’s NEVER this easy! You know why? Because something or someone stupid has to step in to get in our way when we just want to get a job done. Except this time, it was EXTRA special! I thought Comet and those ghostly eyes were the only things haunting me from the past, but no. We just needed to bring these guys back!

Flash: Flag in sight! I got it! *Goes in to get it, but gets knocked back by an incoming trio of fireball explosions* AAAGH!!!

Shining Armor: Where did those come from!? On your hooves, Flash!

Flash: Ugh… You’ve gotta be kidding me! This again?!

Garble: *Lowers down with Clump and Spear next to him* Dang it! We almost got ‘em!

Spear: FEH! We’ll get ‘em this time!

Clump: Maybe ya should’ve cut your hair short! It’s in your eyes, Scales!

Spear: Do you like having YOUR eyes?!

Clump: Yeah! They’re real useful!


Clump: No, YOU SHUT UP!

Garble: *Gets annoyed* RRRGH! BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!!!

Flash: *Remembers the voices* No way… NOT THEM!!!

Garble: *The three of them crash onto the platform and guard the flag* You’ve got a lot of nerve coming here! Don’t you know that ponies don’t belong here?!

Shining Armor: It’s not like we’re site-seeing. We’re here on official business. So be good boys and just move aside. We’ll just take our flag and be on our way.

Garble: Oh, you mean this flag here? This flimsy little thing here, that’s what you want?

Heavyweight: Yeah…

Garble: Yeah, sure. Just give me a sec…. *Wipes nose* My allergies are… kinda… *Turns around and sneezes flames over it, burning it to cinders*

Thunderclap: HEY!!! THE FLAG!!!

Flash: You… just…. *Gets ticked* YOU!!!

Clump: Gesundheit!

Garble: Heh… Excuse me! Sorry, forgot to take my medicine today! *Looks at the flag* OOOOOH! Whoops! Did I do that?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Flash: You dirty little… *Interrupts Garble’s laughing* You always did get all your kicks out of spitting your rancid flames!

Garble: Hahhahah!!! Heh! Yeah, but what are you gonna do?!

Shining Armor: Flash, hold it! I told you before, no unnecessary fights! As for you! Do you realize what you’ve just burnt?!

Flash: Of course he does! He did that on purpose!

Garble: Haaahahhaahah!!! You should see the looks on your faces!


Spear: So angry, it’s hilarious!

Shining Armor: That’s it. The three of you are gonna be taken under arrest! We have reasons of assault and preventing us from reaching our goal! We’ll be sure to let King Bahamut know as we go!

Garble: HEH! Yeah, right! Clump! Spear! What do you guys think of these pony dweebs? *They both give a thumbs-down* Well then, I guess it’s settled! *Holds claws out and clenches them into fists* BRING IT, PONIES!

Flash:….*Spear electrifies*

Shining Armor: I’m so not in the mood for this. Either we take them down or apprehend them! Heavyweight, Thunderclap! You two take his wing dragons. Flash, you- huh?

Flash: RRRGH!!! *Surging electricity as he steps towards Garble, remembering his last encounter with him* Justice is too good for you! But it’s all that we can settle for! *Takes his stance and points his spear at them in his hooves*

Garble: Wait a sec… That looks familiar… No way! That spear… that stupid blue haircut… that face and… those are the same eyes as… WOW! Small world, ain’t it?! *Pounds his fist into his other claw* I’m gonna enjoy this... FLASH SENTRY!!!

Shining Armor: You know him, Flash? Sheesh! Is there anyone you DON’T know?!

Flash: Plenty. I want to take offensive, sir!

Garble: Boys, the rest of the ponies are yours! But leave the little Pegasus to me! This is personal between the two of us!

Flash: And it ends here! You’re going to pay for your crimes! One way or another! *Electricity intensifies*

Garble: Oh I’ll pay alright! You almost killed me last time! *Ignites himself in flames* Now I’ll pay you back with interest! *Roars* LET’S DANCE!!!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 18
And now, the final flag mission begins and already things have turned sour! An old enemy of Flash's returns to once again get in his way with his flames! It's payback time!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Clump- Richard Ian Cox
Spear- Matt Hill
Garble- Vincent Tong
Verse 17

Another week passed and I was starting to get the hang of the intense training that the three ranking soldiers were putting me through. Though, I still couldn't get Heavyweight off my back when he got me with one of his famous body-slams. But at this current point, that hardly mattered. Because it had come time for the third and final mission in the second part of the ranking exams! Where would we be going for this last mission, you ask? Well...

Shining Armor: The Southern Badlands! This is where ALL of your acquired skills will be put to the test from infiltration stealth to situational combat! The mission, as before, is to recover the placed flag in Dragon Territory! You will have to proceed with EXTREME caution! I cannot stress that enough! So no falling behind, no drawing attention to yourselves, and absolutely NO unnecessary confrontations! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!


Celestia: Greetings, soldiers.

SONG: Heroic Dawning (Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia)

All 4: *Shocked gasps* PRINCESS CELESTIA!

Shining Armor: OH! All bow in attention! Greetings, Princess Celestia!

Flash: *Bows his head while the other three go down to their knees* Good to see you again!

Celestia: Hmm? *Looks to Flash* Likewise... I notice you're not on the floor.

Flash: OH! Uh... Umm...

Thunderclap: On the ground, stupid! Didn't you learn ANYTHING from Blueblood?!

Flash: Well... uh...

Celestia: You were about to depart, correct?

Shining Armor: Yes, your highness. We were just before you arrived.

Celestia: I see. Then the three of you go on ahead. Don't let me stop you. Flash Sentry, I would like to have a word with you first, then you may follow.

Flash: Of course, ma'am. I-I MEAN... your majesty! Eheheh... *Scratches head*

Shining Armor: As you wish. We'll move out! I know how fast you can go, Flash, so don't keep us waiting! *They take off*

Flash: You wished to talk to me alone? Look, Princess Celestia, I'm sorry I didn't bow to the ground. I don't know what it is about me, maybe some mental tick in my head or-

Celestia: I know full well why you choose not to bow like that. I wanted to tell you how I actually like that.

Flash: Excuse me?

Celestia: I just want to make a few observations before you go. And I must thank you as well. It’s actually a bit refreshing to see somepony of my subjects look to me at such a level.

Flash: Well… thank you, ma’am… GRCK! Why do I keep calling you ma’am?!

Celestia: Calm down! It’s alright! I’m not that strict!

Flash: Sorry. It’s kind of confusing for me… I’m still trying to figure it all out.

Celestia: Understandable, you ARE still a cadet after all. But anyways, I would like to see your spear for a moment. It looks sort of familiar.

Flash: It should… You confiscated it from me almost two years ago.

Celestia: So I did… and do you know why?

Flash: Because I kind of… borrowed it without permission from the school and was about to hurt someone with it?

Celestia: No. In any other circumstance, that would be a big reason, but in the one you were in, I took it from you because I didn’t feel you were the right one to use it. Or if you were, you weren’t ready to use it.

Flash: Wait… “ready”?! Do you mean that... Tell me, did you know a guy named “Star-Swirl”?

Celestia:……Flash Sentry…

Flash: Um… Yes?

Celestia: You are certainly full of surprises.

Flash: What does that mean?

Celestia: Keep training with that spear. I trust that you will be able to handle it this time.

Flash: Oh, uh… Thank you!

Celestia: Now I must know something. Going back a couple subjects, tell me. Why do you not kneel like the others?

Flash: (Is she avoiding my question?) ….I don’t know if I should say… I’m afraid the answer might not sound right to you.

Celestia: You are being true to yourself and only giving the “respectful” bow. If you can be true to yourself in such a way, I wish for you to be true to me as well. I promise I won’t bite.

Flash: Well… alright. It’s because of something that I’ve been studying for a while. You can say it’s because of a meeting with a little friend of mine who’s helped me greatly in the past. Though, he told me that it wasn’t his will that he was working off of, but that he was carrying the will of a different being. The One Being that was brought up in a series of books written in an alternate world.

Celestia:…..!!! What did this book look like?

Flash: The front cover of them had a cross on each one. Is… Is that bad?

Celestia:…..*Smiles* No. Not at all. I fully understand now. You may carry on, Flash.

Flash: Princess?

Celestia: You will make us all proud. I’m sure of it. Now get going. Your comrades are waiting.

Flash: Of course! *Sees them real far away* YEEP! I gotta move! *Flies up, but stops for a moment* Thank you, Princess Celestia… for being who you are!

Celestia: Hmm… *Smiles* Flash…

Flash: Yes, Princess?

Celestia: Say the name of “Phosphorus”.

Flash: Phosphorus…? What will that do?

Celestia: Good luck, my master’s Seraph Knight!

Flash: Wait, WHAT?! *Feels an electric pulse in the spear… and BOLTS off to catch up with the others* Huh?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Celestia: He knows… He thinks for himself… Finally, somepony gets it… I am not the one he worships.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 17
Get it people?! Princess Celestia is a PRINCESS! Not a GOD! She is not the equivalent of a God, more like an Angel. And also, I am SO glad that the name of Phosphorus has now been said! Get used to it! It's a thing that is important! But still, this moment was fun for me to write. I like these sort of moments! Twilight wasn't the only pony that Celestia went out of her way to help!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Verse 16

Flash Sentry VS. Cloud Gremlins
SCORE: Boss Theme 1 (Kid Icarus Uprising)…

CLOUD GREMLINS- This boss has 4 forms that it shifts into including a Cloud Titan with two giant swinging arms that perform spinning lariats and grabbing moves, a Cloud Face with floating hands that punch and throw lightning bolts, a Cloud Dragon that spits out lightning bombs, and the two Cloud Gremlins that separate to launch bolts, whipping with red lightning tethers, and sending out black goop to slow Flash down or leap at the ponies.

FLASH SENTRY- The main objective for Flash is to make a way for his comrades to get out of the lightning barrier by tearing through it with the Lightning Spear. However, he needs to utilize its power to do so only when the gremlins get tired and can’t keep up their attacks for the moment and Shining Armor has a chance to weaken them with his own attacks. Otherwise, Flash needs to strike at the clouds themselves to cut off the gremlins’ attacks and forcefully tire them out. Flash’s new abilities include electric air-dashes, lightning-fast combinations of slashes and jabs, and lightning-based arch projectiles. Imagine it as you will.

So the moment of truth came in. Would the spear’s power be truly useful in combat? Short answer: HECK YEAH! Long answer: Think of it as one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life up to that point. Through Shining Armor’s instructions, Heavy ’n’ Thunder’s knowhow of dealing with both clouds and annoying little imps, and my newly acquired abilities with the Lightning Spear we were able to outmaneuver both of the Cloud Gremlins and all of their attacks long enough for me to get us out of there. Good thing too. Because of all the things I’ve had to deal with, those two were among the most annoying!

Big Boy: YOU WON’T GET AWAY!!! *Dives at the chariot for a body-slam, but gets knocked away and falls into the clouds below* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Shining Armor: Oh, please! *Creates a shield and bounces him right off* We’ve wasted enough time here! Flash! Did you break the barrier yet?!

Flash: Almost! One more strike should do it! *Flies back and gets ready for the last charge but gets jumped by Runt* AACK!!!

Runt: RRRRGH!!! I’ll make you feel SOOO much pain!

Flash: Will you GET OFF?! *Tries to shake him and throws him off* BEAT IT!

Runt: FINE THEN! I’ll beat YOU!!! *Flies back, but sends out a red lightning bolt whip, breaking off the spear’s head*

Flash: NO! *Reaches for the spear head while the body breaks apart* Darn it! Not giving up THAT easily! *Gets the spear’s head, but it extends forward and leaves behind a yellow electric tether* What the?! Did it just… (Wait, I can control it?! NO WAY! This thing is just getting cooler by the minute!) *Takes hold of the tether and the two play Lightning Tug-Of-War* RRRGH!!!


Flash: That’s MY line, ya IMP!

Runt: RRRGH!!! *Gets hit by a flying bolt and a loud boom* AAAAAAAAAGH!!! WHAT?! HOODIE?! WAS THAT YOU?!

Thunderclap: Guess again! This is for MY HOUSE! *Makes another loud boom and it weakens Runt’s resistance* NOW, FLASH!

Flash: Nice! HUUUURRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *Swings the tether around and throws Runt into the barrier and ends up breaking it while shocking him* BOO-YAH!!!

Runt: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *Gets shocked as the barrier breaks* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! *Falls down* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Flash: It’s over! *Retracts the Lightning Spearhead to him and puts it on his belt*

Shining Armor: Alright! Let’s get out of here! *They fly through* C’MON, FLASH!

Flash: Right behind ya! *Flies after them out of the storm clouds*

We all managed to get back to Canterlot safely to end the second mission of three off! Afterwards, I was given a little questioning about the Lightning Spear. Especially since the spear’s body was once again broken… I couldn’t say much at the time since I just now found out what it was thanks to a dream. So after a bit more time to experiment with it, I would be able to give him more info about it later. In any case, with the second flag put into place, we’ve finally earned a chance to rest. Or so I thought…

Shining Armor: *Sigh* Alright. Whatever the case, we got our job done rather well. Keep looking into that weapon. It might be useful for later missions like this one. And see to it that it gets a new staff. Seriously, that thing’s gonna be breaking more of our staffs than beginner’s sparring… *Starts walking away*

Flash: Wait! Where are you going?

Shining Armor: To take a rest. I promised my sister a treat today. You guys are dismissed! We’ll continue training tomorrow. We have another week before the next mission! Alright?!

All 3: YES, SIR! *Salute*

Shining Armor: Good! At ease! *Leaves*

Flash: *Whew* Alright, before we go any further with anything, can somepony tell me who's idea was it to put a flag in the middle of a mass of storm clouds being inhabited by two crazy gremlins?!

Heavyweight: The same guy who's hoof-picking everything else for the cadets. Prince Blueblood himself.

Flash:....Why am I not surprised? I think that guy might be out to get me or something!

Thunderclap: Who knows?

Flash: I'm still wondering about a couple other things too. But I guess that'll be later. Well, we got some time off now, so what do you guys wanna do?

Heavyweight: What do you think?

Flash: Hmm?

Thunderclap: We’re gonna get started with training you!

Flash: Wait! What?! Hold on! I thought Shining just said-

Heavyweight: Just because he ain’t here anymore doesn’t mean that you get to rest! There’s still plenty of daylight left! So let’s get some combat practice in!

Thunderclap: We aren’t gonna make it easy neither! So don’t slouch!

Flash: Hang on, guys! I’m kind of tired right now! Can’t we take a break?!

Both: NO! *Grab Flash and take him to the training grounds*


The next bit of combat training was too painful for me to WANT to remember! It involved more of me dealing with Heavyweight living up to his name and Thunderclap being a pain in every sense of the word! No need to show that…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 16
And the Cloud Gremlins were never seen or heard from again! YAY!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Runt- Brian Drummond
Big Boy- Jon St. John

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Sheesh, guys! You tagged me like there was no tomorrow! Okay, I'll :iconpalpatineplz: DO IT!


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Age: 22
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Sexual & Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual
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General Attitude: Calm, meditative, open-minded, and one who likes to have fun and enjoy the positive side of life while still accepting the negatives. I'm also rather perverted, but only for humor. I am also a very loving individual to those whom I care about. Stay on my good side, however, whatever you do!
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SonEminoKami asks: So far in the Equestria Games set he made a background appearance on a Mane Character card of Princess Cadance, so who wants to see Flash Sentry become a card in the My Little Pony CCG? 

15 deviants said Yes! So I can add him to my deck and WRECK SOME SHIT UP WITH HIM!!!
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