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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


Hard to miss, pal!
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 5:10 PM
Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 12:46 PM
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It took me 2 months to see someone had screamed and shouted.... I must be going deaf.
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I WANNA SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT AL OUT ~(*_*)~ ( XD i just HAD to do it)
Mon Apr 29, 2013, 12:44 PM
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:'D glad ya think so! Youre pretty awesome too!
Sat Nov 17, 2012, 9:07 PM



Verse 9


SONG: Battle In The Jungle/ALERT (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)…

Shining Armor: They’re not gonna let us through quietly… Then we’ll just have to force our way through!

Thunderclap: Been a while since we’ve had a situation like one of these!

Heavyweight: Let’s hope we haven’t gotten rusty! Ready, kid?!

Flash: I won’t let a few piles of leaves and twigs stop us!

Shining Armor: Diamond Formation! Outward Strike!

The four of us took down all the predators by changing up our tactics on the fly to counter any one of theirs! It was actually quite a thrill! Being able to work like a team with these guys under Shining Armor’s commands made it feel exciting! It reminded me a lot of the teamwork that my old friends and I used before! The same stuff that saved my flank on a number of occasions! So in the end, we managed to get through the rest of the forest until the cave was in sight!

Shining Armor: *Whew* Well, that went well! Good work, guys! We made it!

Flash: Wasn’t easy. But WOW, that was awesome!

Shining Armor: Good to know you have the spirit for it, but don’t let it get to your head, got it?

Flash: Of course. So that’s the flag?

Shining Armor: That would be it! You wanna go pull it out?

Flash: You’re giving me permission, sir?

Shining Armor: No, more like an order! RETRIEVE IT!

Flash: *Salutes* WITH PLEASURE, SIR! *Runs over to it* This is great! THIS IS AWESOME! My first mission completed without a hitch! I can just feel my goal getting closer!

Shining Armor: Huh, he’s got a lot of energy in him.

Thunderclap: You’re just letting him have his fun, aren’t ya, sir?

Shining Armor: It gives him the right motivation.

Heavyweight: Remind you of anypony you might know?

Shining Armor: In more ways than one... *Hears a magic burst* Huh?! *Looks up to see a red static bubble on top of a cliff* The hay is that?!

(Author’s Note: This scene happens right after the climactic battle between Star Sparkler and Golden Ticket VS. Snake King Ha’ah when Star threw Ka’ah off a cliff with his magic surge. Read “Ticket To Adventure” by :iconda0krager: or the comic version by :icontemplate93: for more.)

Thunderclap: That looked like a Magic Surge! Almost like one of your Super Shields, Shining! *They see a colossal snake being thrown over it and it falls down the cliff towards their location* AND IS THAT A GIANT SNAKE?!

Shining Armor: Wait! That looks familiar for some reason! *Looks towards Flash, who is just now pulling out the flag* Uh-oh! FLASH! GET THE FLAG AND GET BACK HERE NOW!!!

Flash: Huh? HOLD ON A SEC! ALMOST… GOT… IT!!! *Pulls it out and the giant snake crashes in between him and the others* WHOA!!!

End Of Verse
My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 09
ACTION TIME! And from the end, get ready for a boss! Also, I carried over an event from a different fanfic to make this scenario... I regret nothing! But I give credit where it's due!

Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Verse 8

The week went by and I continuously kept pushing myself harder each time, incorporating new techniques into the exercises and mockup missions. Armed with an honest-to-goodness spear, there was nothing I couldn’t cut through! Though, of course I didn’t use it during combat practice. I didn’t want to hurt the others, but that goes without saying. When the week ended, the first mission of three would finally be issued.

The first one would take place in the neighboring woods of Ponyville down south from Canterlot. The first flag that I had to retrieve was in the Everfree Forest! Fortunately, I was already appointed Shining Armor, Heavyweight, and Thunderclap as my team. I was to follow their lead and head over to the set location. The other cadets were given their own locations and teams, if you’re curious. The point was to see who can get the job done.

On the way there, we passed by a couple notable places including the orphanage that Advent was living at, Cousin Sweetie Drop’s and Lyra’s house, a library where Amp was spending most of his time researching in, an enormous apple orchard, and a little cottage that a single filly was building all by herself. I wanted to help her, but that would’ve taken too long. She was hiding from us anyway, so approaching her might not have been the best idea anyways. So instead, we just kept going on into the forest.


SONG: The End’s Theme (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)…

Shining Armor: Alright, whatever you do, stay together! There’s a cave ahead that has our flag set up at the entrance.

Flash: So we just go straight and retrieve it? Simple enough!

Thunderclap: You obviously haven’t been through the Everfree Forest!

Flash: So? It’s just a forest. What could it possibly have that’s any worse than a big city?

Heavyweight: Oh, just everything that can tear your head off and eat it whole! I’ve been in this forest before! It’s not a good place to have a leisurely stroll!

Shining Armor: Which is why we need to get this done as fast as possible! I don’t want to be in here for any longer than I need to be! So let’s get that flag and get out of here! A guard is supposed to be fearless, but he’s also supposed to be smart about his decisions! That was on your test if I recall.

Flash: Yeah, I got ya! So I guess we get moving, right?

Shining Armor: Exactly! Let’s go!

SONG: The Fear’s Theme (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)…

We could hear a lot of noises going on in the background from rustling bushes to shaking trees to even the sounds of what we thought were explosions! Not to mention the sounds of would-be predators. The others were very cautious about the forest, I was just indefinitely curious. But I heeded their advice and kept my guard up while we advanced further and further. Good thing, too. Because I had a bad feeling we were being watched.

Flash: Shining Armor? Sir? You think we might be able to get a better view of our surroundings if one of us flies up?

Shining Armor: That would be a good idea, but I don’t want us to risk drawing attention to ourselves. It would just be best if we stayed on the ground and kept quiet. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the cave soon.

Flash: Understood. *Hears something run fast ahead from behind the trees* What was that?!

Shining Armor: Saw something?

Flash: No, but I know I heard it!

Shining Armor: Don’t make any unnecessary moves. It could be just a woodland critter.

Thunderclap: I dunno, Shining. It kinda sounded a little too loud to be a little guy.

Shining Armor: Well then, keep your spears on hoof.

Despite our best efforts to stay low, we ended up getting sniffed out by some dangerous predators of the forest! Timberwolves, to be exact! They started surrounding us with only the thought of tearing us apart in mind. For the first time ever, it was life or death!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 08
Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty! And we have a cliffhanger! 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Verse 7

And so we raced off to the mess hall for lunch. But it was there that I almost bit off more than I could chew when I had a very unappetizing encounter with a tough cookie who wanted to spice up my lunch with a front-hoof sandwich! *Sees a bunch of face-hooves* Okay, I’ll cut it out…

Flash: Huh?

Comet: Alright, Flash. Now that we have a moment, I’d like to have a word with you!

Flash: What? You finally decided to mature a bit and call it quits on this pointless rivalry thing?

Comet:….Tell me! Who are you trying to fool?

Flash: What do you mean?

Comet: You and I both know that you’re not fit to take on the challenges of being a guard! So why are you even bothering?

Flash: I’m no less fit than you are! If anything, I might be even more so!

Comet: Oh yeah, right! YOU?! The weak little mama’s boy?!

Flash: *Glares at him* You know something, Comet? If I would have a rival of an older brother, I’d like him to act his age! Instead I get one that makes me want to throw him out a window! Now let me ask you something? Do you really feel any of the words you’re saying? Do you ever listen to yourself?!

Comet: Now what do YOU mean?!

Flash: You and I both know the importance of family. I love our mother, you love our father, so why can’t we just look at each other better?!

Comet: Don’t start that again! In case you didn’t notice, we aren’t little colts anymore!

Flash: Could’ve fooled me by the way you’re acting! Though… for some reason, I can’t help but feel like you’re not yourself when you act this way. You’ve been like this to me for as long as I’ve known you, yet I feel like this isn’t the real you!

Comet: You’re not just talking out of your flank, are you?

Flash:…… *Glares into his eyes*

Comet:….. *Eyes turn green and red* Rrrrrgh! *Closes eyes and shakes head* Like it matters what you think or feel! You and I will never see eye-to-eye! So stop trying!

Flash:…..I can only imagine what it will be like when we’re both Royal Guards and we’re both selected by Princess Celestia. Oh, the fun we’d have as comrades…

Comet: SHUT UP! I’m not even going to work for Princess Celestia! I have a different noble pony in mind!

Flash: Who?! Our father?!

Comet: Heh! How’d ya guess?

Flash: HE ISN’T EVEN HERE!!! And that was a joke! He’s not royalty!

Comet: Shows what you know! *Walks away*

Flash: Oh, for the love of Princess Celestia! Would you just GIVE UP ALREADY?!

Shining Armor: Cool it, Flash. Not worth losing your head over!

Flash: Sorry. Comet just brings out the worst in me sometimes. So what’s the plan?

After plan briefing, which involves more complex obstacle courses and flag collecting, we had our food and talked a bit about ourselves at home. Heavyweight and Thunderclap apparently were both Pegasai from Ponyville. Though Thunderclap was born in Cloudsdale and he moved there. Their families included Heavyweight’s wife and the fact that she was pregnant with his first-born son. He had a cute name in mind for him, Featherweight.

Thunderclap was the oldest of three brothers, one being a high school dropout, Thunderlane, the other being their baby brother, Rumble. They all had a single mother… boy would I know how that feels... To be fair, though, their father died in a recent war, he didn’t abandon them. Since then, Thunderclap was basically the patriarch of the family.

Shining Armor is the older sibling to his younger sister, Twilight Sparkle and the son of Twilight Velvet and Nightlight. He was born and raised in Canterlot and was part of a geek club with a few friends of his. Huh. Kind of reminded me of my band, especially Amp Atom! And go figure, he ended up falling in love with...


Shining Armor: Eeyup! The one and only Princess Cadence! Really nice girl! Beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring, everything a stallion could ask for and more!

Thunderclap: Heh! Here we go again!

Heavyweight: If there’s one thing that can break Shining’s straight face, it’s the thought of the Pink Princess!

Shining Armor: *Blushing and sighing*

Flash: I see your point.

Heavyweight: How about you, kid? You got any special somepony back in your school?

Flash: Me? Well…. *Remembers Sunset Shimmer before she fades away*….. I… I don’t wanna talk about it… She’s long gone.

Thunderclap: *Whispers* Translation: Poor sap got dumped.

Heavyweight: Yeesh.

Flash: I heard that!

Shining Armor: In any case, now that we’re done, let’s get going. The next course is set!

Flash: Right behind you!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 07
JACKPOT!!! Oh, wait, were's short a seven...dang it! Well now we have a little insight on these other characters, so make with them what you will, my friends!

Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Verse 6

After breakfast and the usual morning drills, the Drill Sargent called us all to take the Ranking Exam’s written test. Going into it, I was undeniably nervous. I was never really the smartest student and I always had a hard time taking tests back in school. I always forgot most of the material the second that I see the paper in front of me. But I knew that time it was too important and that I couldn’t let that stop me. I had to do my best and answer every question to the best of my memories.

SCORE: SPARKS (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)…

Fortunately, that dream I had with Prince Blueblood tutoring me actually helped pay off! I won’t bore you with the details of the test, but I’ll just let it out right now! SPOILER ALERT! I PASSED! Okay, admittedly, I just BARELY scraped by with a solid 64%! .......WHAT?! It’s better than how I did in school! So when the Drill Sargent told us fillies to line up one more time, he passed out our grades. Only a small percentage of us passed. I was one of the lucky few along with Comet Tail.

Drill Sargent: Congratulations! As of now, all of you fillies are ready to move on to the next part of the Royal Guard Ranking Exams! But don’t think that this is any time to be beamin’ like it’s your birthdays! Because this is where it gets REAL tough! You’ve all been instructed about the second and third parts of the Ranking Exams. And I hate repeating myself! So you better train hard for this! For this next part could most definitely cause y’all elimination! And if you make even the SLIGHTEST mistake, it could mean that you say good-bye to ya FLANKS! YA GOT IT?!

Cadets: SIR, YES SIR!

Drill Sargent: Good! Now for this next step, you all are gonna follow me to the armory! SINGLE FILE! MOVE!

Comet: Flash… How the hay did YOU pass?!

Flash: I dunno, I guess I had the right study buddies.

Comet: Hmph… Who would help a loser like you?

Drill Sargent: That better not be CHIT-CHAT I’m hearin’ back there!

Both: NO, SIR! *Glare at each other* (WE’LL SETTLE THIS LATER!)

We followed him to the academy’s armory and he presented a wall decorated with some sharp weapons from swords, axes, spears, bows, what have ya! We were to grab only one and it would serve as our survival tool of choice. Though one particular spear on the wall looked and felt pretty familiar to me. Its head design made me feel like I’ve seen it before. But I couldn’t remember where. Then I saw some sort of golden shimmer slip across the blade. Fortunately, nopony had picked it by the time it was my turn to choose. So without any hesitation, I picked that very spear. With all said and done, we were dismissed.

Flash: I dunno what it is about this spear… but I kind of like it! I’m glad I picked it!

Shining Armor: You picked the spear? Nice choice!

Flash: Huh? Hey, guys!

Thunderclap: That’s the same kind that we all picked!

Heavyweight: So I guess you’re officially in the club now! HEHEH!

Flash: Heh! I guess so!

Shining Armor: I’m glad you passed the first test! So now we can scratch the studying off the list of things to train for!

Flash: *Whew* Oh good. That brain scrambling stuff was starting to get to me!

Shining Armor: What are you so relieved about? We’ve got training to do!

Flash: Huh?! You mean right now?!

Shining Armor: NO! I MEAN NEXT YEAR! OF COURSE I MEAN RIGHT NOW!!! And just so you know, since the first part is done, that means we have to work EXTRA HARD for the next one! The Survival Tests are set up into 3 missions and each one is done at the end of the week! So for the next month, we’re training our tails off! SO GET MOVING!!!

Flash: Uuuuugh….. *Stomach growls*…….Can we have lunch first?

Shining Armor: *Eye twitches* ARE YOU NOT TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY?!

Heavyweight: Actually, Shining… *Both his and Thunderclap’s stomachs growl*

Thunderclap: We’re pretty hungry too….

Shining Armor: Oh, for the love of… *Stomach growls as well*…..*Sigh* Alright, alright. I guess we can’t train on empty stomachs anyway. C’mon. To the mess hall!

All 3: ALRIGHT!!! *Race to the mess hall* RACE YA!!!


My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 06
What happens when you take Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and me and plenty of my insanity, what do you get? A question that makes no sense whatsoever! 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Drill Sargent- Ronald Lee Ermey
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker

Persona 4 The Animation [SPOILER FREE]

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 3:35 PM

If you've been following me for a bit recently, you would know that I've decided to give the Persona series of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise a try, mainly with Persona 4! Out of all the games in the Persona series, it has the most interesting story with the best music, characters, style, and most of all, writing! I wanted to get into the series via the games, but I hardly find the time to play JRPG's anymore, but fortunately, the story of the game was made into a 26 episode anime for those who don't have time for the game to enjoy. 

An anime adaptation of a video game? Well, depending on who you ask, you'll get mixed responses from them...but in terms of this one, you can say I call this one a win! It does a great job of telling the story in the right way, bringing the action scenes to life, keeping things interesting, and all the while, watering down the scenes from the game so that it keeps the ball rolling in an even pace! Not many adaptations can get away with watering down scenes while still making them good, if not BETTER! After all, it IS a turn-based RPG being brought to life in full animation.

The biggest thing about this anime is that its characters are some of the best that I've seen in the categories of both main and supporting casts! There were legitimate scenes that made me love the characters involved more and more there were even scenes that were so well written and the characters involved were so well developed that I literally had tears build up when watching them... THIS FREAKING ANIME MADE ME CRY! TWICE!!! If you can do that while still keeping me entertained, then you got me!

Beautiful animation, awesome music straight from the Persona series, colorful and lovable characters, moments that made me laugh, moments that actually got me to cry... Everything about this anime was excellent! I loved it all! Persona 4 The Animation gets my seal of approval! If I had one... I cannot recommend it enough! If you're wanting to get into the series, already into it but haven't seen the anime yet, or for those who just wanna see an awesome anime with great writing and symbolism, then check this anime out!  

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  • Listening to: Persona 4 Music
  • Reading: Daring Do and the Forbidden City Of Clouds
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Pokemon OmegaRuby
  • Eating: Spiced Eggs and Fruit (Needs more Garlic)
  • Drinking: Apple Cider
Verse 5

After those moments of ridiculous shenanigans were over, I had to go up against one of my three teammates in a game of one-on-one. And I’m not gonna lie, they were tough. They didn’t hold back for a bit! In fact, I don’t even know how I was able to scrape by!

SCORE: Beginning II (Castlevania Judgment)…

Shining Armor: Alright! Now for the next three days, like I said, your dinner will include a healthy dose of combat training! Hope you’re hungry, because now it’s time for some nutritious pain! Heavyweight! You go first! Give him a test of strength! Tomorrow you’ll be going up against Thunderclap for speed! And for the last day, you’ll have to deal with them both at once!

Flash: Huh?! What about you?

Shining Armor: Oh trust me, kid! You don’t even want to deal with the likes of me!

Flash: Somehow, I think I should trust you on that…


The next couple days went as scheduled. We studied hard until I was blue in the face, then we took on a series of flag recovery missions, and ended it off with more combat training. I can remember it all as if it was yesterday.
Flash Sentry VS. Heavyweight & Thunderclap
SCORE: Dig-A-Leg (Super Mario Galaxy 2)…

HEAVYWEIGHT- Attacks up close when tagged in. Moves slowly, but has high offense and defense. Attacks by grappling, stomping the ground for a shockwave that can lift dirt, rocks, or any debris into the air, a charge tackle, and a combination of staff strikes. He works in tandem with Thunderclap by either tagging out with him or combining efforts with him for simultaneous attacks.

THUNDERCLAP- Attacks from a distance. Moves quickly and has high offense, but low defense.  Attacks by using wind to buffet Flash with dirt, flies around and knocks debris into him, uses weather clouds to make a sound-based shockwave. He works in tandem with Heavyweight by either tagging out with him or combining efforts with him for simultaneous attacks.

FLASH SENTRY- Moves naturally fast and is equipped with a single practice staff and limited knowledge of offense and defense. He can attack fast with simple combinations and switch from one opponent to another. His goal is simply to knock both opponents out. Imagine it as you will.

Flash: *Charges at Heavyweight* HAAAAAA!!! TAKE THIS! *Gets countered to the ground* AAGH!!!

Heavyweight: Heheheh! Yeah! Heheh! No! *Body-slams him* BOO-YAH!!!

Flash: AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! Hrrrgh!!! *Can’t get up* Ngh…

Heavyweight: C’mon, kid! You can do better than that! Push me off ya! I’m only 900 pounds! PUSH UP!

Flash: I… thought… this was… COMBAT! Not aerobics!

Shining Armor: This is! But Heavyweight is one kind of powerhouse opponent that you may need to deal with later! So he’s got the right idea! PUSH UP!

Flash: HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! *Tries to, but falls back flat down* OOF!!!

Shining Armor: *Sigh* No use, Heavy. Get off him. Thunderclap! Tag in!

Flash: *Dizzy* Hmmmmmm……….

Even the lighter guy, Thunderclap was no joke. He was even too fast for me! And I was one of the fastest fliers from Trottingham, don’t forget! But anyways, after a good amount of me getting my sorry flank knocked around, we finally called it a night… or so it seemed at first. Instead, since the day of the test was tomorrow at that point, Shining decided to put me through more of his late night studies to cram everything in at the last minute. Shining Armor’s training techniques were worse than my school’s Hoof-ball coach and the SAT’s put together!

At some point, I couldn’t keep myself awake anymore and I just plopped my sorry face on my desk. The other three tried to wake me up, but I was dosed out. Interesting thing happened though. I found myself in a cross-road intersection in a darkened city that kind of looked like my hometown. I looked around and saw somepony approaching from out of the shadows.

SONG: Embers (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)…

Blueblood: Hello, Pup.

Flash: Huh?! Pup?! Where am I, sir?

Blueblood: In your dreams. I’m here to check up on you since you’re not awake and kissing the ground.

Flash:…..I’m in a dream… Then that means… I can say THIS! YOU’RE A SCUMBAG! You’re a complete jerk! Your hooves aren’t even worth spitting on, your attitude stinks as bad as your hair gel, and I frankly can’t stand your guts!

Blueblood:…….*Eyes twitch and even change color to a green and red before he shakes them back to normal* RRRGH!!! Ur… Hmph… Good. Are you done?

Flash:….Yeah! Not that it matters to you! I finally got to get that off my chest! Sure, it’s only a dream, but I still call that a win!

Blueblood: Well good, because you have some more studying to do.

Flash: ACK! You’re right! AAAGH! What do I do?! The test is tomorrow morning! I can’t be sleeping now!

Blueblood: You’ll calm down. I’ll help with your studying.

Flash: HUH?!?!?! R-Really?!

Blueblood: Yes. Now open up to the page 218 in advanced counter tactics.

Flash: Right. Say, why the sudden change of heart?

Blueblood: I’m a complicated stallion. Now focus, boy!

Flash: (You got that right, you are!)

Blueblood: I heard that! I’m in your mind, remember?

Flash: Right, right… sorry.

The study session went on through the night. Blueblood started quizzing me after a while of studying and he even presented me a mock-up test to give me a feel for the exam. He read the questions from the book that I was studying from for me to fill out. When Princess Celestia raised the sun up from the horizon, the time to wake up had come. That’s when I had the BEST wake-up call, ever!

Flash: ZZZZZZ…. *Talking in his sleep* The…. Weakest point of the armor…. Is the chain mail… ZZZZZ…. *Rolls face onto the desk*

Blueblood: *Walks up to Flash with the other three asleep on the floor* Hmm…. *Puts his hoof on Flash’s head* Cheating on the floor, are we?

Flash: ZZZZZZ…. *Drooling* The three whistle call… is to rally around…. The appointed princess….

Blueblood: *Takes him by the head and rams it through the desk onto the floor* WAKE UP!!!

Flash: FRRRRRRGH!!!!

3 Guards: *Snap awake* AAAAH!!! WHOZZITSWHATSITSWHEREWHEN!!!?!?!??! *Get into position and salute* REPORTING, SIR!!!

Blueblood: Keep your voices down! Now pick him up after he’s done having his marital problems and get ready! The Ranking Exams begins today! *Walks away*

Flash:...I’m  conflicted…

Shining Armor: Well whether you are or not, I hope you’re ready. *Helps him up* What’s this about marital problems?

Flash: *Sarcastic and annoyed* Oh, didn’t I tell ya? I’m married to the floor! Blueblood was our minister.

Shining Armor: *Looks down and back to him* I don’t envy you, dude. Now c’mon! Let’s get breakfast in!

Heavyweight: Not gonna lie, kid. You’re gonna hate a lot of stuff here whether you pass or fail!

Flash: *Deep breath* Whether I do or not is irrelevant so no use complaining.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 05
And here we get the introduction of BOSS BATTLES! Yes, we're taking THAT route now! I REGRET NOTHING! Also, what was with Prince Blueblood there? 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Flash Sentry is asleep in his bed until he catches a weird wif of what smells like a guy who hasn’t showered after a tough athletic game. He turns around a couple times in his bed to try and block the smell until he finally wakes up to see his band’s drummer and big guy, Drum Role. He wakes up with a shock to see that he’s right next to him in his bed.

Flash: ACK! DRUM?! What are you doing in my bed?!

Drum: I can’t sleep, Flash! I keep thinking! How can my nose run if it doesn’t have feet?

Flash: Drum…

Drum: Hmm?

Flash: GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!! *Kicks him out of his bed and he falls to the floor*

Drum: Hmm… And now my butt hurts… *Looks at a lava lamp located right next to an alarm clock and a picture of Twilight Sparkle* Hmm… Hey, Flash. This is a lamp, right? Ya think if I rub it, a genie will come out and grant us three wishes?!

Flash: Wrong lamp! And will you get out of here already?! *Sees it fall out of his hands and break* ACK!!! YOU BROKE IT!!!

Drum: Sorry…

Flash: Do you know how much of a hassle that is to clean up?! Also, those are expensive!

Drum: Chill dude, I’ll clean it up! I’ll even buy you a new one! *Cleans it up* Hey, by the way, why don’t birds just take a bus south for the winter? It would sure beat all that flying!

Flash: What’s with all the questions?! ACK!!! *Gets picked up and carried over Drum’s shoulder out the room* HEY! Put me down! *Sees he’s right next to Drum’s rear* You had BETTER NOT FART!

Drum: *In the kitchen, he’s opening and closing the refrigerator* Hey, Flash. When you close the refrigerator, does the little light stay on?


Drum: *Constantly opening and closing the door with a light shining out the window of his house* Hello, light. Hello, light. Hello, light. Hello, light!...Hello, light! *This goes on until morning...*

Flash: *Eyes spinning* Duuuuuuh…

Drum: *Has carrots jammed into his eyes* Hey, Flash. You know when you said carrots were good for your eyes? Well, you lied to me! Also, do you think they can dial a phone? *Pulls one out and eats it and gives the other one to Flash’s little brother, First Base, who passes by and then rinses it*

Flash: Rrgh… If you’re going to strain your rice grain-sized brain, then why don’t you think of something more important?! Like… How to get your face on the Canterlot Hall of Fame!

Drum: Hey, Flash. Why is your brother in the kitchen with Dinah?

First Base: I promised her a visit today, remember?

Dinah: Good morning!

Flash: Huh? *Sees them both making a breakfast* Oh… Hi! Uh… Amp and Bass up yet?

Drum: FIN!
(Parody) Drum Bugs Flash With Stupid Questions
A parody of the start of this!… (Couldn't find it on youtube)

This is just another random idea I came up with for no raisin! But does anyone remember this hilarious episode?! I'm sure a good majority of you do! So anyways, this is just another placeholder until I get things done.

Cover by :iconbravokrofski:
Verse 4

SONG: The Derpinator (My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic)…

So we began our training regiments that very morning starting at 10am. The instructors already put us through our start-up sessions that started at 6am, so we took the time to begin from there. I read through the books necessary for learning the written exam inside and out. But for some reason, I was having a hard time getting all that stuff to click in my mind properly. I never was good at taking tests in school before and unfortunately, that bad habit followed with me. Especially since I had spent a whole year out of school after I graduated! So to try and beat it into my mind, they decided to literally beat it into me! They set up crazy random torture devices to make sure I got it right… Or else!

Flash: Okay, okay! I think I got it! The tree is 155 meters away from the catapult, right? *Hears a snapping sound and looks up* Hmm? AAAACK!!! *Dodges a falling anvil* WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS?! A CARTOON?!

Shining Armor: *Holding scissors* Well at least we know you have the reflexes for survival…

Flash: Well with all due respect, I don’t think flattening my head is going to make it any bigger!

Shining Armor: Huh… You may be right…

Flash: MAY BE?!

Shining Armor: Well it wasn’t my idea! It was Heavy’s!

Heavyweight: You approved it!

Shining Armor: Oh, right…

Flash: It’s official! You guys want me dead…

Afterwards, we worked as a team to retrieve flags from set obstacle courses both on the ground and in the air. When we went through the air, we carried Shining Armor via chariot. He said that it was every bit of training for him to learn how to handle those things as it was for me. In the three days that we spent, I learned how to run and fly through harsh weather conditions and even when given harsh handicaps.

At some point, he set up the flags all over the Canterlot Castle itself with Princess Celestia’s permission. When the 4 of us went to retrieve them, we scattered to cover more ground. Along the way to finding mine, I had 4 out of the 5 flags I needed. I couldn’t figure out where the last one was until I flew by the library and saw it in the window. I go to get it, but a little purple unicorn filly snags it!

Flash: Hey! Uh… I mean… I need that flag. You think you could give me that?


SONG: Twilight Sparkle’s Theme (My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic)…

Twilight: Nope! *Takes it with her back to her books*

Flash: “NOPE”?! No mean for disrespect, but I REALLY need that flag and I’m not in the mood for games.

Twilight: That’s too bad! I am! Princess Celestia says that all work and no play-

Flash: Yeah, yeah, “Makes Applejack a dull pony” whatever!  But- *Sees that she’s gone* DAAAGH!!! *Sees her run out the library with the flag and some books* GET BACK HERE!!! AAAGH! She’s just like that Alicorn filly! *Flies after her* Look, filly! I’ve already played this game with a filly that was at least 3 times faster than you! You think you can outrun me?! *Closes in, but she jumps and teleports behind him, causing him to blindly fly right into a wall* HUH?! AAAAH!!! *Crashes with his head through a hole into a room* I’m… starting to see a pattern…

Blueblood: And WHY have you chosen this time to break my precious walls of my office WITH YOUR FACE?!

Flash: Prince Blueblood! Sir! I can explain!

Blueblood: GET OUT! *Throws a book at him and knocks him back into the halls*

Flash: *Dizzy* Eeyup… a pattern…

Twilight: You okay there?

Flash: Don’t patronize me, filly… *Jumps up* Give! Me! That! FLAG!!! *Back to chasing her until they have a chase through a hallway full of doors that have a Scooby-Doo style of them going back and forth with a bunch of random stuff thrown in. Imagine that as you will until they both bump into each other and the chase resumes*

Both: YOU!!! *Run in opposite directions until Flash realizes what he’s doing and bolts back at Twilight*

Flash: I’M GETTING TIRED OF THIS!!! *Chase goes all over the castle until…* GOTCHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *Twitching and he’s laughing insanely* Now… be a good little girl… and give me my flag!

Twilight: *Chuckling* I don’t have it!

Flash: What?

Twilight: *Reaches her hoof to his ear and pulls it out* You do! EW! It’s covered in wax! Here! You take it!

Flash: *Head starts sparking and letting out smoke* You were going to give that back to me all along, weren’t ya?

Twilight: Maybe…

Flash: Shining Armor put you up to this, didn’t he?

Twilight: Wow! Maybe Shiny was wrong! You ARE smart!

Flash: PFFT! Shiny?! HA! That’s a good one! *Clicks in his head* HEY! He thought I was stupid?!

Twilight: I dunno… Now can I go back to my reading?

Flash: Sure thing. If reading was all you wanted to do, you should’ve just given me the flag and not have wasted my time!

Twilight: What fun would that have been?!

Flash:…..I’m starting to get the impression that all these ponies are out to get me… *Walks away with all the flags while Twilight goes back to the library* Though I will admit…despite how annoying she was…she was kind of cute…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 04
And thus, Flash's TRUE training begins and Twilight Sparkle appears and enters the fray! YAY!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong

Choose Your Destiny!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 1:06 AM

Spreading The Word by Macgrubor

Well, Pony Kombat fans, looks like our good ol' Macgrubor is at it again! Pony Kombat is beginning with a whole new twist and has opened a sign-up for anyone interested! Come one come all! Dream Vania is waiting for her Star Successor! Which one of you thinks you're worthy enough to take her spot at the Champion Summit?! 


Dream Vania's Pony Kombat New Blood ID by Author-Bat-Pegasus 

I will only allow the best to earn their victory and nothing less! So bring everything you've got!

Have your vectors and bios ready! Show us all that you have what it takes! Starting on the 25th, :iconmacgrubor: will be waiting! And so will I! Until then... YEEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEEE!!!!

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Verse 3

SCORE: Eternal Bonds (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)…

I learned well from that. I needed help after all. And it seems that I will never shake that fact. So to get that help, I decide to swallow my pride and talk to Shining Armor and his two friends to see if they would help me get ready for the test. Time-off training, solitary studying, and daily drills were only going to get me so far. I kept trying to do everything myself, now it was time to try a different approach. So I walked up to him and started talking.

Flash:…..Uh… Excuse me…

Shining Armor: C’MON, GUYS! Put your back-legs into it! We’re gonna lead them by example! We can’t show them an example of weaklings for leaders, can we?!

Heavyweight & Thunderclap: YES, SIR!!!

Flash: Excuse me, Specialist-


Flash: Sir?!

Shining Armor: He’s gonna need more speed than that… Ugh… He must be getting tired.

Flash: *Gets annoyed* RRRGH!!! SPECIALIST SHINING ARMOR!!! *Sees Shining Armor instantly turn his head with glaring eyes* EEP!!! *Stands stiff and salutes* HUP! CADET FLASH SENTRY… SIR!!!

Shining Armor: *Turns around* Flash? What are you doing here?

Flash: *Ahem* I’m here to… well… *Sigh* I want to take you up on your offer… the one from before!

Shining Armor: Oh, so you’ve changed your mind?

Flash: Yes, sir. I want you to help me train and prepare me for the placement exam.

Shining Armor: What made you change your mind?

Flash: Time to think and establish myself as a pony that needs the help.

Shining Armor: In other words, the constant breakdown and buildup was driving you mad?

Flash: I was chasing a filly Alicorn with a cape down a hall who called me her daddy... I’m pretty sure I was going mad.

Shining Armor: Heh! Either that or that was your daughter from the future!

Flash: From the… future?!

Shining Armor: Never mind! If that’s the case, then I think you’re ready to step up your game! So yeah, I’ll help you out! And my boys will be happy to help too! HEAVYWEIGHT! THUNDERCLAP! FRONT AND CENTER!


Shining Armor: We have a new recruit in our ranks! Though he’s yet to rank himself, he’ll be taking orders from us from this point on! It’s our task to make sure that he gets a good ranking on the placement exam! If we succeed, it will be a spectacular success! If he fails, WE FAIL! And I don’t know about you, but I for one DO! NOT! FAIL!!! UNDERSTOOD?!

Both: YESSIR!!!

Shining Armor: *Glares back at Flash* You hear that, Cadet? The pressure’s on now! If you succeed, then you will be joining my squad in style! And perhaps one day, you’ll be one of my elite soldiers! But if you fail, I’ll see to it that these two knuckle-heads drive YOUR knuckle-head to the CENTER OF MT. CANTERLOT! And when you’re down there, I’ll give you the thousand years of pain in there, PERSONALLY!!!

Flash: *Eyes dilating*…….

Shining Armor: YOU GOT THAT, PUNK?!

Flash: *Sweats and salutes again* YEE-YESSIR!!!

Shining Armor: *Smiles* Good! Then let’s get started, shall we?! *Later, in the Drill Sergeant’s uniform and helmet* Alright, Cadet! Your solo training was just a warm-up! Nothing more than child’s play! Now is where the REAL training begins! The first part of the placement exam begins in 3 days, so we need to cram in as much of what you need as possible! There are 3 parts to the exam! The first part is a written exam! *Writes and draws on a chalkboard* The second part is a survival test. And the third is a competitive combat scenario. Judging by how well you do on the written exam will determine where your survival test will take place or… whether you’ll be taking it at all! It will also determine who’s platoon you will be joining for the survival test. And ultimately, it will decide who you go up against for the final part, the combat scenario.

Flash: So wait, I’ll be fighting one of the other cadets?! What would happen if I lose?

Shining Armor: That’s an excellent question, Cadet! For the loser would initially have to wait another 3 months before they could take it again unless they broke some certain rules such as using lethal force against either their opponents or their superiors. That has happened before.

Flash: Really? What happened to them?

Heavyweight: Heh! Those suckers were barred from ever taking the exams ever again!

Flash: Oh…

Thunderclap: And that’s if they’re lucky! Some were deported or even thrown in the brig! Basically, that means they’re in jail.

Shining Armor: Exactly. Except those are the normal cases! Flash, you’re a special case and you should already know what I mean by that. So don’t make me repeat myself!

Flash: Oh… right…

Shining Armor: So now that we know the layout of what we’ll be dealing with, here’s the plan. We will feed you three meals a day for your body and mind! The books and their contents will be your BREAKFAST! Obstacle courses will be your LUNCH! And for DINNER, you’ll be facing one of us as your opponent in a harsh environment! The only way you’ll be going to bed from this point on is by either exhaustion from the intense training or getting knocked unconscious! Let’s pray that you’re ready for the former!  Gotta be ready for anything!

Flash: So what would the different places be for the survival test?

Shining Armor: Anywhere in Equestria. It could be in the Frozen North, in a deadly gorge, the Southern Badlands, or even high up in the sky! Yes, even I, as a unicorn could have been put into that position. Fortunately I wasn’t, because I was no good at driving a flying chariot. *Opens one eye* I see that smirk on your face, Heavy! Wipe it off! Alright, now that we know the plan, let’s get to it! Starting now, we’re gonna focus on the written exam!

Flash: Understood! ACK!!! *Gets startled by a huge stack of books slamming right in front of him* HUH?!

Shining Armor: Good to see you’re eager to get started! So let’s take it from the top! First book: “Defense & Offense For Cadets”! Let’s get cramming!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 03
Now it's finally time to get serious!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Verse 2

If I was to pass the placement exam, I needed to cool down. I was trying to go at it too fast because I didn’t think a week was enough time to take a calmer route. But no matter what, I needed to be ready for the exam and I wasn’t going to be so with a brain that’s popped like a popcorn bag! It became clear when something very strange happened. I met a little filly on the campus.

Flash: RRRRGH!!! *Holding his head* What am I gonna do?! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! The exam is in a couple days and… and… AAAGH!!! I feel like I wanna ram my head through a wall! RRGH!!! *Hits his head at his staff* I haven’t felt like this since that one month last year when I thought Mom and I were sunk! ….Maybe I should’ve accepted Shining’s help…

????: It’s not too late you know…

SONG: Purple Comet (Super Mario Galaxy)…

Flash: Hmm?! Huh?! Wha?! Who’s there?! *Looks around until he sees a little yellow horn peeking around the corner* Hmm… *Zips there and sees that it’s gone, but then sees a flowing red cape and purple tail running through another corridor* Hey! Come back here! *Flies after it* If this is some kind of childish prank, I’m not in the mood! *Sees it as a yellow unicorn filly with purple mane and tail with a pink teal to it* Foals aren’t even supposed to be here! *She zips ahead really fast* Huh?! How did she… *Accelerates to catch up* GET BACK HERE! How did you get on campus! *He pursues her at fast speeds through the many turns and corridors until they end up outside on a balcony* GOTCHA!!! Cornered now!

????: *Gasps and giggles as she turns around* Heeheeeheee!!! Not yet! SUPEEEEEER JUMP!!!! *Crouches down and blasts off upwards to the top spire’s roof with a golden trail of stars behind her* WHEEEEEEE!!!!

Flash: AAACK!!! *Eye twitches and jaw drops before he darts up after her* HOW DID SHE DO THAT?! RRRGH!!! *Moves faster and beats her to the spire as she falls from the sky and right into his hooves*

????: AAAAAH!!! Whoop! *Lands in his front hooves* HEEEHEHEHEE!!! That was SO much fun!!!

Flash: Alright, kid. I hope it was worth it! Because you got some explaining to do now!

????: *Opens her eyes and they beam right into his, making him feel something very odd yet familiar* Okay, you got me! *Smiles*

Flash: (Those… EYES?! Who is this filly?!) Um… why are you looking at me like that?

????: *Big smile with slightly watering eyes* I just… I just missed that so much is all…

SONG: Family (Super Mario Galaxy)…

Flash: Huh? Missed what?

????: I missed doing that with my daddy. We loved playing “Cat & Mouse” like that… I’m sorry. I just wanted to do that again.

Flash: You really think now was the best time to be playing games with me, kid?! Especially somepony who you don’t know?! What if your parents are looking for you?! In fact, where are they?! I betcha they’re worried sick!

????: Oh, don’t worry! They know where I am! In fact, one of them is close by! I’ll be back with him in a bit!

Flash: Well what if he thinks you’re talking to a stranger? I don’t want to get in trouble with him. So why don’t you tell me where he is and I’ll take you back to him. And look, don’t take this the wrong way, but I am in way too much stress right now to be dealing with kids’ games. I have an important test coming up that I NEED to be ready for!

????: Heehee! That sounds just like Mommy!

Flash: Hmm?

????: I remember when she showed me all the times that she blew her mane off when she was still a student! She even made an entire library fly right out of the ground! It was funny!

Flash: *Raises an eyebrow* Oooookay… What’s that supposed to mean to me?

????: Well, when she realized what was really at stake, she actually calmed down. She then went to take her test with her friends by her side to back her up.

Flash: She didn’t take the test herself?

????: She couldn’t. When she tried, she almost totally blew it! And she was really smart and skilled too! But she just kept stumbling when she tried to do it on her own. But with her friends and their help, she was able to make it possible to succeed.

Flash: What was even at stake that she needed the help from others for? I mean, wasn’t it her test?

????: Everything, everypony, and everyone! If she had done it herself, then it would’ve been only for herself. But she learned how to cope with it when she realized that everything that she loved was at high stakes. It wasn’t for herself. It was to protect her home, her friends, her family, and everything she held dear.

Flash:….!!!! To protect everything she held dear… Wait a minute… I… Heh… Eheheh… I can’t believe I almost forgot… These past few weeks must’ve really beaten me up. I almost forgot why I came here in the first place… Hey, kid. What’s your name?

[MOONLIT SPARK- Michelle Creber]

Moonlit: My name? It’s Moonlit! Moonlit Spark!

Flash: Moonlit Spark, my name is Flash Sentry!

Moonlit: Oh, I know that! Mommy talked about you a lot!

Flash: She… She did?! Who is she? Somepony I know?!

Moonlit: Sorry. Not yet!

Flash: Not yet?! What do you mean “not yet!?”

Moonlit: I mean what I say! Not yet!

Flash: You’re really starting to confuse me now!

Moonlit: Well anyways, another way that Mommy used to cope with her troubles is by having fun with her friends. One of them even threw her and her friends parties! It’s as they say! “All work and no play will make Applejack a dull pony!”

Flash: Who’s Applejack?! I’ve never heard that saying!

Moonlit: Not yet!

Flash: Stop saying that! Ugh, I feel like a foalsitter!

Moonlit: Well, did you at least have fun?

Flash: Hmm?

Moonlit: Why did you join?

Flash: I joined… at first because Princess Celestia told me that I had something in me that would make for a great Royal Guard. I agreed because I felt that it was my destiny to fulfill. But then, when my mom got hurt, I told myself that I didn’t want something like that to ever happen again. So… I know that I’m dedicated to this because I want to protect everyone! My friends, my family, the princess, and every stallion, mare, and foal in Equestria! *Looks down at Moonlit and smiles* And you know… I say “Especially for you, kiddo!”

SONG: Little Girl’s Theme (Kid Icarus Uprising)…

Moonlit: *Happy gasp* Heehehehee!

Flash: Thank you, Moonlit. Thanks for reminding me of who I really am!

Moonlit: *Smiles and even starts tearing*

Flash: Huh? Hey, you alright?

Moonlit: *Sniff* You remind me so much of… I’m sorry but… can I… Can I have a hug?

Flash: A hug? Oh… *Looks around and sees nopony* Well… alright, sure.

Moonlit: *They hug and tears start steaming from her eyes and she mumbles under her breath* I love you, Daddy…

Flash: Hmm? You say something, kiddo?

Moonlit: N-Nothing. I’m just really happy right now! Thank you, Mr. Flash Sentry!

Flash: Don’t mention it. *Wipes her tears with his wings* Hey, how about I take you to your daddy? He’s probably waiting for you right now.

Moonlit: It’s okay. I have somewhere I need to be. I gotta go! Bye-bye!

Flash: Huh?! Wait! We’re on the roof! Are you-?! HUH?! *With her cape flowing, he notices that she has WINGS under it as well as a HORN* An… AN ALICORN?! WHAT?!

Moonlit: SUPEEEEEEEEEER JUMP!!!!! *Blasts off above the clouds high up into the sky at mach speed* BYE, DADDYYYY!!! *Vanishes*

Flash: *Is so confused that his mind is all over the place* She was an Alicorn?! And did she just call me… DADDY?! Who was she?! WHAT WAS SHE?! Am I going insane?! But she said her parent, HE was waiting for her! That made no sense! Wait… *Looks around* Agh… if only somepony else was here! I can’t tell if I’m still stable right now! (Wait! Think for a minute… Maybe she wasn’t real. Maybe it was still just my imagination… and what if it is?! Maybe it wasn’t supposed to make sense there. I know I don’t have a daughter, let alone an Alicorn filly! It could be that my mind made her up to tell me something… if that’s the case though… *Looks at his hooves* how was I able to touch her? I caught her from falling, I hugged her… How is that even possible?! *Sees a bit of the tear still on his wing’s tip* There’s no way this is fake… Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this. She could’ve made a mistake and only thought I was her daddy, but then how did she jump that high if she couldn’t fly?! She didn’t use any magic, but she vanished… Okay, I gotta stop before my brain really DOES explode!) But what was that supposed to tell me?! That I was worrying too much about this test?! And that… I was thinking about it from the wrong perspective… at the wrong angles… and for the wrong reasons… Of course! I get it! I really get it now! I just need to have the right mindset! THAT’S how I’m gonna make it through here! Figment of my imagination or not, I know what I gotta do thanks to you, Moonlit! Wow, woken up by a dream, who would’ve thought… And NOW would be a good time to stop talking to myself!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 02
Dang it! I missed an upload yesterday! Sorry, guys! Well, here we go with Track 7! And plenty of weirdness to be had! 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Moonlit Spark- Michelle Creber

See You Next Winter...

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 11:15 PM
Skin by =SprinklesPegasister

My dear friend, Snowdrop. Spirit of the Winter... This winter has most definitely been an interesting one. For better or worse, it was one worth living through. In fact, I would dare say this one has been one of the best for many reasons. I thank God for all the great things that have happened and I thank you for giving me the appreciation of snow to see it all through! Let down your snow one last time this year for my home and let me savor this last goodbye until next December. In honor of it, I think I'll watch the animation for Snowdrop by SillyFillyStudios one more time! How about you guys join in?

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Track 7- A New Light

Verse 1

Celestia and Luna are working hard to try and finish what Flash started by taking on this threat together, however, they are having quite the hard time with him. He uses his powers to create black holes and rifts in space to summon any form of projectiles he wants is proving to be too much even for them. That is until Shining Armor, Twilight, and Cadence arrive to help them out!

Celestia: Urgh… Blast it!

Luna: We cannot give up yet! But how did he become so powerful?!

Celestia: Do you remember Sombra Crystallion? And Nightmare Moon?

Luna:……So history repeats itself. What is it with us unicorns and just wanting more power?! I’m starting to see a pattern.

Celestia: I guess it’s unavoidable. But that is not our focus now!

?????: It doesn’t make any sense! Why are you fighting me?! Why are you trying to protect HIM?! Don’t you get it?! They’re both worthless scum! They’re not worth the hassle of getting in my way?! You don’t understand! I’m doing you a favor!

Twilight: It’s YOU who doesn’t understand! *Arrives with Cadence and Shining Armor* Every single life in Equestria is precious to us! Even you were! But you threw that away just so you could waste theirs!

Shining Armor: When a life is thrown away, THAT’S when it becomes worthless!

Cadence: It goes without saying, but you and the many demons we’ve dealt with before you were the scum! And though my cousin has made his share of mistakes, he’s still family! In fact, so is Flash!

?????: You’ve got to be kidding! HIM?! FAMILY?! What a joke! All he does is get in the way! He’s annoying! He’s done barely ANYTHING significant! He’s just some goody-horseshoes dipstick! All he’s ever done in his existence was make obnoxious noise! HE’S A BLASTED MAMA’S BOY!!! In fact, he’s so bad, he just LOST HIS BLASTED WINGS! He’s weak! I just can’t believe he’s even my brother!


Shining Armor: I can’t believe he’s your brother either! I’m an older brother too, and I would never talk about Twily like that!

Twilight: I don’t care what you say at this point! Flash is a good stallion! He is our friend! He’s our family! And to me, he’s…


Cadence: Then the time for talk is over! Like we said! Both Flash and Blueblood are our family! And we won’t let you hurt them anymore!

Celestia: You had your chance to surrender!

Luna: But you threw that away as well! So prepare yourself!


The Royal Family begins their struggle with their insane enemy high in the skies with him unleashing sporadic patterns of magic projectiles spawned from small wormholes that he creates from his horn. Shining Armor is armed with a spear and defensive magic, Twilight has rapid fire and charge shot magic, Cadence has power raising and healing, and Celestia and Luna work in tandem with each other using powerful offensive magic in their own patterns.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 07 VERSE 01

"Everypony is REALLY giving it their all! And with all the other guards gone, I need to get back on my hooves so I can give it my all again 10 fold! But I’m stuck in this stinking life review! AGH! I can’t stand this! I feel so useless! It’s me he’s after and they’re trying to protect me! Why?! It’s MY job to protect THEM! Why can’t I wake up?! *Remembers the injuries, destroyed armor, and dismembered wings* Oh… right… Well then… Life review it is for now. I’m sure SOMETHING will come out of this."


Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Princess Luna- Tabitha St. Germain
Enemy- Brad Swaile & Fred Tatasciore 
Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Cadence- Britt McKillip

Now we begin another new Track! But first, a little more hype! BINKY! TRACK SEVEEEN!!!
Verse 4

SONG: Break The Targets (Super Smash Bros Melee)…

So I went to the training grounds and saluted the appointed guard for entry into the grounds. I picked up a training staff and began hitting targets for precision training. They were put up on wooden dummies and set in positions where vital areas of enemies would be. They were all rather durable and the trick was to break them as quickly as possible with adequate speed, precision, and power. Simple enough, right? Well yeah, but like I said, they were made of tough stuff. At least it was a good way to blow off steam.

Flash: The prince is a jerk! My brother’s here and I just KNOW he’s gonna try something stupid! And I’m SICK AND TIRED of getting sympathy! *Starts hitting harder and faster, making the targets shatter* I’m not weak or pathetic! So stop treating me like a kid! *Panting* Huh… Drum Role was right. Sometimes yelling your frustrations out DOES help you feel better. Thank goodness nopony was around…. I have got to stop talking to myself…… Starting NOW!

SONG: Metal Battle (Super Smash Bros. Melee)…

So after a good 20 minutes of solo target practice, I was about to take a breather until I get blind-sighted by one of the dummies that for some reason came to life and started moving! They were glowing with a blue magic aura and all of them decided to charge at me to attack! I was outnumbered and it wasn’t long before I was overwhelmed.

Flash: Crud! CRUD!!! *Tries to fight them all off* You’re all supposed to be dummies! You’re not supposed to move! What’s wrong with you!? *Takes hit after hit* AAAGH! OOF! POOOGH! *Gets knocked away and hits the ground* PAAAAAH!!!  *Is dizzy while seeing the statues close in* I must be going crazy or something… *Sees what looks like a spinning blur swiftly buzz right through and it breaks a good chunk of them apart like a flying saw-blade* HUH?!

As soon as it came, like the wind, it left. I was paused for a moment before I got back on my hooves. At first, I felt grateful that something tipped the odds in my favor, but then I thought-

Flash: DARN IT! I wanted to do that myself!

Not to interrupt myself, but it was then that those same three stallions from before showed up to help me with the rest of the living dummies. It was Private Second Classes Heavyweight and Thunderclap, and their squad leader, Specialist Shining Armor…. I mouthed off a Specialist earlier…whoops. I’m surprised I didn’t get chewed out earlier for that.

SONG: Multi Man Melee 1 (Super Smash Bros. Melee)…

Shining Armor: Nice day for solo training, ain’t it, Cadet? Good thing I had the same idea in mind!

Flash: Huh?! You?! Did you do that?!

Shining Armor: Do what?

Flash: That thing that just broke all of those wooden things! Did you do that?!

Shining Armor: I don’t know what you’re talking about. We just got here. But since we’re here, how about we get some training done together. You look like you could use some help!

Flash: Yeah, no thanks! I’d rather do this myself, sir!

Shining Armor: Yeah, right. *All 3 jump down to the grounds in front of Flash and take a battle position* Formation Delta 4!

Heavyweight & Thunderclap: ROGER!

Flash: Hey! What do you think you’re doing!? I had this under control!

Thunderclap: Shut up and join in if you want to fight them so bad!

Flash:…..Nrgh… Fine then! (The one time I TRY to do something on my own and I STILL get others helping me!) *Picks staff back up and hovers above them* On your mark, Mr. Captain!

Shining Armor: That’s SPECIALIST Mr. Captain to you, Cadet!

Flash: You’re a Specialist? Oh…..

Shining Armor: Formation… GO!!! *The 4 of them proceed with the formation and each take down a good majority of the dummies until there is but one left* And HALT!!! *They all stop except for Flash* Hmm?

Flash: *Dives at the dummy* HAAAAAAA!!! *Gets stopped* ACK!! Huh?!

Shining Armor: I said “HALT”!!! Learn to listen, Cadet!

Flash: Rgh… Sorry… But why leave this one intact?!

Shining Armor: Because that one is for interrogation.

All 3: WHUUUU?!

Shining Armor: *Sigh* Didn’t you read the manual for the placement test?! You ALWAYS leave one enemy remaining and capture them for questioning. It’s also a chance that the enemy you were about to defeat was actually a spy working for you. You need to be ABSOLUTELY sure you have all the facts and information before dealing the final blow!

Flash: Oh… well I…

Shining Armor: You didn’t read the book, did you?

Flash: No, I didn’t even take a placement test.

Shining Armor: That’s because you’re only a cadet. You take the placement test after a set amount of training time.

Flash: Oh! Okay. So what do I do until then?

Shining Armor: You get ready is what you do. You’ll be taking it at the end of this month. So study up and train harder. *Tosses him “A Book On Being A Royal Guard That You Should Read”* You got a week to memorize it and get ready. Otherwise you can forget becoming a Royal Guard! Got it?!

Flash: *Catches the book* Y-Yes, sir!

Thunderclap: I was able to scrape by it with a C+.

Heavyweight: B- for me.

Shining Armor: Seriously?! You guys needed a LOT more study-time I can tell. I aced it with flying colors! And that was before they switched from the old system to this new one! Anyways, I’m curious about you. What’s your name, Cadet?

Flash: Cadet… Flash! Flash Sentry!

Shining Armor: Flash Sentry, eh? Fine then. I’m Specialist Shining Armor. You’ve already met Second Class Privates Heavyweight and Thunderclap.

Flash: Yeah. We’ve met. So why’d you guys help me anyways?

Thunderclap: Well Shining heard a voice call him and tell him to hurry to the training ground. We just followed.

Heavyweight: We were gonna train ourselves anyway, so we figured we’d help out.

Flash: Well thanks, but I had it under control myself.

Shining Armor: This coming from the guy who we saw get knocked back and forth like a racquetball?

Flash: NRCK! *Sizzles a little and sighs* Okay, fine. You got me.

Shining Armor: Keep in mind about being a Royal Guard, Flash. It’s not just about protecting the lives of the Royal Family, but also looking out for your fellow soldiers. We do our best to make sure the job gets done correctly but with as few casualties as possible! Understand?

Flash:…..*Nods* Yeah, I understand.

Shining Armor: Good, then if you wanna be ready for that placement exam, you’re gonna need to go through some serious dirt to prepare! How about we help out?

Flash: Thanks, but no thanks. What good would I be to the princess if I had to rely on everyone? I’ve had to let somepony show up to save my flank too many times before. If I can’t handle a situation on my own, then I’m as low as the speck of dirt that Prince Blueblood calls me! And I am NOT about to let him be right! So with all due respect, I’m fine on my own.

Shining Armor: *Sigh* You’re just like my sister… Well alright. If you’re serious about it, then fine. Just know that my offer’s still opened. *They walk over to separate parts of the training ground to begin their solo training* Let’s start it up!

SCORE: Hell Prominence (Super Mario Galaxy)…

Over the next week, I continued training either on my own on my down time, went through the various drills that our drill sergeant put me and everypony else through, and studied hard through the manual that Shining Armor gave me. Interesting enough, everything that I was hitting did the same thing that those training dummies did and came to life to hit me back! Needless to say, I got clobbered… a lot. But I was determined to fight back and win on my own. Though I still can’t help but wonder why MY targets were the only ones that were coming to life. Was some unicorn using an animation spell? Were the targets haunted or something?!


Flash: Nrrrgh!!! *Struggles to get up* Sir?! Why am I the only one who’s targets keep doing this to?!


Flash: NGH!!! *Gets up and picks up staff* Sir, YES SIR!!! *Starts again*

My mind was on the fritz. I thought I was gonna lose it just after the first few weeks. It was definitely a lot tougher than I had imagined. But after several days of getting knocked down and chewed out, after every failure, after every body-breakdown, after every dirty meal, and after every hour of making my brain explode, things eventually became clear when something WEIRD happened!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 06 VERSE 04
The Cadet Class is always hard to start off with, but it's the only way to get stronger! Flash learns this as he gets his flank whooped! But then comes a hero!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Drill Sergeant- Ronald Lee Ermey

And once more, a short track! The next one will be starting very soon!

Well THAT was an interesting Pokemon Session!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 10:42 PM

So for my Pokemon OmegaRuby playthrough, I just spent an hour and a half for a session when my power went out spontaneously and a bunch of crazy stuff happened!

1. I encountered a double team of girls named Anna and Meg... Both of my teachers for this term, whom I'm not all that happy with right now are named Anna and Meg... Destroying their Pokemon was quite cathartic for me.

2. Steven shows up out of nowhere and the entire game throws me for a loop when Latias flies us both to an island that looks beautiful with calming music playing and we have a double battle against two Team Magma jerks, one of which talks like a robot, and we kick their butts in 10 seconds flat and I'm rewarded with not only a Mega Bracelet that FINALLY allows me to use Mega Stones, but also... A FREAKING LATIOS! In the original game, Latios and Latias were Legendary Pokemon that you had to chase around to catch AFTER the Elite 4, but now they just GIVE you one of them?! WHAT?! I'm not angry or upset, I'm just startled!

3. Twyggz, my Grovyle finally evolves to a Sceptile! YAY!

4. Guild, my Kirlia keeps trying to evolve into a Gardevoir... I need to find a Dawn Stone and fast!

5. Lots of berries were harvested! SO MANY BERRIES!

6. I rode my bicycle down the bike road and that was fun.

7. For my first catch with a Good Rod, Fiel, my Gardevoir Mega Evolves to take on a Tentacool that had Liquid Ooze as his ability and opens up with a Dazzling Gleam and somehow DOESN'T kill it in one shot. Granted Poison Types are strong against Fairy Types, so I guess that made sense, but anyways it then uses Wrap to grab Fiel and tries to wear her down. To finish it off, I had Fiel use Draining Kiss to regain some health and it says that she sucked up the Liquid Ooze and took damage from it... Didn't see that coming... 

.....Well, guys, I've officially had a Hentai moment happen in my game....with a GARDEVOIR no less! I think it's time to call it a night! YEEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEEE!!!

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  • Reading: Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Pokemon OmegaRuby
  • Eating: Spiced Eggs and Fruit (Needs more Garlic)
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Verse 3

The only thing that he did let me have control over was how well I handled myself in a sparring session with the other cadets. If I lost, he would laugh and insult me. If I won… it didn’t impress him. Then again, I didn’t really want to impress the likes of him anyway. That would’ve only wasted my time. I would rather be one to impress and be useful to Princess Celestia and the rest of her royal family! I guess that’s why I was so determined to stick it out. That AND it was just the first few hours. I couldn’t quit after just a few hours, right?! How stupid would that be?! Still, though, those felt like the longest few hours of my life.

I was SO relieved when we FINALLY got to Canterlot and we got off that airship! Since the Drill Sargent took over for both me and the rest of the cadets, it felt like I was saying goodbye to a horrible foalsitter and taken back by a parent… except in this case both were opposite. We had our lineup as before, and afterwards, we got to be at ease for the first time since we all left on those airships. It was then that yet ANOTHER encounter had happened. Within the crowd of cadets in the meeting area, one single unicorn looked at me from a distance. I looked back and saw him as we both approached with irritation in our eyes. Guess who…

SCORE: Light Vs Darkness (Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes)…

Comet: *Approaches* Unbelievable! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Flash: *Turns to see* You’ve GOTTA be kidding me!



Both: *Stop in front of each other and butt heads* WHAT’RE YOU DOING HERE?!

Flash: Are we REALLY gonna have a repeat of last time?!

Comet: Yeah, déjà vu! I already know why you’re here! You’re going to try and get in my way again!

Flash: Don’t flatter yourself! I’ve been done chasing after you a long time ago! I’m here for ME! Not YOU!

Comet: Oh yeah, right! Come here to impress MOMMY!

Flash: Isn’t that what you’re still trying to do for DADDY!

Comet: Shut your trap! I’m here on my business too! So-

Flash: That’s fine! And I already know full well of what you’re going to say! And this time, I want to say it!

Both: STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!! *Sparks fly and collide from each other’s eyes* HMPH! *Walk past each other*

Comet: Figures the last line would have him it before the end!

Flash: HE signed up to become a Royal Guard?! How did he even get here?! Princess Celestia should’ve remembered him before even allowing him to fill out any application, let alone approving it and letting him into the academy!

Thunderclap: Well THAT was interesting...

Heavyweight: Whoa… Shining. You saw that?!

[SHINING ARMOR- Andrew Francis]

Shining Armor: How could I miss? They were pretty loud. And I’m just gonna guess that they don’t like each other very much. *Walks over to Flash* Hey! Buddy! What was that all about?!

Flash: They’re called “BIG STINKING BROTHERS!” I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them!

Shining Armor: Well I kinda AM one…so...

Flash: *Looks at Shining Armor through the corner while rubbing his head* Hmm…. *Sigh* Sorry. I didn’t mean anything against you. I’m just really agitated right now. Excuse me. *Walks away to the combat training coarse* I need to blow off some steam.

Shining Armor: Huh… Was it something I said?

Flash: *On his way there* Well, at least one thing’s for sure, this is going to be a LOT more interesting than I thought!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 06 VERSE 03
The return of Comet Tail! After a year of not seeing his face, he pokes it out once more to get in Flash's way! But what could it be for?! Also, the introduction to the Chief!


Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis

Sorry, I meant to get this out earlier, but there was a power outage, so I ended up killing time by playing Pokemon OmegaRuby for a while.
Verse 2

So from then on, my training would get an early warm-up. Before the airship even landed, I was subjected to some humility training courtesy of Prince Blueblood. You would think that the Drill Sargent would be the one doing that, but no, for some reason the prince wanted to deal with me personally. And let me tell you something, he treated me like a total wench! At some point even, he acted as the minister of my very first wedding. The bride in question was the floor.

Blueblood: Come here, Dirt Speck.

Flash: You called, your highness?

Blueblood: Tell me, is this what you call a thorough cleaning?

Flash: It looks like one to me, sir. Is there a spot I missed?

Blueblood: Yes. It’s right here. *Points at the floor*

Flash: Hmm?

Blueblood: Look closer.

Flash: I still don’t see it, sir.

Blueblood: Closer, boy.

Flash: *Squints and sees a practically microscopic speck of dirt on the floor* Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me…

Blueblood: Indeed not, colt. How fitting that a speck of dirt would leave a part of himself lying around. *Levitates it up and puts it in his mane* Keep a better eye on your pieces. I don’t need you making a mess of MY vessel!

Flash: *Annoyed* Y-Yes, sir…

Blueblood: I saw that look in your eye, boy. I won’t be having insubordination either!

Flash: *Flinches* Ngh… Sorry, sir!

Blueblood: Hmph! Hmm… Look down for me.

Flash: Down? *Looks down* Did I miss another one?

Blueblood: No. I just want you to tell me what you see.

Flash: I see the main deck’s floor, sire. It has rather nice looking designs painted on it.

Blueblood: I concur. So you like it, do you?

Flash: I guess so, yeah. Why?

Blueblood: Do you love it?

Flash: Well… sure?

Blueblood: Then why don’t you marry it?

Flash: M-Marry it?!

Blueblood: *Puts his hoof on Flash’s head and forces his face to the floor again* You may now KISS THE BRIDE!!!


Blueblood: I now pronounce you Floor and Colt. Now don’t let me find anymore dirt on my ship again! Do you understand?!

Flash:*Looks up and is dizzy* Y-Yes, sir…

Heavyweight: Dude, you alright?

Thunderclap: I think he likes you.

Flash: *Gets up and shakes head* Ugh… Well he’s too late for that. I just got married… *Walks away with a really irritated look on his face*

I won’t complain about the chores he made me do. They weren’t too different than the stuff Mom made me do at home, though when he was overseeing it all, I always had that creepy feeling that he was just waiting for that ONE SPLIT SECOND that I would do SOMETHING wrong so he could punish me harshly for! When he wasn’t hovering over me that was the closest thing I got to a breather. Not to mention all the times he would have everypony laugh at me. I’m not gonna go into details on how bad each time was. That’ll take forever.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 06 VERSE 02
What have I just done?! Now everyone is gonna ship Flash with the floor! FlashXFloor Original OTP Donutsteel! 

:iconangrytwilightplz: WHAT?!



Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Track 6- Dimming Light In The Academy

Verse 1

Twilight: There are two ways that have been recorded to work. One is a set of artificial wings given by doctors since ancient times that have since been upgraded for more useful functionality.

Shining Armor: Yeah, I remember how Heavyweight got his but we don’t have any supplies for that.

Twilight: The other way, however, is something we can do! But it will be very tricky! It requires the feathers of either a strong Pegasus or any Alicorn. It also takes a LOT of magic to do. It was developed by Dr. Amp Atom for this purpose!

Cadence: He’s one of Flash’s most trusted friends, so this has to work! But do we have enough magic after all this?

Shining Armor: There’s you two, both Celestia and Luna, me…. *Looks back once more* And you. Care to lend a hoof?

Blueblood: I can lend you my right flank so you can kiss it, boy! Whatever you want my help with, the answer is NO!

Shining Armor: *Throbbing vain* RRGH! Oh, so you DON’T want to help your son, who after all you’ve put him and his loved ones through, is risking his life for you!? So you DON’T want to actually be useful for the first time in your stinking life?!


Shining Armor: He’s trying to save you despite all the pain he’s gone through because of you! Wouldn’t you at least care enough to help even a little?!

Blueblood: I can’t tell what’s worse. The fact that I might die from all this, or the fact that I can’t plug my ears to block out your constant yelling!

Shining Armor:……FORGET IT! I don’t care if you’re Cadence’s cousin! I don’t care if you’re Flash’s father or Celestia’s nephew! I personally think that Flash is wasting his time and energy on you! But… even as a prince and his mentor, I have no place to say because I’m THANKFULLY not close enough in the bloodlines to get in the middle of his problems with you. Stay there and rot for all I care. I have my family to protect! *Increases the shield’s power* How’s he looking?

Twilight: He’s still breathing. Thank goodness! But we need Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to be here!

Shining Armor: Well I don’t know about you two, but I think I’m done playing on the defense side! I’ll be able to keep up the shield from a distance. Are you two with me?

Twilight: Yeah! Don’t worry, Flash. We’ll be back soon. We’ll even be able to make you fly again!

Cadence: While we’re gone, how about you say a few things, Blueblood? Maybe you two can finally have that long waited father-son bonding moment.


Shining Armor: Forget it. Just like that maniac over there, there’s pretty much no reasoning with him. Let’s go!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 06 VERSE 01
Using the brilliance of Amp Atom's combination of magic and science, the Royal Family plans to use their magic to restore Flash's ability to fly...and of course his ability to live! Where would this rock star be without his Amp?!


Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Princess Cadence- Britt McKillip
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong

:iconflashsentry: My prince, my mentor, and my friend… You have NO IDEA how right you are! Whether it be to get them to listen to good advice, get them to make the right decisions to help others and not just themselves, or just getting them to leave you alone, there truly is no reasoning with them. Deep inside, a part of me wished for them to not leave me alone, but instead stay with me and be my family. However, a much louder part of me just tells me that it is best to let the swine roll in their filth, whether they see it that way or not! At least that’s how my friend Advent would put it.

Verse 10

The rest of the trip was pretty much as smooth and as pleasant as you’d imagine it after you just unknowingly met your father for the first time and he planted your face to the floor. Wow, barely ten minutes passed and I went from a warm farewell to a cold greeting. Trust me; there have been few times when I just wanted to hit him back for that. But yeah, that wasn’t happening. The idea is to protect and serve the Royal Family, even if one of them happens to be a big jerk. Some of the other cadets stepped to me occasionally to speak with me about it. I couldn’t think of anything to answer them with, so instead, I asked some questions.

Flash: Hmm? Who are you?


Thunderclap: Hi, the name’s Thunderclap. And this here’s Heavyweight.  

Flash: Okay. So can I help you or something?

[HEAVYWEIGHT- Roger Craig Smith]

Heavyweight: Not really. We were just wondering if you were alright.

Flash: Sure. Why wouldn’t I be?

Heavyweight: Huh. Looks like the first test barely fazed ‘em!

Flash: Test? You mean the prince losing his head on mine was just a test?!

Thunderclap: From a bit of experience, I remember that every New Year of recruitment, at least one newcomer to the Academy gets a formal initiation. And by that, I mean that Prince Blueblood comes personally to try and berate or humiliate a new recruit.

Heavyweight: Yeah, though he’s never really gotten physical like that before. What did you do, kill his pet gerbil?

Flash: Of course not! I wouldn’t do that! And that was the first time I’ve met him, in fact that’s the first time I’ve even known he existed! Whatever problem he has with me is not my fault!

Thunderclap: Maybe it was the way you bowed.

Flash: What was wrong with it? It’s the way I bowed to everypony I met formally, even Princess Celestia!

Thunderclap: Maybe that’s the problem. He didn’t like that you bowed to him like that. Maybe he expected you to bow to him more like how we did. Y’see, he has REALLY high standards! You need to be more careful when it comes to him. He ain’t Princess Celestia, that’s for sure.

Flash: How are they even related?! He’s nothing like her! Other than a couple similar features, they’re like polar opposites! She was nice, caring, and understanding. Him on the other hoof, from what I’ve had the displeasure of meeting, is just a pain!

Thunderclap: Ya might wanna keep those thoughts like that to yourself! You could spark up some trouble!

Flash: Oh yeah? Like what? His “Royal Highness” is gonna get his mane in a bunch?!

Blueblood: *Standing right behind him* I certainly hope for your sake you don’t have any meaning behind those air quotes when addressing my stature!

Flash:…….*Turns around*……..

Blueblood: Well? Have you anything SMART to say, dirt speck?!

Flash: Nothing… Except that I’m conflicted.

Blueblood: As if I would care! And for speaking out like that, you can spend the rest of the trip cleaning the ENTIRE airship! Make it SPOTLESS! Got it?! *Walks away*

Flash:…….*Deep breath* Yes, your majesty… (He sounds like Mom on a bad day…)

Heavyweight: We tried to warn ya! He’s not like some cranky school teacher! He’s a Canterlot Prince and overseer of the Royal Guard’s activities! You can’t be mouthing off like that!

Flash:…..I got it…. Wanna stick around and help?

Thunderclap: No way, buddy. This is your mess, so you clean it up! I’m going before I say or do something stupid too!

Heavyweight: Later, kiddo!

SCORE: Starry Story (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)…

Flash: *Sigh* Figures… I guess I’ll be going at this alone. This is gonna be a LONG training course… Can’t wait to get started… NO! You know what? Fine then! If fulfilling my destiny for Princess Celestia means having to go through more of this, then bring it, Prince Blueblood! Bring it, Drill Sargents! Bring it ANYPONY that’s gonna stand in my way! I’ve dealt with much worse than this! And once I DO become a guard, you’ll have to rely on the likes of this “dirt speck”! I’ll show you! I’ll show all of you!

Thunderclap: He sounds excited…

Heavyweight: Yeah, almost reminds me of Shining Armor.

I had to psyche myself up since I was in for a rough ride through this academy once the airship finally made it to Canterlot. "Without my friends or family to back me up this time, I was literally going in this alone. But from what I’ve learned in my past years, as a guard, I am not ever alone! It’s me and those that I swear to defend against my enemy! Or in a better case, It’s me, my fellow guards, AND said client! I’ll just need to get used to these new experiences is all. How hard could that be, right?" That’s what I thought at first, though that was nothing compared to what was in store for me when got there. It’s NEVER that easy!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 05 VERSE 10
You thought Blueblood was a jerk in the Season 1 Finale? PFFT! Yeah...right! So yeah, this ends Track 5! So now we're gonna go on another year-long hiatus, right? HECK NO! We're just moving on is all! I've got PLENTY of stuff to continue on! I just didn't want this Track to go on for too long like the last one! So now you can look forward to the adventures of the new Cadet! How will Flash handle this new life in what's basically his very own boot camp?! Well, you'll just have to find out! But first, BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Verse 9

SCORE: O'Chunks, Warrior (Super Paper Mario)…

All the other new recruits boarded the airship and we were all ready to depart. I waved once more to my friends and family as we flew away as they were cheering for me from below. Once I couldn’t see them anymore, I looked to the other new cadets. I didn’t recognize any of them, so I had to be careful of how to approach this. Though when I did, I wasn’t met with the best reception. Most of them wanted to keep to themselves. It was obvious that NONE of them were from Ponyville. Ponyville’s citizens were known for being the kind of people who just stretch their front hooves out to welcome anyone. These guys, not so much… And then came in yet another surprise, though this one wasn’t as pleasant as the last one.

Drill Sargent: ALRIGHT, FILLIES! LINE IT UP! *They all lineup side to side and he looks at each one of them with a rather stern look* NOW! You’re all probably thinking that you’re some kinds of big-shots now that you’re all out of school, right?! Well, let me tell you right now that you’re NOT! Leaving that school was a big mistake that you were forced to make! Because now not a SINGLE HOOF will be held! As soon as you filled out that paper, you’ve just dedicated yourselves to the sworn duty of protecting the Royal Family of Equestria! And as soon as you step off this airship, you will be hitting the pavement! HARD! One way or another!  DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!




Drill Sargent: And just as a visual aid, a member of the Royal Family has come to grace us with his presence! SO ALL BOW IN LOYAL RESPECTS TO THE RENOWNED DUKE AND PRINCE BLUEBLOOD!

Flash: (Aren’t a duke and a prince supposed to be two different classes?)

SCORE: Bizet-L'Arlesienne Second Suite Farandole [The Empireo] (Catherine)…

Blueblood: *Steps through the doors from the airship’s captain room and onto the deck with the lineup of cadets bowing to their knees, though sees Flash just bowing with his head down, but he not on his knees like everypony else* Hmph! What a disgusting bunch these all are! Drill Sargent! Rise!

Drill Sargent: Yes, your highness! *Rises to his hooves*

Blueblood: What sort of soldiers are this Legion Ball supposed to be?! Honestly, I’ve seen old folk that have more worth and potential! *Sees Flash in a different pose* Hmm? Drill Sargent. Back on your knees! *Sees him back down* You there! *Walks over to Flash* Tell me, cadet! What is your name? I wish to know it so I can add it to my list. Humor me.

Flash: *Salutes* Sir! Cadet Flash Sentry, Sir!

Blueblood: Flash Sentry? *Eyes burst opened in shock with a slight change of color and he regains his calm look quickly* Very well then. Tell me this then, Sentry! Why are you not all the way to the ground?

Flash: Ngh! Sorry-er… My apologies, sir. I just-

Blueblood: I don’t want to hear it, I simply want to see it! And by it, I mean your face kissing the deck! NOW!

Flash: Eep! R-Righ- ACK! *Gets his face pushed to the deck by Blueblood’s hoof* OOF!!!

Blueblood: Hmph! That will teach you respect! You don’t bow to me like I’m a formal stallion in a suit! You bow to me as if I was your almighty lord and master! UNDERSTOOD?!

Flash: MPH! (WHAT?! I thought the Royal Family was supposed to be nicer than THIS!)

Blueblood: I’ll take that as a “Yes”. *Takes his hoof off him and walks back* Pitiful foal!

Flash: *Springs back up and is dizzy* Uuuuh…. *Shakes head* (What was THAT all about?! I mean, sure. I’m supposed to be tough and take that, but we haven’t even gotten to the academy yet! Calm down, Flash. It’s probably just a test. And I think I might’ve passed it by not trying to strike out at him. He is one of the members of the Royal Family after all. It would go against my status quo if I were to even think of it! But at the same time, something about this guy seems a bit off. As if I should know him, but this is the first time I’ve ever met him. Who is Prince Blueblood?!)

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 05 VERSE 09
HEEEERE'S DADDY! And a first impression...on the floor.


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Drill Sargent- Ronald Lee Ermey
Royal Guards- Andrew Francis
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong 

Persona 4 The Animation [SPOILER FREE]

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 3:35 PM

If you've been following me for a bit recently, you would know that I've decided to give the Persona series of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise a try, mainly with Persona 4! Out of all the games in the Persona series, it has the most interesting story with the best music, characters, style, and most of all, writing! I wanted to get into the series via the games, but I hardly find the time to play JRPG's anymore, but fortunately, the story of the game was made into a 26 episode anime for those who don't have time for the game to enjoy. 

An anime adaptation of a video game? Well, depending on who you ask, you'll get mixed responses from them...but in terms of this one, you can say I call this one a win! It does a great job of telling the story in the right way, bringing the action scenes to life, keeping things interesting, and all the while, watering down the scenes from the game so that it keeps the ball rolling in an even pace! Not many adaptations can get away with watering down scenes while still making them good, if not BETTER! After all, it IS a turn-based RPG being brought to life in full animation.

The biggest thing about this anime is that its characters are some of the best that I've seen in the categories of both main and supporting casts! There were legitimate scenes that made me love the characters involved more and more there were even scenes that were so well written and the characters involved were so well developed that I literally had tears build up when watching them... THIS FREAKING ANIME MADE ME CRY! TWICE!!! If you can do that while still keeping me entertained, then you got me!

Beautiful animation, awesome music straight from the Persona series, colorful and lovable characters, moments that made me laugh, moments that actually got me to cry... Everything about this anime was excellent! I loved it all! Persona 4 The Animation gets my seal of approval! If I had one... I cannot recommend it enough! If you're wanting to get into the series, already into it but haven't seen the anime yet, or for those who just wanna see an awesome anime with great writing and symbolism, then check this anime out!  

  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Persona 4 Music
  • Reading: Daring Do and the Forbidden City Of Clouds
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Pokemon OmegaRuby
  • Eating: Spiced Eggs and Fruit (Needs more Garlic)
  • Drinking: Apple Cider

SonEminoKami asks: So far in the Equestria Games set he made a background appearance on a Mane Character card of Princess Cadance, so who wants to see Flash Sentry become a card in the My Little Pony CCG? 

15 deviants said Yes! So I can add him to my deck and WRECK SOME SHIT UP WITH HIM!!!
1 deviant said No! I don't want him to get added to a discard pile! It would hurt too much!!!


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What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?
What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?
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What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
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Buttons & Stamps

FlashLight Fan Button by CiityNights Princess Cadence Fan Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox Princess Celestia Fan Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox Princess Luna Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Commission: King Sombra Fan Button by AceRome Snowdrop stamp by ShinyWhiteWaters
Gardevoir Fan Button by TheGreatPikminZX Nights Into Dreams Stamp 2 by laprasking
Stamp: Blue Intelligence by nightsfan Stamp: Yellow Hope by nightsfan Stamp: Red Bravery by nightsfan Stamp: White Purity by nightsfan Stamp: Green Wisdom by nightsfan


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