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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


Hard to miss, pal!
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 5:10 PM
Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
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My Adopted Children by Author-Bat-Pegasus
My Adopted Children
Left To Right

EDIT: Will be updating whenever new adopts come in! Most recent was "Lumberjack" by :iconsakya-chan:

Youmu, Lucheng, Advent Playwright, Dream Vania, Pure Wing, Corona, Varender Balisong, Pen Knife

Indigo Wave, French Vanilla, Air Roma, Venoshock, Chibi Varender

Musical Number, Lil' Ditty, Quasar, Haywire

Spirit Bow, Euphrosyne, Moonlit Spark (Filly), Moonlit Spark (Mare), Twinkle, Shooting Star LEO, Lumberjack Static Surge aka "B-52"

If only I could remember all of the people I adopted these from. I can remember a few, but if you see this, you know who you are. Thank you very much.

Rest In Peace, Freckles

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 11:24 AM

I don't have a photo of her. Sorry about that. If I did, I would show you all, but please bear with me. I'm sorry if this one's a little long.

I want to address a good friend of mine. She wasn't my pet, but she was still a loving friend. Her name was Freckles, a dog belonging to a married couple in my neighborhood who hired me as their go-to dog walker for both of their dogs, Freckles and Lucian. 

For over two years, about half the time that I've spent living in this peaceful little village, I've helped walk and train these two dogs. They were both very well behaved and loving of each other and any others around us, human or otherwise. Freckles especially. She was young, kind, full of energy (and urine), and was one of the best friends I've ever made.

Even though they were my clients, we still became friends with each other. Their owners were also happy of that. They loved their dog very much, but one day, I found Freckles in their back yard limping on one front leg. The other was badly hurt and nobody knew why. Not even the vets could figure it out. 

The vets tried to heal her and put a cast on her broken leg, but unfortunately, there was something else wrong with her. We still don't know what it was, but it was most likely what did it. In the meantime, I was just waiting for a call from their owners and wouldn't get one for a little over a week.

Finally, I got a call this morning to ask if I could walk their other dog, Lucian. I was happy to hear from them again, but was then told the bad news about Freckles. Everyone is devastated right now, myself included. But if there's one thing that I know for sure it's that no matter how sad I am about this, it's nothing compared to how sad the owners and Lucian are. They have lost a cherished companion. I can only imagine the kind of pain they're going through right now. It's a sad reality that we pet owners have to accept sometimes. 

I'm praying for my neighbors to get through this hard time. Losing a pet is always tragic. I only ask that you all do the same. I won't give the owner's names to respect their peaceful privacy, but I still ask that you guys pray for them. I'm sure they would appreciate it greatly. I know I would. 

Always remember to love your pet. You won't have them forever. As painful as it is, it's the truth.

Rest In Peace, Freckles. The Father in Heaven is taking good care of you now. You're not in pain anymore. Be a good girl for him.

  • Mood: Sympathy
  • Listening to: Persona 4 Music
  • Reading: Daring Do and the Forbidden City Of Clouds
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Eating: Spiced Eggs and Fruit (Needs more Garlic)
  • Drinking: Apple Cider
Verse 6

SCORE: Mantis Hymn (Metal Gear Solid)…

Flash:……Did… Did that just… happen?!

Ghost: Hmm… Huuuuh…. *Looks down at Flash, who is in shock* Can you feel that, boy? That is despair.

Flash: But… But… *Hears static feedback from his helmet* Rrgh!

Amp Atom: Flash?! Flash! What’s going on?! *Statics* Respond! *Fades out* FLAAAAASH!!!

Flash: I… I just… They all just died?! Like that?! But… How?! Amp… Amp?! AMP!!! *Looks at his projection from his helm’s node and sees that the blizzard has taken out his signal* No… No way…

Ghost: Indeed. It appears that you are all alone now. Do you wish to return to your home? Or rather, your place of origin?

Flash:….*Teeth grit and he glares at the ghost* You… Who do you think you are?! ANSWER ME! WHO THE DEVIL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!

Ghost: Do you truly wish to know? Then look over there?

Flash: *Looks to where the opening is* Huh?!

Ghost: Go into that opening into the caverns and all will become clear. Or… you can stay out here and be devoured by me!

Flash:…..Why are you-?!

Ghost: Because I want this to be enjoyable! Go there now! I will be with you every step of the way… Huhuhuhuhuhuhuh...

Flash:…*Looks at the frozen bodies of his comrades*…I… I’m sorry… I thought this would’ve… brought us together as comrades… maybe even friends… but I just…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 06 2/2
Now, lost in the blizzard, the lonely captain must face this sadistic wraith by himself... Does he even stand a chance?


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Ghost- "Big" Jim Miller
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 6

{VENGEANCE} For The Remnants! FIGHT!  
Flash Sentry VS. Ghost
SCORE: The Only Thing I Know For Real (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

WINDIGO- The giant blizzard wraith moves quickly throughout the enclosed arena, breathing ice-breath to freeze whatever is in a straight path, the ground included, conjuring hailstorms, splitting apart into several other wraiths that circle around the two soldiers, and bringing the wind to his horn to create icy tornadoes. His weakness is his horn, however, Flash can only see the opening in his shield using Amp Atom’s thermal visor.

FLASH SENTRY- Flash’s abilities are just as they were before, but now given new additions to his vision thanks to Amp Atom’s upgrades to his armor. He has to utilize them to not only predict incoming attacks, but also find certain focal points in which to direct his attacks. He also has the help of the Crystal Unicorn Guard, Steel, who acts on his own with strong lance lunges and constantly forging spears from out of the ground and launching them at the enemy. He moves quickly and dodges adequately, but once enough damage is done to the enemy’s horn, the only thing that can happen next is that Steel ends up getting frozen. Imagine how it goes as you will.

SCORE: War Has Changed (Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots)…

Flash: Steel! We can’t keep fighting like this! We gotta- *Sees him jump up and fly at the ghost* STEEL?!


Flash: He didn't even listen! What the heck is he doing?! LT. STEEL!!!


Ghost: *Grins* Heh!

Amp Atom: Oh dear! Flash! The ghost! He's going to-!

Steel: DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *Attempts to strike at the horn, but gets blown by an icy wind, struck down by a painful barrage of hail, and then frozen in ice with his spirit floating in midair* AAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!

Flash: NOOOO!!!

Ghost: Hmph! Pathetic, just like the rest of your family…*Eats the spirit and inhales the ones from Flash’s other comrades* RRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Huhuhuhuh… Didn’t stand… a ghost of a chance!

Flash:.........*Stares in horror*......No.....

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 06 1/2
That feeling you get when you think you're doing something good and then all of a sudden, your entire team gets frozen and eaten alive and you're facing the monster in an inescapable situation... 


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Lieutenant Steel- Travis Willingham 
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Ghost- "Big" Jim Miller
Verse 5

SCORE: Might Makes Right (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

Flash: *Element of Justice glows beneath his chest-plate* Alright… Here we go! *Spear begins to spark* Everypony STOP!!! MANA PHOSPHORA!!! *Shoots a lightning bolt upwards towards the clouds above and it creates a reaction in the blizzard, splitting it apart and getting everyone’s attention, even the Windigoes back up from it* That’s enough! All of you back up immediately! And don’t make me have to kick your flanks back because I WILL if I do! *Sees them not move and stabs his spear into the ground, sending another bolt upwards* THAT’S AN ORDER! So help me, I will save the Windigoes the trouble and take you all down myself for your insubordination! *Sees them get scared and back up nervously*…..(Was that too much?) *Turns to the Windigoes* I demand to see your leader, apparitions! And you will bring him to me!

My spear was sparking as I saw both groups paused nervously. A part of me was feeling pretty bad about it, but I had to keep it together and keep pressing on with what I was doing. I couldn’t afford to lose their attention here. It was time to put on a show. After all, that was my specialty.

Guard: Is he crazy?!

Ominous Voice: *Speaks with an ominous echo* I see…

Inner Voice: That voice… Oh great, so he’s still here…

Flash: Huh?! *Eyes flicker like lights as he looks up to the Windigoes* What was that?! Hmm?

Ominous Voice: Come to me, Windigoes…

Flash: *Sees the Windigoes fly back to their focal point around a lone piece on the ground and calls up Amp Atom* Amp, are you seeing this?

Amp Atom: Is that a thorn of some kind? No wait, not a thorn… but a horn!

Flash: Doesn’t look like any horn I’ve ever seen before… But looking at it…

Amp Atom: It definitely looks like something of a horn… but what creature would have one like that?

Flash: I… I…

Amp Atom: Flash?

Flash: *Remembers a dark shadow appearing before him with the shape of a horn much like it when he took on his mission in the clouds and during his battle with Prince Blueblood* What the heck?!

Ghost: *The Windigoes circle around and form into the horn until it takes shape of a large icy cloud with an intimidating face* Huhuhuhuh… RRAGH!!!

Flash: NGH!!! Who or what are you?! *Sees the guards trembling in fear* What’s up with them?!

Amp Atom: Flash, are you sure calling out for their leader was a good idea?

Flash: I am starting to wonder. But I can’t back down now! *Points spear at the manifestation* Identify yourself!

Ghost: Hmm? *Looks down on Flash and then to the guards and grins* Huuuh… Now why would I do that? You all should already know who I am!

Guard: It’s… him…

Guard: The king… But…

Flash: King? *Looks back to them and then forward to the enemy* Wait… Amp. That history book said something about a dreaded king before the chief and the princess took over, right?

Amp Atom: Yes! But none dare speak his name, as it is said.

Flash: I’m sure he would.

Amp Atom: But we can’t worry about that now! You have to get past him and finish the mission!

Flash: But he’s in our way! Shouldn’t I deal with him first?

Amp Atom: I’m not sure that’s an option, Flash! This guy is supposed to be dead and I don’t think he’d be fazed by the Lightning Spear since he’s a ghost. His otherworldly form will make him invulnerable to your attacks!

Flash: How do you know?

Amp Atom: I know because I’m seeing the readings of your comrades! They’re afraid and full of despair! That negative energy is flowing into that manifestation!

Flash: What?!

Amp Atom: Fighting him is impossible! He’s already become too strong!

Ghost: So… I see… This was over before it began… Then turn to ice and give your spirits to me!

Flash: Then what do I do?!

Amp Atom: Retreat! You have to retreat!

Flash: What?! No way!

Amp Atom: Flash! Think of your comrades! Between them and the ever spawning Windigoes feeding that thing, he’s already become too much for both you and your team!

Flash: But- *Hears a swift movement and sees a dark blur fly up to the horn and strikes it* Huh?!

SCORE: Ready Aim Fire (Imagine Dragons)…


Ghost: AAAAGH!!!!

Flash: Whoa!

Amp Atom: Who was that?! Was that Lieutenant Steel?!

Angry Guard: *Appears as a dark blue crystal unicorn with large chin-hair, a single lance, and cladded in glimmering armor* Why… Why am I always surrounded by such idiotic cowards?!

Flash: What the-?! Soldier?!

[STEEL- Travis Willingham]

Steel: Captain… If I can really call you that… All of you have to go now!

Flash: How did you do that?!

Steel: There is no cold that can compare… Dreaded King… I thought I’d never see you again… I thought that after the Crystal Heart destroyed you that you would be gone forever! But you have returned now… Oh how long I have dreamt of the day I would be able to see you again… Oh, how long I have PRAYED for the chance to take my revenge on you!

Ghost: Hmm? Haaaaah….

Steel: And now I see you standing before me… here and now… At long last, my prayers have been answered… Now I have my chance… TO KILL YOU MYSELF!!!

Flash: Wait! Don’t be stupid!

Amp Atom: Flash, it appears that there might be a weak spot in the cold shield! Lt. Steel seems to have found it!

Steel: Yes, so why don’t you add that to the novice’s vision? That way he might actually be useful in case I fail here.

Flash: Hey! Who are you calling “Novice”?!

Amp Atom: Oh! Of course! *Updates Flash’s Visor*

Steel: Now all of you stand back! I will handle this alone!

Flash: Like Tartarus, you will! If you’re going to fight, then work with me!

Steel: Don’t get involved, novice! This is my fight!

Flash: What was that?!

Ghost: It matters not… *Charges at them both, misses, and hits the group behind them and freezes them*

Flash: AAGH!!! Guys!

Steel: Idiots. They should have moved!

Flash: You know, you’re a real piece of work!

Steel: You have no idea…

Ghost: *Acts to freeze the air around to create an arena within the blizzard that can’t be flown over, can’t be broken, and can’t be escaped from even with magic* Now you’re mine…

Flash: RRGH!!!

Steel: Some leader you are!

Flash: Hey! I’m trying, you jerk!

Amp Atom: Flash! Steel! Stop your arguing at once and focus! Your comrades just got frozen!

Flash: Dang it… Okay, plan B!

Steel: And that is…?

Flash: Uh… Amp?

Amp Atom: No other option! Fight back now! Target his horn through the moving openings in the cold shield and attack!

Ghost: I see… Interesting strategy… Carry it out then… if you can!

Flash: Care to dance, “Lieutenant”?

Steel: Whatever, just stay out of my way, “Captain”!

Amp Atom: Oh boy…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 05
Here's one more shout-out to :iconmoonsong18: for letting me use one of her characters for this next little arc in the story! Thank you SO much, Jay! I hope you like this! And now we're introduced to a new that I've been waiting a LONG time to get to! You have no idea!


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Ominous Ghost- "Big" Jim Miller
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Crystal Empire Royal Guards- Various Voices
Lieutenant Steel- Travis Willingham 
Verse 4

SONG: A Soul Can’t Be Cut [INSTRUMENTAL] (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

Stepping into the fray, I tried to get the other soldiers to listen to me, but to no avail. They weren’t listening to anything I was saying and just recklessly rushing towards our target and enemies as if they wanted to get their flanks frozen! It’s as if they didn’t care about living anymore. I contacted Amp to see if he could give me any ideas. As always, he did. I had to multitask between talking to him and trying to keep my comrades from getting frozen and beaten down.

Amp Atom: Flash, what’s the matter?

Flash: They’re still not responding. It’s as if I’m talking to moving statues! Some of them are already getting frozen and the enemy’s not letting up!

Amp Atom: If they’re frozen, they’re still alive, but are in great danger! But just the fact that they got frozen that quickly means that their hearts are still cold to begin with.

Flash: But what can I do?! I’m trying to save them, but they’re resisting at every turn! I tried everything from being calm to yelling at them, but nothing’s working!

Amp Atom: Actions speak louder than words, Flash.

Flash: I’ve tried holding them off, but all they did was run past me or hit me to get away! They have no idea what they’re doing!

Amp Atom: They’ve been blinded by the dark and cold… and it seems that they have yet to recover… Flash, I don’t think there is any way to save them unless they get exposed to a little light!

Flash: Light? What do you mean?

Amp Atom: Let me tell you a little something, Flash. Before you and I first met, I had lost my faith in most of others. My brother and I were treated horribly in our early years, my father met a tragic death, and before I became a student of Princess Celestia’s nopony even gave a flying feather for what I had to say.

Flash: What about Sunset Shimmer?

Amp Atom: That was after the fact. She was the only one who had any appreciation for extended knowledge. But even then, she wasn’t too trusting of others, including me. And to be honest, I didn’t trust anypony that much either. But then you came along…

Flash: I remember. It was in the library back in Trottingham.

Amp Atom: Yes. That day, you not only saved me and showed me a kind of generosity that nopony other than the princess ever showed me, but you reignited something in my heart. It felt like a lightning bolt that came out of the sky and lit everything up around me, melting the ice that was in my heart!

Flash: Really… Huh… Well I’m glad I could help, Amp!

Amp Atom: *Mumbles under his breath* It’s because of that that I gave up on my initial aspirations of taking over the world with an iron hoof…

Flash: What was that, Amp?

Amp Atom: N-Nothing! What I’m getting at here is that perhaps that’s something you can do. The guards are lost in a blizzard both in the environment and in their minds. You have to get their attention and become that light!

Flash: Light… A lightning bolt, huh? It always seems to come back to lightning.

Amp Atom: Then you should already know what to do! This is where your specialty will come into play! Get their attention and see if you can get them to pull back. Force them if you have to!

Flash: Yeah! Time to light up this storm! Thanks, Amp!

Amp Atom: Good luck, Flash! *Signs off*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 04
Flash can always count on Amp to give him the right advice and encouragement! No matter what the situation is! But how is Flash gonna deal with this little problem?


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 3

With me in the lead, we took off to the Frozen North as directed by Amp Atom and Quicksilver. I remembered this feeling of going out on a mission to parts unknown with a team, only this time, I was the leader. I felt a chilling thrill move through my bones as if a heroic theme was playing for us… Oh wait! In any case, as we went out, I tried communicating with the other guards, however, still couldn’t get them to talk to me and I doubt it’s because they couldn’t hear me over the sounds of our run.

All I could think was “What is with these guys?!” as we continued on.  It felt like they wouldn’t even know how to crack a smirk! But anyways, we made it to the Crystal Mountains up north and took a look-out to see what was up ahead. It was then that all of a sudden, I head some strange sound coming from my helmet. If I had to describe it, it kind of sounded like beeping or ringing. I felt around the helmet until I felt something strange on it and pressed it with my hoof. Then suddenly an image of Amp Atom appears in front of me and starts talking like a movie projection!

SCORE: Theme Of Tara (Metal Gear)…

Flash: HUH?!

Amp Atom: Greetings, Flash!

Flash: Amp?! What are you doing here?! I thought you were back at the Empire!

Amp Atom: I am! I’m projecting myself to you and talking to you in real-time! And since I am, it’s obvious that you’ve figured out how to answer the call. Allow me to introduce to you the AA-CODEC! (Double A Codec) Writing letters is fine and all, but in the midst of an intense situation, a letter just can’t move fast enough to the recipient! And after last time when I nearly got killed by that impostor of you, I had a thought: “Why not make something that can tell the real Flash apart from any pretenders!?” And thus, with the combination of my magic and science, I was once again able to create something to accommodate that epiphany!

Flash: So what you’re saying is…

Amp Atom: We’ll be able to talk to each other while you’re on your missions and out of range for face-to-face conversation! I’ll be able to assist you from anywhere since my horn is connected to the AA-CODEC Node that I implanted into your helmet!

Flash: Huh, not bad! I gotta get one of these for Mom and First Base!

Amp Atom: With a little time, I can have the prototype that you’re wearing produced into copies, but that’s an endeavor for another day! In the meantime, we have a mission to accomplish. I’m switching to front-side visual! Look around so I can get a good view!

Flash: Okay… *Looks around and up ahead, there are some ghastly figures floating around in circles above a certain spot in the distance* Are those the Windigoes you were talking about?

Amp Atom: Ah, yes! The very same! Spooky creatures, aren’t they?

Flash: Kind of hard to tell from here.

Amp Atom: Then you’ll be happy to know that I applied a scope for your helmet node as well! I call it “AA-FLASHVISION”!

Flash: What? *Presses on the node again to pull up an orange ocular visor over his eyes* Whoa! This is just like one of those spy movies! How are you making all of these!?

Amp Atom: Don’t question brilliance, Flash! Just take it as the evolution of Equestrian technology! Sooner or later, you’ll be seeing these sorts of things on store shelves! But for now, they’re just prototypes and you’re my guinea pig!

Flash: I should feel so special… oh well, I trust you! Okay, so how do I get a better visual here?

Amp Atom: Just toggle through the controls with your mind. When worn, the helmet is linked to your brain and is reading its waves! Here’s an idea! Get a better look in the blizzard with “Night-Vision”!

Flash: *Imagines a night-vision visor and it happens, he then sees the many Windigoes in a clearer sight as well as a shady aura around what they’re floating around* Hmm… *Imagines a zoom-in function and he sees it closer* Whoa!

Amp Atom: Ah, looks like you’re catching on! You can zoom in with the visor as well!

Flash: Amp, you’re a genius! Thank you!

Amp Atom: I aim to please, Flash! So let’s see what we’ve got here… Hmm… They seem to be fixated on something. Though I can’t quite see what it is. Flash, I want you to get closer to where they are. Tell your team to lay low and see if you can sneak over to where the Windigoes are floating! I’m curious as to what they’re so interested in.

Flash: Right! *Looks around and already sees his team gone up ahead* HUH?! *!* Hey! Where did they-…GUYS?! HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

SONG: Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)…

Guards: *Running ahead* CHAAAARGE!!!

Flash & Amp:…..*Paused* WAIT! STOP!!!

Amp Atom: Oh, those fools! They’re going to get themselves killed! Flash! Change of plans! Go after them!

Flash: AGH! *Runs after them* I’M the guy who’s supposed to be making the orders here! I DIDN’T ORDER AN ATTACK YET!!!

Amp Atom: Flash! Be careful! Now that your troops have alerted the Windigoes, they’ll be all over you guys in seconds! Do NOT let them get too close! Keep your body heat in check! If they hit you or even so much as breathe on you while you’re off guard, you’ll get frozen!

Flash: *Takes out his spear* I’m prepared!

Amp Atom: I know you are, but I doubt your troops are immune to freezing! You better hurry!

Flash: Yeah… PHOSPHORUS! *Bolts ahead and appears between his troops and the incoming Windigoes* STOP!!! *They run past him and attack* ARE YOU GUYS INSANE?! *Dodges a cold-wave* WHOA! Aagh! Amp! Can I attack these things?!

Amp Atom: You can try! Your spear’s power is magic-based, so there’s a chance you might be able to fight them head-on! *Flash does so, but the slash fazes right through them* Oh… I guess not. Well this is bad to say the least! Flash! Just worry about avoiding them! Get the troops away from them!

Flash: Right!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 03
Well, this isn't looking very good. Flash has to deal with BOTH his enemies AND his allies in a cold-blizzard environment! Hey, by the way, what was it about the Frozen North that Blueblood didn't want Flash going to again? And also, we have CODEC! We're getting more and more like Metal Gear as we progress!


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Crystal Empire Royal Guards- Various Voices
Verse 2

SCORE: Bleeding Out (Imagine Dragons)…

How much longer is this life-review gonna go on!? I need to get up! Everyone is worried about me! ...Everyone is worried about me? Huh… I really need to stop letting myself get into these messes. Now that I think about it; that seemed to happen a lot too. I go to do something that I have to do, and next thing I know, despite having all this power, I end up losing in some way and the same faces keep coming back to me all worried. Looking back on this, I didn’t think anypony would ever care about me like that at first. But now...

Before I lose track again, I gotta get this finished. The faster I get this life-review over with, the faster I can wake up with that epiphany thing that Advent told me about one time later. Either I wake up alive and learn something big and useful about my life or I don’t and I die then and there… I gotta make sure it’s that first one! So getting back to the life-review, I am now about to lead the CP Guard of the Crystal Empire to our first mission together…though about all of them don’t seem too thrilled about that.

Seriously, I haven’t seen such sad sacks since the time my band and I were about to lose the Battle of the Bands concert! I couldn’t let that stop me, however! I had to get these guys to come around! How else was I going to prove to be a good leader?! But there was one particular guard that stayed dead silent. One thing that was interesting was the design of his armor. It was a dark metallic gray with a black bladed-helm. It looked nothing like any of the other armor suits the rest of them wore. I tried to ask him about that but got no answer from him. But I gotta get back on track either way. So we go through some mission briefing with the chief, who gives us our objective!

SCORE: Rittai Kidou (Attack On Titan)…

Shining Armor: Alright, soldiers! Listen up! This is your first mission back after a long time away and I want to make ABSOLUTELY sure that you are all ready and able to handle any given task! Your last employer’s management skills were deplorable! In fact, downright idiotic in comparison to what I and Princess Cadence have in store for you all! Are there any objections?!

Flash & Guards: NO, SIR!

Shining Armor: Good! Then Captain Flash Sentry step forward!

Flash: Roger, Chief! *Steps forward and turns to the guard squad* Okay, so according to Quick Silver, our messenger and scout trooper, as well as Amp Atom, our intelligence head, we have tracked down and identified a natural disaster waiting to happen! An opening in the Frozen North’s Crystal Mountains has been located and seeping out strange figures! Quicksilver, if you would?

[QUICKSILVER- Cathy Weseluck]

Quicksilver: Thank you, Captain. *Presents a photo of the figures as Amp uses his horn to project it enlarged* They look like this on film. They represent the larger race of equines that we know as “Horses” however they have a distinct ghostly appearance.

Amp Atom: In Equestrian History, they’ve been documented by Star Swirl the Bearded as “Windigoes”. They are manifestations of negative emotions given form that feed off of others by following them wherever they go, freezing their homes as well as their bodies, and targeting their spirits for feeding upon! They are VERY dangerous and are not hesitant to hostility.

Flash: Right. And the only reason they haven’t attacked yet is because they haven’t sensed us yet, being up in the mountains and isolated from the rest of Equestria. While right now, they wouldn’t pay us mind, if they keep growing in number, they inevitably WILL start targeting Equestria, following the masses of negative emotions.

Shining Armor: Selfishness, distrust, fear, hatred, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, at some point in your life, you HAVE felt these feelings in your hearts before at least once! Even the kindest and most just hearts aren’t immune to an attack by these creatures! They’re a menace and MUST be stopped before they grow too large in number!

Flash: So our objective is to track down the opening that they’re coming out of and seal it off using our combined strength and magic! We’ll make sure no more can escape into Equestria! And as for the ones already above ground, we’ll have to deal with them as we find them! Once the hole is sealed, we return to the Crystal Empire! I will take the lead and all of you will follow! I will have no falling behind, no holding back, and ABSOLUTELY no casualties! If one of you gets injured, then somepony help the injured to regroup back! This is our first mission together and I’d like it to be a good one! UNDERSTOOD?!

Guards: *They all look at each other silently until Shining Armor gives them all a glare behind Flash’s shoulder and stomps his hoof, making them respond* YES, SIR!!!

Flash: *Looks at Shining Armor with a confused look for a moment* Hmm?

Shining Armor: *Clears throat* Alright then! You know what to do! Seal up that hole and wipe out any Windigoes that get in your way! They’re not mortal beings of this world, so don’t hold anything back! Princess Cadence and myself will remain here to keep the empire protected and calm while Amp Atom will provide you all with information and support from the HQ! The fate of Equestria is in your hooves! So, on my mark!

Flash: We have no time for a Q&A session! So let’s move out! Ready to go, Chief!

Shining Armor: Good! *Raises hoof up* All troops move out! *Points forward* DEPLOY!!!

Flash: *Takes point in the formation and they run forward into the snow-covered outskirts of the Crystal Empire* CHARGE!!!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 02
Alright! Let's get this started! Track 9 is a GO! Flash begins his first mission as the Captain of the Crystal Empire Royal Guards! So how well will he be able to pull it off? Let's see!


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Quicksilver- Cathy Weseluck
Dr. Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Crystal Empire Royal Guards- Various Voices
Track 9- Truth Of The Empire

Verse 1

SCORE: Way To Fall (Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater)…

The Royals manage to weaken the enemy, and even trick him into being temporarily trapped in one of his own vortexes. They take this chance to hurry back to Flash in hopes of saving him while they have the time. When they return, they ready themselves to give their own portions of magic to heal him and restore his wings. Twilight steps to him and holds his head up.

Twilight: Flash? We’re back. And we’re going to help you!

Cadence: He’s still out cold…

Shining Armor: Alright. So how do we do this?

Twilight: *Bites and plucks off some of her feathers* NGH! Owch… For starters… The process requires the generous donation of enough feathers to make into the shape of full sized wings. Then we simply need to apply as much magic as we possibly can.

Cadence: Will it be enough? Even with 4 Alicorns and a unicorn, you did say it was going to be tough to do.

Celestia: *Senses a feeling of combined magic already coming off of him* Hmm? (Odd. It looks as though somepony already came by here. And why does this feel familiar?) That won’t be a problem. Now we have to act fast.

Luna: Yes. I don’t know how long that vortex will hold him off. We may only have minutes at the most!

Twilight: Then let’s not waste any time! I hope this works! *Places feathers at Flash’s side in the outlined shape of wings* I wish the others were here too. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash might’ve been able to give some feathers too, but- huh? *Sees pink, white, and dark blue feathers fill in the outline of her purple*

Celestia: I hope this will at least make do. *Horn glows yellow*

Cadence: I’m sure they would love to help, but let them keep theirs. This is a family matter. *Horn glows light blue*

Luna: You lead in conducting the spell, Twilight Sparkle. We’ll follow. *Horn glows blue*

Shining Armor: *Sigh* Heh. I’m sure that’s the way he’d want it. I just wish I could donate. But y’know… no wings. But I CAN do this! *Horn glows pink*

Twilight: Thank you! Then let’s do it! *Takes a deep breath* This’ll just take a minute! *Horn glows pink and she prays* Please come back, Flash! I don’t want to lose you!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 01
And now we begin the healing process. Flash Sentry must rise again. And for his new wings, they will be composed of the 4 Princesses' feathers. He will have a part of them on him from this point on. But first, we must return to the past and look through the next part of Flash's Life Review...get ready for this one, guys. We're in for the longest haul of all in Track 9! (No, I'm serious, this IS indeed going to be the longest Track in the story! My Microsoft Word has counted about 300 pages of words for this!)


Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Princess Cadence- Britt McKillip
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Princess Luna- Tabitha St. Germain


Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 12:15 PM

For anyone who hasn't seen the new episode yet, here you go!

I gotta say, that was the most entertaining episode of Season 5 so far! I freaking loved it! 

It made hilarious references, it gave us some more insight to Discord's life, it had adorable scenes from the other characters, and best of all, it introduced two new likable characters with one of them becoming one of my new favorites!

I'm gonna say it right now! I freaking LOVED Tree Hugger! Every time she talked was enough to make me feel high! Props to Nicole Oliver! I had no idea she would make for a good hippie character! And those eyebrows, man! Those eyebrows were like Flash Sentry level eyebrows! Point is, she was an awesome addition and I hope we get to see more of her in the future!

And it's also good to see Fluttershy taking much more charge with her life and making friends outside of her usual circle. She's really grown up since the series started. That's what I love to see! 

And also, Discord made a Metal Gear Solid reference... YES!!!

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Verse 26

“Thank you, Princess Cadence! I won’t let you down!” *Sigh* Wrong… My new duty began and I tried to take the leading position in the Crystal Empire EUP. Unfortunately, whenever I tried to talk to my “subordinates” they either didn’t respond or pushed me away with an expression of “I don’t want anything to do with you.” on their faces. It went on for a few days and I couldn’t tell why it was like that at first. So I went to Amp, hoping he had some info.

SCORE: VR Sneaking [Solid Snake] (Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty)…

Amp Atom: Ah, so you want to know what’s wrong with their psyche?

Flash: Yeah, among a few other things.

Amp Atom: They’ve been giving you the cold shoulder, haven’t they?

Flash: Every single one of them… Ironically, the only one that hasn’t that I’ve tried was NAMED Cold Shoulder!

Amp Atom: Huh?!

Flash: Don’t ask… It wasn’t pretty… *Remembers being chased by a mad crystal stallion with bloodshot eyes* I just can’t help but wonder… is it me that they have a problem with?

Amp Atom: Not necessarily, but that is something worth asking. After all, they know next to nothing about you and yet you were just introduced to them as a captain. They’re probably just nervous to get to know you, or more likely, they’re annoyed that they’ve been wanting to get the promotion that you got from Prince Shining Armor before they did. They may consider it unfair. I honestly wouldn’t agree since I’ve seen what you’re capable of, but they haven’t, so I can understand how they may feel there.

Flash: So what do I do? Show off to them? Tell them my life story?

Amp Atom: No. Instead, you listen to theirs. A leader that listens to his followers is more likely able to adjust his own style to blend well with them and incorporate their capabilities into the flow of the team’s combined effort to allow them to accomplish feats that most individuals can’t do themselves. There are several factors to being a leader that one must consider. As the former head of the Canterlot EUP Intelligence Group, I can tell you straight from a horse’s mouth that being a leader also means being a fellow member.

Flash: I would normally compare it to when we were in a band, but Princess Cadence said that it wasn’t as simple as that.

Amp Atom: She was talking on a general level with the troops. What she didn’t know is that the emotional wavelength between comrades is just one of the many variables to consider when structuring a team. Do you remember when you saved me?

Flash: Huh? Which time?

Amp Atom: I meant from Drum Role. He was accusing me of vandalizing our equipment during the Battle of the Bands tournament since a lot of the evidence was pointing towards me. However you stepped in and stuck up for me using a combination of your common sense and your incentives to give me the benefit of the doubt. Those qualities didn’t make you a good leader for our band, but they made you a good leader in general. Knowing how to listen to all stories is what can help you in forming connections with your followers despite emotional wavelength differences. You knew how to do this before, so keep it in mind and try it again when the chance arrives.

Flash: I see, so are there any other variables? Do you know anything about these guards?

Amp Atom: As a matter of fact, I do. I have read up on the Crystal Empire’s history, which has fortunately been updated and restored by Twilight Sparkle after she discovered some pages missing from certain books. *Sigh* I hate it when people do that! Why tear out pages of valuable text?!

Flash: Only reason I could think of is that someone wanted to hide something from someone else who might’ve been investigating it.

Amp Atom: Funny you should make that deduction. For that is indeed what happened soon after this place returned. I’ll have to tell you more on that later, but for now we must focus.

Flash: Right. So what can you tell me about the Crystal Empire and the EUP here?

Amp Atom: The Crystal Empire was started by the original Crystal Queen, who gave her heart to make the kingdom a prosperous and beautiful haven for the citizens here. Her name isn’t in the books here, but it tells that she originated in a different world. In any case, she established the Crystal Fair to help lift the spirits of the Crystal Ponies here to power up the Crystal Heart. I do believe Prince Shining Armor went over that part, but he didn’t mention how it started. The Queen, however made a great sacrifice in order to create such a thing.

Flash: What’s that?

Amp Atom: Her life, Flash. Her very life was her gift to her people. Since then, the Crystal Heart became the precious gem kept by the successors, King Lux and Queen Phos, the parents to Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Flash: You mean Princess Cadence?

Amp Atom: Sort of… You see, after her parents departed, Princess Amore took over and did her job for a while, though she looked quite different from the princess that rules today. *Projects a picture*

Flash: Whoa…wait a minute, she doesn’t have any wings…and she does look a lot different! What is all this?

Amp Atom: This is a form of reincarnation at work. As it were…she was attacked and destroyed by a monster…

Flash: WHAT?! How?! When?!

Amp Atom: I’m getting to that! As it were, thanks to the recovered pages, there was a Crystal Unicorn mare by the name of “Radiant Hope” who witnessed Princess Amore’s defeat and helped to stop the monster by getting help…unfortunately, there was a lot of damage already done by this monster…

Flash: What did he do?!

Amp Atom: He turned her to stone…and broke her to pieces…


Amp Atom: And in the time that she was gone, the monster that attacked her took over as the Usurper King.

Flash: And who was this guy?!

Amp Atom: Currently, his name echoes through the empire and still gives some nightmares. That’s all the book says. It doesn’t give a name here. If I had to guess it’s because the one who updated these books didn’t want to scare anypony, so instead, it’s merely described as a unicorn who was bested by the light and returned to darkness.

Flash:….I don’t know why, but I think I understand fully of what it means…

Amp Atom: You do? What do you think?

Flash: I don’t know if I can say yet, Amp. Something about it makes me feel uneasy.

Amp Atom: I understand, let’s move on for now. After the damage was done by the evil king, the Crystal Empire itself was cursed. Upon the king’s defeat, the entire empire vanished. Radiant Hope, however, was on the outside of the empire when it happened, so she was spared from the curse while everypony else was doomed to disappear with their home. She travelled throughout the world to find the pieces of Princess Amore, hoping that her magic would restore her.

Flash: Well, it seems that her plan worked since we have Princess Cadence here now and she seems pretty stable. But why would Princess Amore have a horn without wings?

Amp Atom: Yes, though I’ve heard before that reincarnation does not mean “repeating”. Princess Cadence was actually first seen as a Pegasus before being an Alicorn.

Flash: Wait, WHAT?! You can do that?!

Amp Atom: It’s a VERY difficult spell to perform…only the highest level of magic users can do it. I’d imagine it was Princess Celestia, her aunt that did it to her. Princess Amore was born a Crystal Unicorn pony, reborn a Crystal Pegasus, and was enchanted to become an Alicorn. One can only imagine the many trials that one pony can go through having to live more than one life!

Flash:…More than one life… Hmm…

Amp Atom: But that’s all there is on that here. So let’s move on a bit more. Oh! It seems there’s a legendary hero in the up-to-date Crystal Empire as well! His name is “Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious”!

Flash: That’s a mouthful. *Looks at the picture* Hey wait a minute! I know that dragon!

Amp Atom: You do?

Flash: Yeah, he’s that little dragon that follows the chief’s sister around.

Amp Atom: Well that makes sense. She IS the one that hatched him. I saw it myself! Well, sort of. I was there when he turned into a giant dragon and stuck his head out of the tower. I thought something went totally wrong back then! It was at around the time of the first Sonic Rainboom of this generation!

Flash: Sonic Rainboom?

Amp Atom: We’ll talk about that later. For now, before we go on more of a tangent, back to the Crystal Empire. So yes, the dragon known as Great and Honorable-

Flash: I think “Spike” will do…

Amp Atom: Okay, okay. Spike the dragon is seen as an iconic hero of the Crystal Empire since he was the one who was able to bring the princess the Crystal Heart for the last Crystal Fair. It was actually about a week ago.

Flash: And they already updated the books?

Amp Atom: Magic can work fast, Flash. Try to keep up!

Flash: Okay. Hey, it says here that he was the Crystal Empire’s “Second” Legendary Hero… Who was the first?

Amp Atom: I’m not sure. I’ll have to keep looking. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Flash: I see. Though I still want to know more about the past ruler. Maybe it might have something to do with the guards.

SCORE: Mantis’ Hymn (Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes)…

Amp Atom: What makes you say that?

Flash: Well if there was a ruler, then obviously he must’ve had some form of militia.

Amp Atom: And you think they would’ve worked for him?

Flash: If he’s so bad that the books couldn’t even mention him, I’d imagine they wouldn’t have had a choice at the time.

Amp Atom: That’s quite an educated guess there, Flash. But wait, didn’t you just say you were feeling uneasy?

Flash: Yes, in fact I still am. As if I’m walking closer and closer into a dark cave. But I can’t help but feel like this is something I NEED to know.

Amp Atom: Then tell you what; give me some more time to research. I’ll see if I can come up with a good answer on my end. Maybe you can do some field investigating since you’re not on the job right now. Notify me as soon as you find something!

Flash: Alright. Will do. *Walks away but stops* Hey, Amp?

Amp Atom: Yes?

Flash: I’m glad you came with, buddy! Later! *Leaves*

Amp Atom:….So am I, Flash. So am I. *Smiles and gets back to work* Right. I have some research to do! The Usurper King, the Crystal Ponies, and the first Legendary Hero... I hope I can find something useful for Flash.

One thing I realized is that despite being made captain, we haven’t had a single mission together. Perhaps that’s one thing that could’ve gotten me into a good standing with the other guards. After all, it helped form friendships with Heavyweight and Thunderclap. Our combined efforts gave us each a reason to call each other comrades, even friends. So I requested Chief to have some sort of mission or at least a scenario set up for us. I could get to know the other guards better and maybe earn their trust. Unfortunately, nothing’s ever that easy.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 26
Well...that actually came up faster than expected! I guess we'll be moving into Track 9 tomorrow! YEEHEHEHEHEE!!! And now I've successfully combined my headcanon with that of the IDW Fiendship Is Magic issue for King Sombra! I can call this a shout out to my girl, :iconmoonsong18: since we both loved the heck out of that comic! And also, reincarnation! Yeah, it's a thing here now! Get acquainted, people! So what do you think of Track 8? Let me know!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 25

Shining Armor: *Shows him the throne room* Oh! Cadence! You’re here!

SCORE: The Ballad Of The Crystal Empire [INSTRUMENTAL] (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)…

Cadence: Hmm? Oh! Shining! You brought in the new recruit?

Shining Armor: Yeah. Flash, you remember Princess Cadence, don’t you?

Flash: Oh! Of course! I never forgot! *Clears throat and bows head* It’s good to see you again, Princess Cadence.

Cadence: Likewise. Though uh… I’m sorry, but I forgot your full name. What was it?

Flash: Flash Sentry is what I go by! Oh! And thank you for before!

Cadence: Before? What do you mean?

Flash: Your singing. You helped me out of the Canterlot Caves by singing that song before. I also heard the other voice coming from above, but I could tell the difference. I never got a chance to really thank you for that, so thank you now!

Cadence: Singing… *Thinks for a moment* OH! THAT singing! Now I remember! That’s good. I honestly didn’t know that! I’m glad I was able to help you then!

Shining Armor: Huh, you never told me that part.

Flash: That’s because you and her left Canterlot after your wedding. But hey, better late than never!

Shining Armor: And what were you doing in the caves again?

Flash: From what I gathered, I fell for the same trick as both of you. *Scratches head* The Changeling Queen did me in and dropped me in there…

Shining Armor: Oh… Yeah…

Cadence: *Sigh* Well let’s not dwell on that! So you’re going to be the new recruit for the Crystal Empire guards, huh?

Flash: Not only that, but I’m now the captain! Your husband offered me the position.

Cadence: What?! You never told me you were doing that! Shining! Are you sure that’s a good idea?!

Shining Armor: Well, yeah! Why wouldn’t it be?! Flash climbed up the ranks in Canterlot like a champ! He earned this spot.

Cadence: That’s not what I mean! *Looks to Flash* The position of captain means a great deal of heavy burdens that only few can say they’ve been able to bear. Are you absolutely sure you’re able to handle it?

SCORE: Labyrinth Guide (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

Flash: With all due respect, Princess… If I didn’t think I could handle it, I wouldn’t be here right now. I had my doubts before, don’t get me wrong. I thought I couldn’t do anything or handle any problem. It was always thanks to either someone helping me or just dumb luck that I was able to get anywhere. That carried into my training as well, but when Chief recruited me into his team, I really felt like I could carry not only myself but others with me. He taught me everything I know now. How to fight, how to protect, and now he’s offering to teach me how to be a leader while I’m on the job. How could I possibly turn that down?

Cadence:…You’ve thought carefully about this, haven’t you?

Flash: Ever since he first asked me back when I he was still a captain himself. Right before he proposed to you even!

Cadence: Really?! *Looks at Shining Armor with a raised eyebrow*

Shining Armor: You didn’t think I just asked him today, did you?!

Cadence: Uh… I… Eheheh…

Flash & Shining: *Blankly stare at her* Hmmmm…

Cadence: Okay, okay! Sorry!

Flash: Heh! But seriously, I’ve had a good long time to think about this and I would definitely want to do this! Besides, I’ve been a leader of a band once, so how much harder could it be to take charge of a troop of guards?

Cadence: I’ve seen how your band is. They are nothing like our guards. You’re going into a completely different field here. The guards here are literally stone-faced and cold. I’d tell that to them directly, but I don’t want to possibly hurt their morale. Your friends are much more expressive and opened to emotional thought, something that I’ve seen you have in common with them.

Flash: You’ve been watching us?

Cadence: Kind of hard to not when you’re one of the few things that Shiny won’t stop talking about.

Flash: Come again!?

Shining Armor: AGH!!! Hey! I was being a teacher! All the best teachers give focus to their students, you know that!

Cadence: Valid point, but you have to admit that my point is just as valid.

Shining Armor: Drrgh…. *Sigh* Yes…

Cadence: Point is, don’t think that just because you were a good leader before doesn’t mean you’ll be one here. There are a LOT of nuances to these kinds of soldiers that you have to consider. Do you understand?

Flash: *Nods* Yes, I do. (She’s really starting to remind me of Mom now…)

Cadence: *Takes a deep breath* Very well. Shining Armor, I’m going to trust your judgment on this.

Shining Armor: Thank you. And yeah, like Flash said, I’ll be teaching him all he needs to know as he goes. I haven’t taught him anything of being a captain before when we were both in Canterlot, but I intend to fix that here.

Cadence: And I’ll trust you on this decision, soldier. Welcome to the Crystal Empire EUP Royal Guards!

Flash: *Salutes* Thank you, Princess Cadence! I won’t let you down!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 25
And now the return of Princess Cadence in the story! I don't know why I'm filling so gitty about that, but I am! But now it's time for Flash to take up the mantle and role of Captain and get to work! CAN HE DO IT?!?!


Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Cadence- Britt McKillip
Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Verse 24

I followed Chief through the castle once more, this time so he could show me the guards of the empire that I’d be leading. Though he did give me a bit of fair warning… That warning was that they weren’t really in the best of moods for a new leader other than the rulers themselves. When we stepped in and saw all the shiny guards, they all looked at me with an annoyed corner look. I felt a bit nervous, but stood up as if I knew what I was doing.

SCORE: Encounter (Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes)

Shining Armor: Everyone, I want you to welcome your new captain!

Guards:…..*Look coldly*


Shining Armor: Go on! Introduce yourself!

Flash: Oh! Er… right! *Ahem* Hello-er… Greetings, fellow guards! My name is Flash Sentry! And from this day forth, I will be your new captain! I need not your approval or disapproval! All I need is your cooperation and abilities, both individually and as a team! Do I make myself CLEAR?!.... *Doesn’t get a response*

Shining Armor: *Coughs and stomps the floor*…

Guards: SIR, YES SIR!!!

Flash: Huh? Oh! Excellent! Uh… Right! At ease, soldiers! Carry on! I will be finishing discussions with the prince, so you all return to… whatever it was you were doing! *Walks over to Shining and they leave* Uh… How was that?

Shining Armor: Déjà vu, that’s what I’d call it.

Flash: What do you mean?

Shining Armor: Nothin’ I just remembered how I first started as a captain. I was somewhat nervous too.

Flash: What are you talking about?! Nervous?! Me?!

Shining Armor: Flash, you’re worse at lying than Applejack.

Flash: Who’s Applejack? And where have I heard that name before?

Shining Armor: She’s one of my sister’s friends. You outta meet her sometime.

Flash: Wait… *Remembers when he first heard the name from talking to Moonlit Spark the first time and she mentions Applejack’s name as part of an old saying her mother told her, then remembers the second time in his dream when she told him that she was his daughter, but wouldn’t tell him who her mother was and now remembers-*

SONG: Metallic Madness Good Future [United States Version] (Sonic The Hedgehog CD)…

Shining Armor: Hey, FLASH!

Flash: ACK!!! *Gets cut off*

Shining Armor: You zoned out for a sec. Is something wrong?

Flash: Oh… Uh… No… Nothing’s wrong, I was just uh… thinking.

Shining Armor: Well think about it later. We got some more things to go over. Come on already!

Flash: Okay! Sorry, Chief!

Shining Armor: Anyways, I remember being very nervous when I was first put in charge of the Canterlot EUP Guards as the captain, but I was able to adjust. You should be able to in due time. I just hope you’re up for the responsibilities that come with it! You’ll have to be attentive at all points to hold down this position. It was a full-time job for me, and it might not be too easy. Can I trust that you will be able to handle it?

Flash: You’re putting your trust in me, sir?

Shining Armor: I am. You’ve been a follower, now it’s time you learned how to be a leader.

Flash: And you’re sure I can do this? I don’t know if those other guys thought to well of me being their leader.

Shining Armor: Well you said it yourself that you don’t need their approval or disapproval. Go by your words, Flash.

Flash: (Yeah, I think I just spoke myself into a corner…) Well… Alright. I’ll give it my best, Chief!

Shining Armor: Good answer! So, here is your new armor and backup spear! I assume you’re still using the old Lightning Spear, right?

Flash: You always told me to stick to my strongest assets… *Looks at the Crystal Armor design and then back to his original gold and blue armor* Though… Sorry, sir. I don’t mean to be rude, but are there any differences in the armor here and the armor from Canterlot?

Shining Armor: Well no, not by much. It IS mostly cosmetic. Why?

Flash: Well… I kind of gotten used to this armor design. It’s really grown attached to me ever since I wore it in the academy. And it still has plenty of years left on it, so…

Shining Armor: Yeah, I get that… After all, I did the same thing. I was just offering, just in case.

Flash: Yeah, I noticed that! And thank you for the offer, but I’d like to stick to my old armor for now.

Shining Armor: That’s fine with me. I could never get rid of my old violet armor! It’s a classic!

Flash: Though nothing will beat that Seraph armor that was “unbreakable”! Hahah!!!

Shining Armor: Hahah! YEAH! *They both laugh for a moment until Shining Armor glares into his eyes* Are you making fun of me, soldier?

Flash: Eep… no… *Sweats a bit*

Shining Armor: Gooooooood…. *Walks forward* C’mon, Flash! Got a few more things!

Flash: Right behind you, Chief!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 24
Flash now meets the ponies that he has to work with...and they don't seem to be the most enthusiastic about it. So to break up the tension a little for now, I threw in a little extra humor! Trust me, we're gonna need it.


Captain Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Crystal Empire Royal Guards- Various Voices
Verse 23

SCORE: Metallic Madness Good Future [Japanese Version] (Sonic The Hedgehog CD)…

I would find that out later, but before that, like I said, we had to meet with Chief again. We meet him at the entrance of the palace in the center of the empire. Fittingly, it too was made of crystal. Had to expect that since that IS the CRYSTAL Empire after all. I remember my jaw dropping when I first saw the sharp and shiny palace! I looked up with my mouth hanging opened until Chief got my attention.

Shining Armor: Ah! Flash! You made it! Thank you for your help, ladies! You’ll receive payment later. Come by in an hour! Dismissed! As for you two, Flash and Amp… Uh… *Sees Flash still looking up at the castle’s shiny towers* Um… Flash? *Ahem* ATTENTION!!!

Flash: ACK!!! Uh… *Stumbles until he salutes in position* S-SIR! My apologies, sir!

Shining Armor: I’m glad the scenery is to your liking, Flash! Let me be the first to welcome you both to your new home! Welcome to the Crystal Empire!

Flash: Thank you very much, sir! I mean uh… Prince… Your highn-

Shining Armor: Flash, you can just call me Chief like before. I really liked that.

Flash: Thanks, Chief. You always were my favorite prince!

Shining Armor: I just became a prince last week…

Flash: Well, even still, you’re already the best!

Shining Armor: Heh! Well it’s not like it was hard. Though you’re just now knowing me as a prince.

Amp Atom: He has you there, Flash. Then again, Blueblood and Larva weren’t that pleasant to begin with. Not much competition there.

Flash: Right. So when do we get started?

Shining Armor: Anxious, are ya? Heh! Glad that hasn’t changed! Alright. We start after breakfast. Knowing you, you’re probably pretty hungry right now.

Flash: *Stomach growls* Uh… Heheh…

Shining Armor: Yeah, that hasn’t changed either…

Amp Atom: Well, we didn’t really get a meal since we got off the train, so may I join?

Shining Armor: Of course! C’mon! We’ll discuss what’s gonna be going on here afterwards. *Walks into the palace with the other two following*

We sat down at a big table and had a nice breakfast. Afterwards, we took a walk through the castle’s corridors until we found ourselves in a high tower overlooking the empire, then back down towards the Crystal Heart at the entrance.

Amp Atom: I must say, Prince Shining Armor. This palace looks amazing! But may I ask what was with that glowing heart-shaped piece in the center? I haven’t ever seen anything like it in the books!

Shining Armor: Oh, that? That’s the Crystal Heart, a powerful relic that acts as a symbol of the empire’s inhabitants’ magic. It’s what keeps the empire safe.

Flash: Safe? From what?

Shining Armor: For all sorts of evils in the world. One in particular that, hopefully, you’ll never have to see. The Crystal Heart is also a symbol of the Crystal Ponies’ plight and hardships. Hopefully, it won’t have to put anypony through anymore after the history they’ve had.

Flash: I see… But if this relic is doing the job of protecting the empire, then what’s my job?

Shining Armor: You can’t always rely on magic. That’s something that I’ve learned the hard way. You remember when you and I dueled long ago?

Flash: As if it was yesterday. You used your magic to turn into a near-invincible Seraph Knight, as Advent called it.

Shining Armor: Yes, well… that was the only time you will ever see me use that power. You see, when the Changelings attacked and I unfortunately fell victim to their queen, I lost that power. The queen stole my magic through my heart and left me weak. I’ve been slowly recovering since then in all areas, but the power to become the Radiant Paladin is gone. I’m nowhere near as strong as I used to be because of her. It’s because of that fact that we can’t afford to let our guards down just because something is keeping things peaceful. I used to be to Canterlot what the Crystal Heart is to this empire. But now, that isn’t the case. That is why we need to raise up good security just in case something happens to the Crystal Heart. That is what your job is going to entail, Flash.

Flash: You want me to be the leader of the royal guards here?!

Shining Armor: As I said before-

Flash: “The title of captain goes to the one whom the captain before him deems worthy”, is that right?

Shining Armor: Something like that. Glad you remembered!

Flash: I still have your note.

Shining Armor: Good, then you accept this position?

Flash: Gladly, Chief! It’s my honor, sir!

Shining Armor: Alright! That’s what I like to hear! As for you, Dr. Amp Atom, I think you’ll like to see this.

Chief takes us to a part of a nearby library that’s fully prepared with his lab equipment for him to customize and set up as his new laboratory and living space. This is pretty much everything in the world that can keep Amp happy for the rest of his life, so he can keep up his job and hobby. Lucky dude. Amp would then start spinning around in circles while gawking at everything. I seriously thought he was gonna fall over there. But instead, he dove right into his space to set up his lab.

Shining Armor: Huh… Looks like he’ll be busy for a while.

Flash: Knowing him, yeah. So what about me? Where’s my home?

Shining Armor: *Takes him to his room in the castle* Princess Cadence has plenty of extra space, so she wanted to have a suite set up for you. We’re going to need all of our guards at the ready for any possible chance of a problem. So what better way to get fast access than to have you right here under the roof? That’s what she said, anyways.

Flash:….*Looks at his room* Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…..

Shining Armor: You can have it set up later. For now, we’ve got some more things to go over. Follow me.

Flash: (TWO CASTLES!!! Look at me now, Mom! I got to live… IN! TWO! CASTLEEEEES!!!!) *Wobbles a bit before following Shining* C-Coming… Chief…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 23
This was honestly one of my favorite Verses to write just for how expressive I made the characters here! Also, I hope you guys like character interaction and development! TWO CASTLES!!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Dr. Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 22

SCORE: Crystal Choir (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

The train stops at the station of the beautiful new city. Amp and I step off and we take a good look around to see everything shining so brightly that it almost hurts our eyes… Almost. It had just the right amount of dimming with the natural lighting to make our eyes able to adjust rather easily. What was even more fascinating though, was the abundance of the inhabitants. The ponies there, which by Amp’s research, were known as Crystal Ponies, beings of solidified light that ran on positive energy. Talk about my kind of ponies. Amp stepped off early to do something before coming back. I didn’t know at first as to what he was doing, but it involved a bit of yelling and papers flying everywhere… He then came back, looked a little annoyed, but took a deep breath and we decided to step off for real this time!

Before we even made a few steps from the train, we were greeted by a couple of shiny mares. They happily had us follow them since they were the selected escort ponies that would take us to the castle. Amp and I followed and we looked around to get a good scope on the place. There were lots of things going on with little foals running around and laughing and having fun, some reuniting with their families. There were some businesses going on at some vendor stands, some couples out on dates, and, one thing that caught my eye, was somepony leaving a building with a sign that said “Crystal Empire Therapeutic Shelter Clinic” on it. The pony leaving felt as if he was refreshed walking out of it.

Amp Atom: Thinking of volunteering there?

Flash: Volunteering?

Amp Atom: Yes. The brochure here states that the therapy and shelter clinic here is a non-profit and beneficial establishment. It can always use some extra hooves to help.

Flash: Hmm… *Looks back and sees a pink crystal filly with blue and green striped mane walk through with her head down* Hmm? *Sees her looking straight at him with a shocked look on her face and feels his own eyes flicker a bit with a bright light* Ngh!

Amp Atom: Flash? FLASH!

Flash: Huh?! *Shakes his head and looks back to Amp* What?! Huh?!

Amp Atom: You okay? I just asked you a question and you zoned out.

Flash: Oh, uh…sorry. I was just… Er…what was your question?

Amp Atom: I was asking if you were thinking of volunteering at the shelter.

Flash: Hmm… Maybe… But first things first…

Amp Atom: You’re absolutely right! We have an appointment with our new employers!

Flash: *Sees the filly walk away then looks back* (What was with that filly there?)

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 22
Hey... :icondbzfanboy: This one's for you! You should already know why too! But yeah, now we have finally arrived to Flash's current position! The Crystal Empire! Took us about a year, but we finally made it!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 21

Stupid idiot father... What right did he have to try and stop me like that?! Y'know after all the garbage I had to deal with, I feel like I needed that moment, to be honest. Kind of felt satisfying... Does this make me a bad person? Well anyways... We got on the train to the new location that night. Though rather than sitting next to me, Amp decided to sit in a different car. When I asked why, he taunted me with how he’s heard me snore and we were going to be on the train overnight… I DON’T SNORE! But he insisted anyway and sat in the car in front of mine. I shrugged and just sat in my car along with two other pegasai. We got into a small conversation.

SCORE: Ending Theme [Revenge Of Metaknight] (Kirby and The Rainbow Curse)…

Flash: *Sigh* Hmm… So… What’re you two going for?

Author: Oh… uh, I’m just on an observation trip. I got some new leads for story material.

Bravo: And I’m looking around for some illustration material. I hear the Crystal Empire has some good scenery. I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself!

Flash: Oh, so the two of you are travelling artists?

Author: Well, yeah. We have collaborated a bit every now and then-

Bravo: -But we tend to do our own things.

Flash: That’s pretty cool! Though… have we met before? I can’t help but feel like I know you both from somewhere.

Bravo: Maybe it’s just your imagination. Though, I do know a lot of ponies from other divisions thanks to the Equestria Navy.

Author: And I have eyes everywhere, so for all we know, you might not know us, but we more than likely know you.

Flash: What?!

Author: Or not! I might just be pulling your leg!

Flash: Real funny…

Bravo: Eh, lighten up, Cheeseball!

Flash:…?! What did you just call me?!

Author & Bravo: NOTHING… *Look both ways*

Flash: *Raises an eyebrow* Uh…

Author: Forget about it. So how about you tell us your story.

Flash: You’re interested?

Bravo: Sure, and I might draw a few illustrations if nopony minds.

Author: Sure. Heck, I’ll pay you to!

Bravo: You got it!

Flash: Well, alright. If you want to know, you better start writing.

Author: One step ahead of you!

And so, I give them some bits and pieces of my life story that led up to that point. Don’t know why they were so interested, but I guess artists are just always looking for some kind of muses. Maybe that’s why. So afterwards, with the moon and stars still hanging over us in the sky, I decided to read the note that Chief wrote for me to initiate the transfer one last time before I decided to fall asleep.

(Author's Note: And then THIS happened! author-bat-pegasus.deviantart.……)

I remember having a really crazy dream that involved me and Chief fighting a really creepy looking unicorn pony in a red cape and dark armor with those same flaring eyes that keep following me. At some point in the dream, he made a grand leap of faith and knocked the evil unicorn into a flaming abyss and there was a huge explosion of some kind and it snapped me awake!

(Author's Note: And then THIS happened!…)

Flash: CAPTAIN CORNDOG!!! *Jumps awake and looks around with some weird looks from the other passengers being directed at him* Huh? Uh…. Eheheh… *Scratches head* Sorry… Just had a… dream… *The passengers just sigh, shrug, and look away* Hmmm….. *Sighs and looks out the window to see the Crystal Empire very close in sight* Mom tells me that sometimes our dreams try to tell us something in our sleep. Something that has something to do with what’s on our minds… If that’s the case, then I think I’m gonna have one hay of a time in this new job! (But why did I say “Captain Corndog” when I woke up?)

Bravo: Captain What?!

Author: Uh… You okay, dude?

Flash: Uh… Yeah, sorry about that! Eheheh… *Looks out the window as the sun rises behind the shining rays of the Crystal Empire in the distance as he gazes in awe* Wow….

SCORE: Sonatines for Two Violins (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

Author: So that’s the stop, huh?

Bravo: Yeah. Hey, we’ll see you ‘round, Flash!

Flash: Oh… Yeah! Later! *Looks back out* (My life is just about to take another step up… Crystal Empire… Here comes Flash Sentry!)

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 21
And now a shout-out to my partner in crime, :iconbravokrofski:, who's been very patient with me and an awesome friend! Thanks, Evan for putting up with my shtick for this long! It's been a good long run, so let's keep on running, bro!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Count Author Brainstorm- Johnathan Benedict
Lieutenant Encore Bravo- Evan Bravo
Verse 20

Once my vacation ended, I returned to Canterlot and was given a sudden notice from Princess Celestia that I was actually set to be transferred to the Crystal Empire under Prince Shining Armor’s request. He kept his promise from before. Everything he said would come true did! It’s as if he’s a psychic or something! But anyways, I was surprised and excited to be able to keep working with my favorite fearless leader! So after a couple of days to prepare, I was ready to go. The only downside to this… I had to live even further from home.

SONG: Main Menu (Kirby Triple Deluxe)…

Flash: So I’m moving up, huh?

Celestia: Yes. *Gives him a note written to him by Shining Armor*  It was under a very special request by Prince Shining Armor. It seems he really wants you to work for him again. I hope that won’t pose a problem.

Flash: No, not at all! I’m grateful for this and I can’t wait! I just…

Celestia:….You won’t be going alone either.

Flash: Huh?

Celestia: The Crystal Empire is rather far from your home and I can tell you’re slightly upset for having to move farther out, so I have already arranged a gift for you. Consider this a reward for all your hard work here in Canterlot. Please enter, Dr. Atom!

Flash: Atom… AMP?! *Sees Amp Atom walk in*

Amp Atom: That’s Amp Atom, not Atom Amp! Please don’t get my name backwards, Flash.

Flash: Heh… Sorry. So wait, what’s going on here?!

Amp Atom: I’ll be accompanying you! Is it not obvious?

Flash: Princess?

Celestia: I’ve seen how well the two of you get along as friends and work together in good tandem, so I would hate for two good friends that work together to have to work separately. So I hope you’re both prepared to depart. The train leaves tonight when my sister raises the moon.

Amp Atom: Isn’t this great, Flash?! We can continue to work together!

Flash: Heh… Heheh… HAHAHA!!! YEAH!!! Thank you, Princess! You’re the best!

Celestia: I’m happy to help!

Flash: This is awesome! And here I thought I was gonna go at this alone!

Amp Atom: Please, Flash. When did we EVER let you do things alone?! Heheh! *Ahem* So will that be all, your highness?

Celestia: Yes. You are both dismissed. I wish you both the absolute best!

Flash & Amp: THANK YOU, PRINCESS! *Both bow their heads and leave*

So the two of us were set to be transferred over to the Crystal Empire, but we had the day to make sure our families knew where to find us. I asked Amp how he got pulled into this, but it turned out that he was the one who wanted to come with! He explained how he was the head of the EUP-Guard’s Intelligence Group and left his younger brother, Maurice Molecule in charge of the Canterlot Branch while he would work on the Crystal Empire’s Branch alongside me. Huh, I never knew he had a brother… Anyways, after all that exposition, we informed our loved ones where they could find us. But there was one last thing standing in my way. Someone rather unexpected... My father, Prince Blueblood pulled me aside.

SCORE: Hyrule Castle (Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess)…

Blueblood: I need to speak with you in private. I order you to comply.

Flash: What do you want with me?

Blueblood: I heard everything that was told to you and your friend.

Flash: Yeah, great news, ain't it? You wanted to get away from me for so long and now I'm getting relocated. Dreams really do come true, don't they?

Blueblood: You fool! I pulled you aside to try and prevent this!

Flash: What?! Why?!

Blueblood: Because... You cannot go to the Crystal Empire! I forbid it!

Flash: Excuse me?! I'm pretty sure Princess Celestia already made it clear that I don't follow orders from you! I follow orders from her, her sister, her niece, and Prince Shining Armor! Which, by the way, I'm under orders from all of them to be relocated! There's nothing YOU can do to get in my way this time!

Blueblood: I'm not ordering this to you as a prince to a guard, I'm...

Flash: WHAT?! You're telling me you're trying to be a "FATHER"?! Well guess what, Pops! It's way too late for that!

Blueblood: You stupid little... I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

Flash: If my life needed saving, I would have the ponies that actually LOVE me for that! Not some idiot who was SUPPOSED TO but gave up after the first year! And where I'm going, I'll have plenty of the former!


Flash: What's the matter? Got nothing left to say, "Your Highness"?!

Blueblood:........Just...stay away from the Frozen North at least then...

Flash: If any missions come up that lead me to there, then I won't have much of a choice. And neither will you. So will there be anything else?


Flash: If that's all, then this conversation is over. I'm going to the Crystal Empire! "Don't look for me!"


My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 20
I consider this a shout-out to :iconcrimson-kaizer: And Joey, you should know why! The last part there actually came to me in a dream. That and I just like to make Vincent Tong argue with himself! YEEHEHEHHEHEHEE!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Verse 19

I then lost consciousness and wouldn’t wake up until the next couple of days… once again, in a hospital. I heard from reports that the creature that attacked me was reported as a Pegasus pony named Night Slash, the Blind Reaper. However, it was soon confirmed that he was no more and the moon was already put back together as if nothing even happened. I couldn’t help but wonder what that was all about… but then I remembered one disturbing fact about my current situation… I was in the hospital again DURING MY VACATION!

Flash: *Wakes up with his friends around* Uuuugh…

Amp Atom: Is he coming to? Ah, at last!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! I though y’all was gon’ have dat funneh face fo’evah!

Drum Role: Dude, you gotta stop landing yourself in the hospital! It’s starting to look embarrassing!

Flash: Wait… hospital? *Looks around and then at his bed* OH COME ON!!!

SCORE: Flipsville Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)…

Well that’s just great… The first time in a while that I got to have a vacation and THIS happened! *Sigh* Amp offered to see if Princess Celestia would allow for extra time, but I told him not to. That wouldn’t have been fair to the other guards. Him being the Element of Integrity, he understood how I felt, but couldn’t help but feel a bit conflicted.

So instead, he sent a letter to Mom and First Base to come in for a visit. I was surprised that Advent wasn’t there, but by then, I already knew that he liked going on weird journeys, so I didn’t worry too much about him. But instead, we ended up getting a surprise visit from someone new. He walked in with a dark-blue color, yellow and black mane and tail, a diamond-shaped mirror on his head, and retro-style prosthetic wings. Kind of like Heavyweight’s, only not made of mithril.

????: This is another one?

Nurse: Yes. And his friends are in there with him, so please be considerate. Okay?

????: I will. Thank you. *Walks in* Uh…

Drum Role: Caaaan… we help you?

????: H-Hello… *Looks to the bed and sees Flash in it*

Flash: Hi. Uh… Who are you?

Soul Wind: My name… It’s Soul Wind. *Bows his head*

[SOUL WIND- Terry Klassen]

SCORE: Nascence (JOURNEY)…

Flash: Soul Wind, huh? *Thinks for a moment* Hmm… Wait a minute… *Tries to remember what happened the other night, however, his memory is a bit shaky and it was hard to see at the time, so there’s no telling what this is to him* Uh… Never mind.

Soul Wind: I came here… because I… I want to apologize.

Flash: Apologize? What for? What did you do?

Soul Wind: Well… I… *Takes a deep inhale* I was the one who attacked you… *They all have different reactions* And I’m very sorry…

Drum Role:….Seriously?

Soul Wind: Huh?

Flash: No, you didn’t.

Soul Wind: What?! What do you mean I didn’t?! I’m confessing for my crimes!

Flash: Well, I do remember being attacked, and I didn’t get that good of a look at the guy who got me, but one thing I did notice was that compared to him, you’re the size of a foal. He was much bigger than you.

Soul Wind:…..

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg. You sho you da guy? Ya don’t even look like da kind-o guy who’d hurt a fly!

Soul Wind: But…

Amp Atom: Please explain yourself.

Soul Wind:…Well… You see… I…

Flash: Forget it. I can’t really think straight right now anyways. If your dad or older brother or whatever that split the moon was a real stallion, he’d fess up and take his punishment like one instead of having some random colt take the blame for it!

Soul Wind:……*Looks down*

Flash: Look, pal. Whatever you did, you’re already forgiven for. So don’t worry about it. Okay?

SCORE: Chapel Hidden In Smoke (Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia)…

Soul Wind: Yeah… Okay… Thank you… And by the way… did anyone notice that you’re all glowing?

Flash: Huh? *Looks at his Element of Justice as everyone else does for their Elements* That’s weird…

Amp Atom: The Elements of Victory… Flash, do you still have the Element of Valor?

Flash: I think I… *Looks at his things, but sees that it isn’t there* Wait, I had it on me when… Oh no… *Facehoof* Dang it! I must’ve dropped it when that crazy guy attacked me! AAGH! I could be anywhere by now!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg. Chill, man! We gon’ find it one day. Who knows, maybe da pony it made fo’ already found it!

Drum Role: Then I guess then he’ll find us if that’s the case!

Flash: *Sigh* But I wonder why they’re glowing right now. Hmm… I wonder if Advent’s Element is glowing right now.

Amp Atom: The Element of Faith IS one of them and it resonates with the rest. Maybe Advent might find it if he knows to pick it up on his journeys. He always does seem to pick up some strange things along his ways.

Soul Wind: Who’s Advent?

Flash: A good friend of ours. But tell me, Soul Wind. Does the "Element of Valor" mean anything to you? Does it ring any bells?

Soul Wind: *Shakes head* Sorry.

Flash: It’s fine. I just had to ask is all.

Soul Wind: Is there… anything I can do for you?

Flash: Nah, I’m good. Thanks. You’re a lot more pleasant than that other guy. So keep that up, okay? And quit being so shy! You don’t want to come off as weak, do ya?

Soul Wind:…..!!! N-No… Of course not…

Flash: Then chin up, buddy! I’ll be fine. And so will you. So go on.

Soul Wind:…..*Nods* Thank you, sir. *Walks out, but gets flattened against the wall by an opening door that was swung opened by Milky Way* BAAAGH!!!

Milky Way: FLASH!!!

First Base: BIG BRO!!!

Soul Wind: *Wobbles out the room while dizzy* I…deserved that….

Amp Atom: You think he’s okay?

Drum Role: I wouldn’t worry about it.

Bass Keys: Yo, he good.

Flash: Mom! Slugger! When did you guys get here?

First Base: Mom and I ran over hear faster than a train!

Milky Way: Are you alright, dear?! What happened?! *Hugs him tightly… too tight*

First Base: *Sitting on top of him* You worried us!

Flash: I’ll be fine, Mom! Really! I’ll explain, but… ACK! YOU’RE BOTH CRUSHING ME!!!

Milky Way & First Base: SORRY!

Moving on from there, my time of combat was done for a while. I wouldn’t see this Soul Wind guy for a good long while, but I didn’t really think I’d need to worry anyways. After my recovery, I went on to Trottingham with everyone for a nice little vacation time. Fortunately, I still got 5 days off after I was released from the hospital, so it’s not like the week was shortened by THAT much.

Within those days, I heard word that a new location in Equestria had just been added to the map. A branch kingdom known as the Crystal Empire had appeared up north and the chief, Prince Shining Armor and his wife, Princess Cadence had just moved in and dealt with a major problem there with the help of his sister and her friends. Apparently they also recognized Twilight’s little dragon, Spike as the hero that saved them. A noble dragon, huh? Normally, I’d only believe it when I see it, but the proof WAS right there in plain sight, so I won’t argue. He seemed like a good kid when I first saw him, so I can believe it.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 19
The music is going all over the place! And also, Flash is starting to find himself in the hospital more and more...story of his life, right? Here's hoping it doesn't become a trend. But at least now it's over and Flash will be moving on to the next big stage in his life! As for the Element of Valor? Well, that is a story for another time.


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Drum Role- Peter New
Nurse- Brit McKillip
Soul Wind- Terry Klassen
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
First Base- Chiara Zanni
Verse 18

Being together with my friends reminded me once more of our younger years and made me feel a bit homesick too. I guess I have the Changeling Queen to thank for that as well since, as much as I hate to admit it, she actually did remind me of how much I missed Mom and First Base. I wanted to spend some time at home with the family again. Fortunately, Princess Celestia was so happy with how things turned out for the wedding that she let all the guards have a week’s paid vacation! We’d take turns having time off and when my week came up, I was excited to go! However, on the way to Trottingham, I decided to hit up the floating city of Cloudsdale to visit for my first day of vacation! Not going into too much detail, but it was pretty good for the most part! That is until night fell.

Seriously?! You want me to read it like- *Sigh* Okay, okay! Chill! I’ll say it! *Ahem* So when night fell, I took a little flight out onto a stray cloud and took a little rest. You could say that I was just chillaxin’ on my cloud like a baller! And then all of a sudden something CRAZY happened with the moon and it split opened like a giant melon! And then all of a sudden this schmuck shows up and attacks me for no reason! And as far as I can remember, this was the last time I got my butt handed to me… good thing too, it was starting to get embarrassing. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Since this memory seems to have some significance, we may as well wing it!

Flash: *Yawns and lays back on a cloud* Huh... I can’t remember the last time I got to rest like this… Okay. First I just rest a few more minutes here, and then I’ll go to Trottingham. I can’t wait to see everypony again! *Rests for a minute or two until feels a pulse coming from both the Elements of Justice and Valor that he’s holding onto right before he hears a loud sound from the sky* Huh?! What the-?! *Feels a fast wave of wind blow through from the moon* WHOA!!! *Gets blown back and sees the moon split in half vertically* ACK!!! Wh-WHA?! The moon! What just-

SCORE: I’m My Own Master Now [Spirit Of The Wolf] (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

????: HRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *Flies down from between the moon and dive bombs towards Cloudsdale* And now... for my revenge!!! Here I come, Equestria!

Flash: Wait… Is something moving? *Takes out spear* It’s coming this way! What the heck is that?! *Braces himself for when a mysterious shadow appears and is about to crash into Cloudsdale* HOLD IT!!! *Stops him in his tracks to confront him*

????: *Appears as a shadow in the moonlight, barely visible*………

Flash: Uh… Hi there! Nice evening, isn’t it?

????: *Glares and growls*

Flash: Hmm… Identify yourself! Who are you?!

[NIGHT SLASH- Terry Klassen & Fred Tatasciore]

Night Slash:….Don’t ask! Just go away! *4-pointed star-shaped mirror shines as he vanishes and quickly attacks Flash* RAAAH!!!

Flash: AGH!!! *Dodges what feels like a fast-moving blade* Hey! Do you know who you’re attacking, pal?! I’m putting you under arrest for assaulting a- *Gets hit from a different angle* GAAAAAH!!! *Recovers and flies back* Okay… Time for talk’s done then! *Spear starts sparking* Where are you?! *Looks around and sees a dark blur charge at him* THERE! *Dodges and flies back as the blur returns for both of them to attack* TAKE THIS! *Strikes with the spear, but gets blocked by what appears to be a gold and black scythe-like tail* RRRGH! HUH?! What the HECK is that?!

Night Slash: RRRRGH!!! Stop… talking… *Pushes Flash back as sparks fly*

Flash: Mind telling me why you’re attacking me!?

Night Slash: Ponies… Equestria… They hated me… I hate them! You’re one of them… So I HATE YOU!!! *They begin flying around the skies with the moon split in half and shooting stars flying in the background, trading strikes and clashing blades with flying sparks* DIE!!!

Flash: AGH!!! *Gets struck down to Cloudsdale* AAAAAAH!!!! (Can’t I ever just have some peace?!) *Sees a dark blur diving down at him until it hits him and causes him to crash into a large structure and it collapses onto him* Ngh… AAAAAAAHH!!!!! *Gets buried under rubble*

Night Slash:…Hmm… *Goes over and attacks the nearest Pegasus pony that he senses an starts causing havoc around the city until he gets confronted by Rainbow Dash*

Rainbow Dash: HEY! Over here, ugly!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 18
YEEHEHEHEHEHHEHEEE!!! And here we have a little callback to my very first MLP Fanfiction, The Blind Reaper! Man, it's been years since then! This actually makes me feel nostalgic a bit! 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Night Slash- Terry Klassen & Fred Tatasciore 
Rainbow Dash- Ashleigh Ball
Verse 17

SCORE: SMILE [Reincarnation] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Heavyweight: Hey, kid! Get up! Open your eyes already!

Thunderclap: I’m not taking you to the hospital again, Flash!

Flash: Ngh… Huh? *Sees the many ponies around celebrating Shining Armor’s wedding and sees the Sonic Rainboom above*…..*Gasps* That… That’s the… *Remembers the Sonic Rainboom from when Bass first saved him as a little colt* What the?!

Rainbow Dash: *Flies through with the Sonic Rainboom trail behind her* BEST! WEDDING! EVER!!!

Flash:…Is… Is this the wedding?! *Looks around and hears them cheering* *Whew* (Looks like it’s going well now… And I almost missed it!) *Looks up to Shining Armor and Cadence and smiles then cheers with everypony else*

The Changeling threat was completely wiped away from Canterlot and the rest of the wedding went without a hitch! The chief became known as Prince Shining Armor upon being wedded to Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia’s ever-loving niece. I had met two other princes in my life and both of them were less than stellar, but hey, it’s like they say! Third one’s the Prince Charming, right?! *Rimshot* Thanks, Drum!

So then came the reception party. It was a blast and everypony was invited! Before the big song of the party, the chief passed by and looked to me for a moment. I scratched my head nervously, but he smiled down to me and nodded. He remembered his promise and gave silent thanks. This triumph belonged to is sister, who was able to ultimately give the bride a chance to help save the day, from what I heard. But my band and I did help kick-start it all.

It was also thanks to the snooping that Amp and I did that the threat was leaked before it was too late. And the 4 of us did what we could to keep the threat at a minimum. I saluted and they walked over to the circle and started dancing. I couldn’t tell you how happy I felt watching them dance together like that. I had to step away for a bit before I started crying. It was then that Princess Luna joined the party and the chief’s sister started singing a song very similar to one that I sang during the couple’s last date.

Pinkie Pie: Let’s get this party started!

SONG: Love Is In Bloom [Full Version] (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)…

(Twilight Sparkle)
Love Is In Bloom
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom,
Two hearts becoming one
A bond that cannot be undone because

Love Is In Bloom
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
I said
Love Is In Bloom
You're starting a life and making room
For us (For us, For us...)
Your special day
We celebrate now, the pony way
Your friends are all right here
Won't let these moments disappear because

Love Is In Bloom
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
I said
Love Is In Bloom
You're starting a life and making room
For us, (For us... For us... Aah...)

Turns out that Chief and his bride loved that song so much that they wanted Twilight to sing it for them, but she decided to come up with her own lyrics… Is that creativity made to flatter the original creator or insult her? I honestly don’t know, since that song DID belong to Advent’s mother… Eh, doesn’t matter, I guess.

Flash: The Flower Of Love Has Bloomed… *Sniff* (I can’t believe it… We even helped make it happen…) *Wipes tears* Aah, why do I always get so emotional?! Huh?! *Gets dog-piled by his friends* AAGH!!!

Drum Role: YEAAH!!! HAHAAH!!! Ya see what happens, Flash?! Ya see what happens when you don’t try to do everything yourself?!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! DAT HAPPENS, MAN! It da sight fo sore eyes!

Amp Atom: I suppose the invasion, while not really desired, at least made the festivities more special since we all survived! Wouldn’t you say?

Flash: Yeah. I get ya, guys! And thanks again!

Drum Role: No sweat, dude!

Bass Keys: Yo!

Amp Atom: Speaking of the festivities, it looks like the couple’s leaving. *Sigh* It was all worth it.

Flash: Yeah, but that’s easy for you guys to say. You weren’t trapped in a cave for a couple days! Speaking of which, where’s the cider?! I’m parched!

The wedding reception ended with a fantastic display of fireworks as Twilight finished singing after seeing her brother and his newly wedded wife off. I looked to her curiously while she was with her friends as they were laughing together. I still couldn’t help but think about what I was piecing together back in the cave. I just kept thinking about her for a while, especially after all the good I heard that she and her friends had done over the time she was in Ponyville. I needed to think carefully about approaching her, though. I didn’t know why I was feeling that at the time, but for some reason, the feeling just hit me. Maybe it was from that huge magic wave from before, maybe it was the wedding itself, maybe it was that dream with Moonlit in it, I couldn’t guess. Either way, I was feeling pretty happy there and then.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 08 VERSE 17
Love Is In this day, it's STILL one of my absolute favorite songs in the entire series! I loved The Canterlot Wedding and I was SO glad to include it as part of this story! I really loved how it turned out! What do you guys think?


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Rainbow Dash- Ashleigh Ball
Pinkie Pie- Andrea Libman
Twilight Sparkle- Rebecca Shoichet
Drum Role- Peter New
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent

Somewhere in Equestria, Advent Playwright has dropped to his knees and started praying, for his mother's final song has just been put to the best use it could... Tears of joy stream down his face as he looks up to Canterlot to see the fireworks celebrating the marriage of two beautiful souls.

And also...guys, this is a very special moment I just realized. This story is a year old. I started this story on Mother's Day of 2014 and now we're at this big marker in Flash's adventure through his Life Review... I certainly hope you've been enjoying this! We've got plenty left to go! So once more, Happy Mother's Day! Let's keep it going strong! THIS ONE'S FOR MY MAMA!!!

Rest In Peace, Freckles

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 11:24 AM

I don't have a photo of her. Sorry about that. If I did, I would show you all, but please bear with me. I'm sorry if this one's a little long.

I want to address a good friend of mine. She wasn't my pet, but she was still a loving friend. Her name was Freckles, a dog belonging to a married couple in my neighborhood who hired me as their go-to dog walker for both of their dogs, Freckles and Lucian. 

For over two years, about half the time that I've spent living in this peaceful little village, I've helped walk and train these two dogs. They were both very well behaved and loving of each other and any others around us, human or otherwise. Freckles especially. She was young, kind, full of energy (and urine), and was one of the best friends I've ever made.

Even though they were my clients, we still became friends with each other. Their owners were also happy of that. They loved their dog very much, but one day, I found Freckles in their back yard limping on one front leg. The other was badly hurt and nobody knew why. Not even the vets could figure it out. 

The vets tried to heal her and put a cast on her broken leg, but unfortunately, there was something else wrong with her. We still don't know what it was, but it was most likely what did it. In the meantime, I was just waiting for a call from their owners and wouldn't get one for a little over a week.

Finally, I got a call this morning to ask if I could walk their other dog, Lucian. I was happy to hear from them again, but was then told the bad news about Freckles. Everyone is devastated right now, myself included. But if there's one thing that I know for sure it's that no matter how sad I am about this, it's nothing compared to how sad the owners and Lucian are. They have lost a cherished companion. I can only imagine the kind of pain they're going through right now. It's a sad reality that we pet owners have to accept sometimes. 

I'm praying for my neighbors to get through this hard time. Losing a pet is always tragic. I only ask that you all do the same. I won't give the owner's names to respect their peaceful privacy, but I still ask that you guys pray for them. I'm sure they would appreciate it greatly. I know I would. 

Always remember to love your pet. You won't have them forever. As painful as it is, it's the truth.

Rest In Peace, Freckles. The Father in Heaven is taking good care of you now. You're not in pain anymore. Be a good girl for him.

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SonEminoKami asks: So far in the Equestria Games set he made a background appearance on a Mane Character card of Princess Cadance, so who wants to see Flash Sentry become a card in the My Little Pony CCG? 

15 deviants said Yes! So I can add him to my deck and WRECK SOME SHIT UP WITH HIM!!!
1 deviant said No! I don't want him to get added to a discard pile! It would hurt too much!!!


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