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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


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“It's not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth."  [Matthew 15:11]

Track 4- Graduation From A Crisis

Verse 1

Celestia returns to the others with Flash Sentry on her back and sets him down. She turns to look at the situation. Unfortunately, Luna is having a hard time with the enemy. She also sees in the distance two severed wings burning up from the attacks. Flash’s wings are pretty much barbecued.

SONG: Love Theme [Hum Version] (Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots)

Celestia: His wings…. I’m sorry, Flash. One of the worst things to happen to a Pegasus is for his wings to be taken from him. Tend to him. I need to help Luna! *Takes off* Hang on, Luna! I’m coming!

Twilight: Flash! *Holds his head up and starts tearing* You can survive this! You’ve gone through worse! C’mon! At least open your eyes!

Shining Armor: That wound. He took the hit for Celestia so she could get back here safely. He did his job right. *Looks back at the unicorn prince Blueblood encased in rocks* You see this?! You see what your son had to put himself through?!


Shining Armor: Maybe you should take a few notes if you survive this, Blueblood!

Blueblood: Hrrgh... That’s PRINCE Blueb-

Shining Armor: Give it a rest! I’m the prince of the Crystal Empire! What are you the prince of?! HUH?! You've already stepped down from the EUP coordination position, so as far as we’re both concerned, I outrank you! So I’ll address you any way I want, got it?!

Cadence: Shining! Please, let’s worry more about his son first! *Uses a healing spell to keep Flash alive* Don’t worry, Flash. You’ll be back on your hooves in no time!

Shining Armor: Hmph… Yeah. *Walks back towards them* (Bet’cha I could’ve made a better father.)

Blueblood:…..*Looks at Flash just barely breathing and quietly growls*….

End Of Verse
My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 04 VERSE 01
And so the new track begins! How will this turn out, I wonder... And now we get Shining Armor telling Blueblood off. Tell me, how do you think Flash would be if Shining Armor was his dad? 

CAST (In Order As They Appear)

Narrator (Author)- Johnathan Benedict
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Prince Blueblood- Vincent Tong
Princess Cadence- Britt McKillip


Love Theme [Hum Version] (Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots)…

COVER by :iconbravokrofski:
Verse 47

SCORE: I’m My Own Master Now [Spirit Of The Wolf] (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)…

I was feeling pretty good for a while. After a while, we had formed a strong bond. I had my own marefriend again…it’s too bad that in exchange for gaining something great…I also took a heavy loss. A little while later, some news of tragedy and disaster struck Equestria once again. This time in the form of a vengeful monster that happened to be the last of the old enemy of mine… Prince Larva. He appeared one day dressed up as Chief and tricked my two friends, Heavyweight and Thunderclap into taking him to an objective point…and rewarded them with death.

(Author’s Note: For further details, read my story “Changeling Retribution”)

That last mission I had with them…WAS my last mission with them. I learned it after Chief and Princess Cadence headed to Canterlot to find out for themselves. When the problem was dealt with, he gave me a call to report to Canterlot on the double. I had Steel keep an eye on things and headed out to join them for Military Funeral Honors. We went through the entire procedure to honor them, including a 21-stallion firing where we strapped miniature bombs to our arrows and fired them off to the sky. That was the last I ever saw of Heavyweight and Thunderclap…but no matter how sad I felt, it couldn’t compare to the sorrow that their family members were feeling. They all lived in Ponyville and depended on them. It was a truly painful loss for them.

Fortunately, Chief and the Princess agreed to supplement them with whatever they needed and saw to it that they would be taken care of for the rest of their lives as compensation. It’s a reality that we face as Royal Guards. Loss was a thing that we all had to get used to. It reminded me of my own family and made me realize how much it would hurt if I fell too…but I wasn’t about to let that thought stop me from continuing. Everypony in the Guard had that thought at one point or another and they never gave up! So I wasn’t about to either! I promised to keep going strong and I kept it going strong! For Heavyweight and Thunderclap! The memories that Chief and I had with them rushed through my mind as I saluted to them and thought that unspoken vow to them…and yes…I cried until it was over.

So many things in my life had left me with so many memories... So many things gained and lost... Some pleasant, some painful... I guess now I truly understand what it means to be alive. You can never truly predict what's going to happen... This life review is definitely making its point. But even's STILL not over! What's up next...well, like I said, you will NOT be able to predict this! End the track, Author... We all need to recover from this before it's time for what comes next... After all, this soldier's fight is far from over...

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 47
After the last verse's happy ending, Flash gets a little reminder of what it means to be a guard when he finds out that an old enemy of his had taken the lives of two of his old friends. Prince Larva was defeated, but not without taking his vengeance on Equestria. He may have failed, but he did manage to leave a few marks. 


Narration (Flash Sentry)- Vincent Tong

And so ends Track 09! And MAN was this a heavy one! So many battles, so many enemies faced and so many new bonds made! But now it's time to move on! In the next chapter, we're gonna be shifting gears a bit, so get ready for something unexpected! There's no way you'll see this coming! 
Verse 46

Amp Atom: In any event, it’s time to wake Princess Twilight back up. Everypony back up. Give her some room. *Horn glows again* [Sound Art: WAKE UP CALL] *Turns up his own personal volume* TIME TO WAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!

Twilight: *Snaps back awake* AAH!!! Ow, my ears! What was that for?!

Amp Atom: My apologies, Princess, but an excessively loud sound is the only way to wake you up without having to wait a whole day for your senses to reactivate. It was necessary.

Twilight:…Well…okay… Ngh… Did you…get it out? *Rubbing her head*

Cadence: I think so!

Shining Armor: Are you okay, Twily?

Twilight: Yeah… In fact, I feel a bit lighter now! *Looks at Flash and her eyes begin to resonate with his* Wait a minute… I remember…. I REMEMBER!

SCORE: The Path Is Open (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Flash: *Sees the image of a shining bluish-white Alicorn with glowing eyes and radiant rainbow-colored mane and tail flowing from her* (Whoa… No way, is that…)

Phosphorus: (Heh! Heheheheh…)

Flash: (What’s up with Phosphorus?! No way…don’t tell me…) Twilight?

Twilight: *Smiles at Flash* Yes! I remember everything now!

Flash: You do?! *Is really excited* That’s great! We did it!

Twilight: *Jokingly* YOU’RE THE CHEESEBALL!!!

Flash: DACK!!! *Falls to the ground all of a sudden*…..Seriously?!

SCORE: SMILE [Reincarnation] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Shining Armor: PFFTAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! That’s STILL funny! I almost forgot about that one!


????: (That’s what you get for keeping me waiting, Phossy!)

Phosphorus: *Sighs* (Yeah… I suppose that one’s on me. I’m sorry, Asteria.)

[ASTERIA- Kerri Kane]

Asteria: (We’re going to have a talk about this.)

Phosphorus: (Great… The ONLY one that can get the better of me…)

Asteria: (Don’t forget about your mother and sister!)

Phosphorus: *Shakes his head* (……Mares…)

Asteria: (I heard that!)

Phosphorus: (Sorry…) *Droops his head as Asteria chuckles*

Cadence:…..*Chuckles and shifts to laughter* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Flash: Oh, HA HA! Very funny…. (Is this SERIOUSLY happening right now?!)

Amp Atom: Just like old times, eh, Flash?

Flash:……*Sighs and smirks* Heheh… Yeah, I guess. Glad I was able to help...

Twilight: Oh, come on! Lighten up, Flashy! I was just kidding!

Flash: (“Flashy”?) You mean right now or when we were younger?

Twilight: Both! Look…I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings back then… I guess I just didn’t know what to do at the time. That and I had this weird mental tick that made me think of you in…some way…

Phosphorus: (Nice excuse, Asteria. You made her act that way to spite me, didn’t you?)

Asteria: (You know I couldn’t do that because of the rules!)

Phosphorus: (I ALSO know how you’re a fan of making up your own rules! Not to mention that I know how you love to justify your actions…like in this case, you called yourself a “tick”!)

Asteria:…..(That wasn’t me, that was her! All I did was drop her a hint back then! Everything she said and did was on her, okay? I didn’t break any rules!)

Phosphorus: (I had a feeling you had SOMETHING to do with it!)

Asteria: (Well next time don’t keep me waiting so long! It’s rude, you know!)

Phosphorus: *Sighs* (You’re right. I’m sorry, my beloved…)

Asteria: *Smiles* (I forgive you.)

Flash: (Is this for real?!)

SCORE: Dreams Dreams [Harmony Version] (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

Twilight:…I don’t know why, but…when I saw you training with Shining Armor back then…I thought at first that I was jealous of you… I wanted to spend more time with my brother back then…but I then felt a thought that made me conflicted. A thought in my head that made me more jealous of Shining Armor…

Flash & Shining: HUH?!

Twilight: I know this sounds weird, but…since he was spending more time with you; you two were able to form a bond. I’m sorry I was so immature back then to you… I guess I just didn’t know how to express this…

Flash:…An apology was really all I wanted. Thank you, Twilight.

Twilight: I’m not done yet!

Flash: Hmm?

Twilight: I still have this feeling… I just didn’t get a chance to tell you since you vanished in my eyes back then. After you won that duel with both my brother and Prince Blueblood, I never saw you again… I wanted to see you again after that, but then I guess I just gave up and kept to my studies and then the next thing I knew, there was that memory block. Now I feel like I missed you all this time and never knew it.

Phosphorus: (Heh! So this is all her saying this?)

Asteria: (Do you hear me telling her this or see me pulling strings on her?)

Flash: Well…I don’t know what to say…

Twilight: I…do… Flash Sentry… I…I kind of like you… *Blushing*

Flash & Shining: COME AGAIN?!

Twilight: That’s why I wanted to get to know you… I was just too little to know it back then.

Flash:….*Remembers the words of both Moonlit Spark and Phosphorus*

“Just keep your eyes on hers, and you’ll know.”

“Look for the mare with stars in her eyes.”

Flash: *Looks into Twilight’s eyes and see little twinkling sparkles in them like stars*…..(She’s….the one! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!) *Can faintly hear Phosphorus laughing his head off* (Eeyup…it’s her alright… It’s like someone set us up or something…)

Shining Armor:….*Eye twitches*…

Twilight: I won’t force you, but… I’d like to give us a new start. What do you say?

Flash:….*Looks at Shining Armor and Cadence, who are giving him mixed signs, then to Phosphorus and Asteria, who merely smirk, then finally to Amp, who simply shrugs*….I…don’t see why not. But why don’t we start off small? I already tried going out with somepony right off the bat when I was little and…well…it didn’t end like I had hoped. Besides, I’m sure you have a lot of responsibilities back in Ponyville and I don’t want to get in your way.

Twilight: Oh… Yeah, you’re right. And you have a lot of responsibilities here too, don’t you?

Flash: Oh yeah! But like I said, let’s start small and build “us” up! Sound good to you?

Twilight: I get it! Yeah! I like that idea! So I won’t call you my “coltfriend” just yet…but I’m fine with calling you my “Special Somepony”! *Hugs him and nuzzles*

Flash: Likewise! That works! *Grooms her mane*

Phosphorus: (Now that brings back memories.)

Asteria: (They’re on their way. Just as we started…)

Shining Armor: Now hold on a-*Gets grabbed and muzzled by Cadence* MMFFMFM!!!

Cadence: *Shushes him* Let them finish!

Shining Armor: HMM!??!

Flash: So…would you like to take a walk? We can start us off on the right hoof if you want.

Twilight: Sounds good! Lead the way, Cheeseball!

Flash:…..I’m gonna have to get more used to that, am I?

Twilight: Eheehee!!! *Walks out with him*

Amp Atom: Well…THAT was unexpected, wasn’t it, your highness?

Cadence: I would say so! Though something tells me it was bound to happen!

Shining Armor: *Slips out*…..Seriously? Did all this JUST happen in the span of a few minutes?!

Cadence: Kind of like how we did? Love works in strange ways, Shiny!

Shining Armor: THIS IS DIFFERENT! We grew up together in school! Those two barely know each other!

Phosphorus: (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! THAT brings back memories too!)

Asteria: (Ah yes…your big sister was all over me like a bad itch…) *Sighs* (Only this time it’s in reverse.)

Phosphorus: (Yeah, now it’s my turn…or rather, his…)

Asteria: (Just don’t keep me waiting too long again! Otherwise, I may tell Eos on you!)

Phosphorus: (Do NOT bring my mother into this!) *Sees Asteria laughing and sighs* (I love you… For better or worse…)

Amp Atom: I think I’m gonna take my leave now! Ciao! *Runs out as Cadence and Shining Armor carry on with their debate/argument as Phosphorus and Asteria vanish and rejoin Flash and Twilight respectively* I don’t know why, but I feel like something extraordinary just happened…

And that’s how I ended up meeting the love of my life…with the weirdest of beginnings. Well, nothing in my life ever came by the easy way, so I guess for this one, there’s no exception. I took her out for a nice walk in the Crystal Empire with Dream Vania joining us. For some reason, she seemed incredibly happy. I can probably guess why… After a little while, Twilight rejoined her friends from Ponyville and we said our good-byes for now.

Unfortunately, after we parted ways, I had to deal with a new threat. One that I never thought I would ever have to face… The Chief… Prince Shining Armor apparently has another side to him that I never knew of, an overprotective brother-side… And by forming a relationship with Twilight, I have invoked it’s wrath… I don’t think we need to go into that though… It got resolved in time with the help of Princess Cadence reasoning with him and Twilight convincing him that she was her own mare and was able to make her own decisions. Good on her… She really has grown up!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 46 5/5
Flash Sentry has helped Twilight Sparkle reawaken her memories. Twilight Sparkle now has obtained the facade used to overcome life's hardships, the Ethereal Spirit Asteria! Destiny has finally brought them back together as well as ignited a new bond between the Lightning Vanguard and the Princess Of Friendship! 


Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Cadence- Brit McKillip
Phosphorus- Jason Adkins
Asteria- Kerri Kane 
Verse 46

Flash: This should be good! So what’s the plan?

Twilight: How are we going to get my memories back?

Amp Atom: Ordinarily, something like this would prove to be more difficult than penetrating reinforced metal! Fortunately, we know someone who is quite good at removing aberrant objects from other peoples’ minds! *They take Twilight over to the throne room and meet with Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor*….and that is why we need for this to be done. If we can get your help with this, it would be greatly appreciated, your highness.

SCORE: The Power Of The Heart (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Shining Armor: You seriously can’t remember that day?! Even I can remember!

Cadence: But if I remove the block, then she will remember… Twilight, what do you think? Are you willing to do it?

Twilight: Yes, I am! It’s clear to me that there were a lot of things from my filly-hood that I can’t remember. I want the block removed! Will you do it, please?

Cadence: I can and will. Though I don’t want this to hurt you… The last time I did this was on accident and it almost made the last pony I did it to convulse.

Flash:……*Looks down and cringes a little*….

Amp Atom: I can assist with that. With the help of my “Black-Out” Spell, all of her senses will be temporarily shut off and she won’t feel a thing. It’s kind of like anesthesia, except much quicker and without the side-effects. As soon as you remove the block, we’ll simply wake her back up and she’ll be good as new.

Shining Armor:….All this to get her to remember Flash? This better be worth it.

Twilight: Alright, Cadence! Let’s do this!

Cadence: Okay. Dr. Amp Atom. Do your thing!

Amp Atom: Right! Princess Twilight, please look me in the eyes. *She does so and he takes a deep breath* [Visual Art: BLACK OUT] *Horn glows and his eyes turn pitch black along with Twilight’s and she falls unconscious without making a sound* Flash, catch her!

SCORE: I'll Face Myself [Battle] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Flash: Ah! *Catches Twilight’s fall* Gotcha!

Amp Atom: Now, Princess! It’s your turn!

Cadence: Right. Flash, Shining, hold her steady! *They do so and nod* Okay… *Horn glows light blue and has a heart develop within it and she places it on Twilight’s* Okay, let’ see… Where is that little bugger…..? Ah-HAH! There you are! Get out of her mind! NOW!!! *Releases her magic and causes a smog to leave through Twilight’s horn and she backs away*


SCORE: I'll Face Myself [2nd Version] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…


Amp Atom: That was him alright… Been a while, hasn’t it?

Flash: He hated me so much…that he’d go as far as to corrupt somepony else’s memories just to make them forget me… *Sighs* (Why, Comet?! What did I ever do to you?!)

Shining Armor: Huh… That guy’s become more a nuisance than we thought. I only knew him from the academy. I guess there’s a whole story with you and him.

Cadence: We don’t even know the half of it…

Amp Atom: Try not to let it bother you too much, Flash. It’s not your fault he’s like that.

Flash: I guess so…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 46 4/5
Using the same spell she used on Flash to get rid of his inner demon, Cadence provides assistance to Twilight by getting rid of the small essence of Flash's twin brother out of her mind to reawaken her latent memories. This comes off as bittersweet to Flash himself, knowing that his brother still hates him this much. 


Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Cadence- Brit McKillip
Comet Tail- Brad Swaile
Verse 46

SCORE: Reasoning (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Twilight: Huh?!

Amp Atom: Surely, you know about Magic Signatures, correct?

Twilight: Oh, of course I do! But what does that have to do with this?

Amp Atom: Then allow me to share with you my own developed spell. It’s called “Aura Vision”. With it, you’ll be able to see the Magic Signature of Flash and myself. It’s quite a useful trick. It allows you to see the auras of other beings and even tell if they’re lying or if there is a disturbance in their Mag-Sigs.

Twilight: *Feels the magic from Amp Atom’s horn flow into hers to allow her to use the spell herself and her eyes glow blue* Whoa… Your auras… You look like you’re on fire!

Amp Atom: That’s normal. But here is the question, what do the flames look like? Are they calm like a candle or wild like a bonfire?

Twilight: Calm… Both of you… *Looks at a flailing fire to her side to find that it’s her reflection on the crystal-like walls* WHAT?! But…mine is… What is this!?

Flash: *Wearing his helmet and has it set to Aura Visor* You’re right, Amp.

Amp Atom: Of course! You see now, Princess? There is a disturbance in your Mag-Sig.

Twilight: But…but how?! I feel normal! My aura should be normal, shouldn’t it?!

Amp Atom: Please, keep calm, Princess. This merely proves that there is a block in your memory.

Twilight: You’re sure?! It couldn’t be anything else?! What about my transformation?

Amp Atom: Let’s find out, shall we? I just need to get a closer look…. *Stands calmly and looks into Twilight’s aura*………..*Gets blown back* GAAAAAH!!!!

SCORE: A New World Fool (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Flash: AMP!!! Dude! Are you alright?!

Twilight: What?! What happened?!

Amp Atom: COMET TAIL!!!

Flash: HUH?!

Amp Atom: Of course… Flash! Didn’t you say that your brother has the ability to mess with one’s memories?!

Flash:…..*Remembers* “The Out Of Sight-Out Of Mind” Spell!

Twilight: Out of sight…out of mind?! I read about that spell! But I thought that was a forbidden Dark Magic!

Flash:…..Yeah, that sounds about right. Twilight, have you met anypony by the name of “Comet Tail”?

Twilight:…I think so. That name does sound familiar…I think he’s one of the residents at Ponyville.

Flash: Ponyville?! So THAT’S where he’s been all this time!

Twilight: Though I’ve never paid him any mind. He would only attend certain things, but other than that-

Flash: He was never social, right?

Twilight: Right. He always seemed to be on his own schedule and agendas that I never bothered him. Do you know him?

Flash: Yes…he’s my twin brother. He also has a history of being a real troublemaker. He picked that spell up a long time ago when he ran away from home and committed a few crimes. One of which almost cost both me and my mother our lives.

Amp Atom: As I recall, your mother and little brother, First Base have moved there along with your cousin, Bon Bon.

Flash: Yeah, but I didn’t think Comet would go anywhere near our family.

Amp Atom: It is a mystery…

Twilight: Huh… You sure it’s him? He always seemed very calm and happy.

Flash: I honestly don’t know what’s with him, but if he put this block in your head…

Amp Atom: It could be that you got this block the day that you went to Ponyville from Canterlot. The spell is very powerful and can even force Princess Celestia herself to look the other way.

Twilight: But why would he make me forget you?

SCORE: I'll Face Myself [Another Version] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Flash: Because he hates me. He always has. He has always seen me as his mortal enemy. I never did though… *Looks down and sighs* All I ever wanted from him was a good brother… But I could never figure out why he hated me so much. *Snaps out of it* Oh, uh… Sorry about that! Gotta focus!

Twilight: It’s alright…..*Looks down* So I’ve been manipulated like this… How much did I really know before that I can’t remember?

Flash: I’m not sure…but maybe it shouldn’t matter that much.

Twilight: Huh?

Flash: I’m not anything too special, so you don’t really have to remember me. I just wanted to tell you the truth in case you did remember.

Twilight: Hold on! You don’t have to shoot yourself down like that! Everypony is special in their own way! Including you! Both of you! And if what you’re saying is true…then I want to believe you!

Flash: But how can I prove anything?

Twilight:….I don’t know…but I still want to know the truth! And I…want to know you!

Amp Atom: That’s what I needed to hear.

Twilight: Pardon?

Amp Atom: I believe I can help with that. You see, the memory block is magic-based and I happen to know how to counter certain spells with my own magic! I’m also very good with certain technology that tends to attract certain bugs in programming. I know how to remove abnormalities…though we’re going to need help for this one.

Flash: What do we need to do?

Twilight: We’re going to remove the block?

Amp Atom: Indeed we are!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 46 3/5
Leave it to the doctor to give the diagnosis! It seems Comet Tail has tampered with Twilight ever since she first arrived in Ponyville and made her forget all about Flash. He did it to everyone that he was in close enough proximity to do so...all because he hated him. Twilight was a victim and she didn't even know it!


Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Verse 46

SCORE: Merry Memory Go Round [Forest Adventure] (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

Twilight: Alright… *Explains the events of Equestria Girls and her encounter with the Flash Sentry of the Human World in fast-forward*….And that’s what happened.

Flash:….*Dumbstruck* (So THAT’S where Sunset Shimmer’s been all this time?!) Whoa….

Amp Atom: Fascinating! A world where our people are bipedal primates with advanced technology and…WOW! I wish I could see it myself!

Twilight: Well, sorry to say, but you won’t be able to for a long time. The portal’s going to be closed for another 30 moons.

Amp Atom: Oh…that’s a shame. I would have loved to study there…

Twilight: Well, I can at least help you a little in that department. Here. *Gives him a long list of detailed information about the Human World* I made this while I was there to try and blend in with the other students at Canterlot High School. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to really use it. Maybe you can learn from it.

Amp Atom: Oh! Thank you so much, Princess!

Twilight: No problem! But now it’s your turn. I held up my end of the bargain. Now you tell me who you really are!

Flash: Fair enough. Since it seems you can’t remember me… *Recaps their past encounters in fast forward*…and that’s how I know you.

Twilight:………..I think you just made that up.

Flash: What?! No! I didn’t! All that actually happened!

Twilight: I think I would have remembered you defeating my brother in a duel of THAT magnitude! I do remember that my brother had some ability like that at one point, but he lost it when the Changeling Queen took it from him.

Flash: Yeah, I remember that, but I wasn’t making anything up!

Twilight: Then can you explain to me why I don’t remember that?!

Flash: That’s why I wanted to talk to you in the first place! But…how can I explain? Did you just forget?

Amp Atom: No, her memory is definitely there.

Twilight: I knew it…you WERE just making it up!

Amp Atom: No, he was telling the whole truth. I was there with him throughout his career as his technical support and as his best friend.

Twilight: Huh?! So which is it?!

Flash: Something up, Amp?

Amp Atom: Indeed, there is.


Flash: Amp, your eyes… They’re glowing in blue. What are you doing?

Amp Atom: I’ve been monitoring everything. [Visual Art: AURA VISION] I thought something was off about this whole thing and I was right! Princess Twilight, your memory is indeed there…as well as the memories that we are referring to….however, it is being blocked.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 46 2/5
So Twilight initially looked to Flash walking away before and asked Cadence "Who is that?" Now how could she not know when she was a witness to one of the most unforgettable moments in Flash's life?! Could she have simply let it slip? Or could it be that something is actually in the way of her memories?! 


Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 46

SCORE: Crystal Choir [Labyrinth Guide] (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

Amp Atom: We thank you, Princess Twilight for joining us today. I certainly hope we can successfully clear up this air.

Twilight: I agree. And thank you for having me here.

Flash: Before we get started, though, I would like to know why you came to me first. Just out of curiosity.

Twilight: Of course….I…well… *Blushes* I want to…know who you are.

Flash: To know me? But don’t you already? We’ve met before.

Twilight: Huh?! Wait a minute… You mean…you followed me?!

Flash: Huh?!

Twilight: From the other world! Did you follow me through the portal?! I thought you were just another version of you, but…

Flash: What portal are you talking about?! I’ve been here for as long as I can remember. Sure, I’ve seen you from time to time during some of the big events like that big space battle or the Canterlot Wedding, but I haven’t been following you! I swear!

Twilight:…..Then you aren’t from…

Flash: The other world? Is that where that mission took you?

Twilight:……Don’t tell anyone I mentioned this. This is confidential information. Only a select few are allowed to know this!

Amp Atom: We promise not to tell anyone.

Flash: Mum’s the word. *Salutes*

Twilight: Alright. But after I tell you this, you’re going to tell me how you know me from before.

Flash: Deal.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 46 1/5
Yes, Equestria Girls has already happened at this time and now we're having a little confrontation of a few vexing problems concerning Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle split into 5 parts! It's the moment you've all been waiting for!


Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Princess Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong

So Now... Same Sex Marriages...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2015, 6:54 PM

They're legal now all over the country of USA! 'Bout freaking time! I may be heterosexual, but I'm very happy about this because I have always been a firm believer of people having the right to think as they would freely and this was one of those things! So hooray for our homosexual brethren! Just don't force it on others and we're cool! 

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Verse 45

SCORE: Fooling Mode (Naruto)…

Flash:………*Feels an explosion go off in his head* WHAT?! WHAT?!??!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *Gets bonked by Steel* Ow…. Thanks, I needed that…

Steel: Don’t mention it. Next time, don’t be so annoying with your reactions.

Dream Vania:…..Twilight…Sparkle?

Flash: Ugh…why is that same filly all over the place these days?!

Amp Atom: It’s a true mystery. Princess Celestia’s star pupil, the bearer of the Element of Magic, the wise mare of Ponyville, one of the saviors of Equestria on multiple occasions, the list goes on! And now we can add “Princess” to the list!

Flash:…..Hmm… I suppose it would run in her family…

Amp Atom: You’re still on about how you first met her?

Flash: It’s just amazing to think about, really. Sorry about that. I just remember how much of a brat she used to be. *Flashing back to when Twilight would poke fun at him, pull pranks, and make mischief at his expense*

Amp Atom: We all start off in some way, shape, or form. And as I recall, she was never a brat to anypony else…except you!

Flash: I still don’t get why to this day…and that was years ago. Why’d she single me out?

Steel: Heh! Sounds to me like she had a thing for you back then!

Flash: Hmm?! *Looks annoyed*

Steel: Hahah! That’s a priceless notion! Who knows?! She might still!

SCORE: Signs Of Love (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Flash: Highly doubt it. I’ve only seen her from a distant at all the times that I saw her at all, let alone talked to her. She’s living her own life while I live mine. I doubt she has any interest in me.

Dream Vania: If only I could be sure…

Flash: Sure of what?

Dream Vania: I don’t know why…but…never mind.

Amp Atom: Hmm… Well in any case, I have something for you, Flash!

Flash: Huh?!

Amp Atom: I upgraded your helmet to a whole new level of efficiency! I even added some bells and whistles to make it much more practical in any situation!

Flash: Whoa! Thanks!

Amp Atom: My pleasure! Happy Birthday, Flash!

Flash: HUH?! You… You remembered?!?!

Amp Atom: I have a photographic memory! Of course I remembered!

Flash: Aww…. Thanks, Amp!

Dream Vania: The Princess and I made this for you too. *Presents him a new blue and white cape* Here you go!

Flash: Dreamy…. *Smiles* You shouldn’t have… Thank you so much!

Steel: *Sighs* Since we’re giving out gifts to the birthday boy…..I have something for you too.

Flash: Steel?! Seriously?!

Steel: I got you this. *Presents him a teapot* Here…

Flash: A teapot? Thanks, Captain!

Steel: *Blushes in embarrassment* Yeah…well... It’s for you to teach your daughter how to make tea and…stuff… I was never good at this sort of thing…

Flash: *Smirks* Heh… I appreciate it! Thanks, guys!

Amp Atom: And before it slips my mind, Quicksilver wanted me to give you these.

Flash: Letters? They’re from Mom and our bandmates! *Opens them and reads them with a longing smile*…..Heh…. We outta go visit them again soon.

The next few hours went by and the Chief and Princess eventually returned after the festivities of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s coronation. Dream Vania and I had more bonding time while we waited and Amp Atom went on another date with Quicksilver. Dreamy and I played some upbeat music for them at the same restaurant as before. Together, we sounded like a big band! All the Crystal Ponies were amazed at our performance, but more so, they were amazed with Dream Vania’s developed confidence and freed spirit. I like to think that if King Sombra were seeing this, he’d probably fall apart!

I didn’t know if I could tell her that I talked to her dad…let alone what I learned from him… Turns out, I finally found out why she looks at me and sees her Papa. It’s not just because look like him…it’s because he and I are one and the same in spirit. She was able to see him in me. And considering how happy I am to know her, I can say that I really do feel like her dad. I said that in present tense and not past tense because it’s still a thing to me! It always will be. Perhaps one day, I’ll tell her… All the more reason to survive this! I’m going to wake up eventually, but time’s still slowed down, so I gotta get through this stupid life review!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 45
Well, sorry, Flash! But we still got a ways to go! At least you've got your friends there for ya even though everypony else was there for Twilight's Coronation.


Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Captain Steel- Travis Willingham
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Verse 44

SCORE: Dream (Imagine Dragons)…

We completed the mission after infiltrating the enemy stronghold and given the order by Chief and Princess Cadence to head back home! We did so and soon after, we saw a series of incredible lights all the way from the ground. Dream Vania joined me and we watched the lights as they shone down from the heavens. All I could think about was how the heroes were up there fighting with everything they had. I wish I could have joined, but I had to obey the orders. Even still…there were heroes up there…and Twilight Sparkle was one of them…

Dream Vania: Mama... She's keeping the stars shining...

Flash: Huh? *Looks to Dream Vania and sees her eyes resonating with the lights above* (Mama?)

After a few more sky-shows, everything mechanical that the mad scientist had left in Equestria suddenly vanished in flashes of light! It was then followed by Discord, once again as a statue, the heroes all returning with Princess Celestia in tow, and everypony pitching in to fix everything up. So Dream Vania and I can at least say we learned…a LOT of things from this little experience. To me, it felt like a real short time…but if you ask Twilight or any of her friends, it would seem more like a whole adventure of its own!

We then returned to the Crystal Empire to see that most of the place has been messed up by both the mad scientist and a few monster attacks…including a bunch of dragons! Sheesh! We got right onto fixing the place back up and putting the Crystal Palace back to normal. Fortunately, we were able to get everything ready again just in time for a mare named Ms. Harshwinny to show up for that Equestria Games thing that I heard about. Apparently there was a mishap during that event that involved Twilight and her friends once again. Yeah, this is the part of my life where she began to show up more often.

The next several events would happen that I wasn’t involved with, so I spent that time either with Dream Vania with more training or with Amp Atom for more experiments. I gotta say, Dream Vania was really improving! By the time I was ready for the next main event in the story, she was already able to defend herself against even my quickest attacks! She still wouldn’t do any offensive attacks, but she was at least able to do something useful in a fight! She made me more and more proud each day!

This would all go on until got word to stand guard with Captain Steel and myself holding down the fort while the Chief and Princess Cadence would go back to Canterlot again. This time…for something REALLY unexpected! Interesting that this event would fall on my birthday… At first I felt like everyone forgot in favor of this other high point.

Flash: We seem to be holding down the fort a lot, don’t we, Steel?

Steel: It’s a gift and a curse, I’m afraid. You and I are the strongest stallions in the Crystal Empire barring Prince Shining Armor. Because of our strength, we have some extra responsibilities. One of them being that we have to stand guard while the Royal Family is away.

Dream Vania: Well, at least we’re still spending a lot of time together, Papa!

Flash: Yeah, you’re right. I wonder if Phosphorus did anything like this.

Steel: The Legendary Hero, Phosphorus?! Heh…Nope! He could never sit still in one place!

Flash: You knew him?!

Steel: He died some time before I became a guard…but when I would go on my rounds, I would hear talk of him.

Dream Vania: A sworn protector of the Crystal Empire and little brother to the late Crystal Queen Phos… He was known as Little Phos while the queen was known as Big Phos…or at least those were nicknames they gave each other.

Flash: He and the queen were brother and sister?!

Dream Vania: Mmm-Hmm!

Flash: No kidding…

Steel: Really? Most of what I heard is that he was a very energetic and fast-paced stallion. He was the kind of guy that would always be on the move and hate to be stuck in one place.

Flash: Huh…he and I have a lot in common… I’m getting tired of just standing here…

Dream Vania: It’s true. That was what made him so endearing and fun to so many of the ponies here. Papa and I always loved flying all over the place! It was so much fun!

Flash: Heh! Eeyup! I can definitely see that! But I’m still boggled by the fact that you’re related to the Royal Family!

Dream Vania: I didn’t like talking about it much. I loved my family so much, but I never boasted. Papa may have been proud about a lot of things, but he was also very modest about others. He learned that from Mama and I picked up that virtue thanks to both of them.

Flash: I see… Heh. Now I want to learn more about this guy! (Oh yeah, I’m SO gonna have more questions for him!) Thank you, Dreamy!

Steel: “Dreamy”?!

Flash: It’s a nickname…

Dream Vania: Grandma, his mama used to call Papa that when he was little!

Steel: *Bursts out laughing* PFFT! WHAT?!

Flash: ACK!!! HEY!!!

Dream Vania: Oops! Sorry! I didn’t know that was embarrassing!

Flash:…..*Sighs*….SO… what’s going on in Canterlot anyways?!

Amp Atom: *Walks up by him* You didn’t hear? Equestria is getting a new princess!

Flash: WHAT?! No way! So this is a Coronation that the Chief’s going to?!

Amp Atom: Mmm-Hmm!

Dream Vania: Who is it?

Amp Atom: You’re gonna get a kick out of this! It’s Prince Shining Armor’s little sister! Princess Twilight Sparkle!…


Flash: What?!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 44
:iconflashsentryplz: WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!


Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Captain Steel- Travis Willingham
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 43

SCORE: Fluttershy Sanctuary [Super Pony Ultimate Cross] (Delta Brony)…

I hurried us over to Canterlot and called up Amp Atom to ask what was going on. He brings me up to speed and explains that there was a whole invasion going on that day and a couple of heroes from another world came by to save us all from an evil scientist. Unfortunately, Princess Celestia was taken captive by the scientist and forced to be his weapon for world domination! Turns out, he was at Canterlot along with both Bass Keys and Drum Role! We hurried over while everyone was about to take off! They were all going into a big epic battle to save Princess Celestia and I wanted in on it!

Bass Keys: Yo! Flash-man! Ya made it!

Flash: Hey, guys! Amp! Where is this battle taking place?!

Amp Atom: Up! They’re going into space!

Flash: SPACE?! Well then there’s no time for me to waste! I’m going too!

Amp Atom: Then you might want to get a move on! They’re all going!

Dream Vania: But, Papa…

Flash: It’s okay, Dreamy. I’ll be back! Amp, take care of Dream Vania until I get back, alright?!

Amp Atom: Of course!

Drum Role: We’re goin’ too!

Flash: And what makes you think that?

Bass Keys: ‘Cuz! D’AT’S why!


Amp Atom: Just do it. They don’t know how to logic.

Flash: Fine…

Dream Vania: Papa… Please be careful! I don't want to lose you again...

Flash: Don’t worry, sweetie. I promise I will! *Hugs her and separates* Alright, boys! Time for another go!

Flash Drive: FLASH DRIVE STYLE!!! *Their insignia appears and they launch upwards to the big magic bubble to join the fight*

Flash: *Enters the bubble and reaches Shining Armor* CHIEF!!!

Shining Armor: What the?! FLASH!? What are you doing here?!

Flash: I heard there was some trouble going on and I wanted to help! I also brought some friends along.

Shining Armor: *Sees them* They’re able-bodied?

Flash: They’re tough in every way, shape, and form! And they don’t know how to take “No” for an answer…

Shining Armor:…Alright. But they’re YOUR responsibility!

Flash: Acknowledged!

Cadence: And what about your daughter? Weren’t you with her on a trip?!

Flash: She’s down in Canterlot with Amp Atom! Of course I wasn’t about to bring her into something this dangerous!

Cadence: I suppose we can’t argue with that.

Shining Armor: No, we certainly can’t. Alright, Flash! Got your spear ready?!

Flash: You bet I do! *Pulls it out*

Shining Armor: Good! Then let’s get a move on! This is war we’re going into and Princess Luna is at the command!

Flash: Gotcha! Hey, by the way, who are those two next to your sister up at the front? *Points to a strange blue hedgehog-looking...thing and a two-tailed golden fox-looking thing next to Twilight Sparkle*

Shining Armor: They’re some out-of-town helpers and old enemies of our enemy! Try not to get in their way. However, Flash, I want you and your friends to get up closer to be ready for when we get to our objective and deploy!

Flash: Understood! Drum! Bass! Come with me!

Drum & Bass: YO! *Head up closer to the front with Flash*

Thunderclap: Hey, is that… FLASH?!

Heavyweight: HEY, FLASH! Long time no see, kid!

Flash: Heavy! Thunder! We got a party here!

Thunderclap: Yup! Too bad we can’t really catch up too much! It’s just about time for the party to get wild! Still though, good to see ya, kid!

Flash: Tch… I kinda missed being called that. You gonna help us out?

Heavyweight: Yeah! We’ll back you up! Just like old times!

Drum Role: You ain’t the only ones!

Bass Keys: Yo! We gon’ have a blast!

Flash: Yeah! Get ready, boys! Amp! What’s the battle plan?

Amp Atom: *Appears in Flash’s helmet visor* Once you make it to the objective, everypony will deploy and head into battle with the enemy’s forces. The leaders of this operation will be spearheading through to the enemy’s stronghold! Your jobs, gentlemen, are to fly in and wipe out the frontlines and eliminate the enemies. They’re all mechanical with no lifeforms within them, so don’t hold back! Take them out! Oh! And most importantly, don’t lose your comrades! Stay together and fight as a team!

Flash: That’s how we’ve always done it! Alright! It’s time to rock and roll! Hey, by the way, is the Crystal Empire still guarded?

Amp Atom: Yes. Captain Steel is holding down the fort for everypony! Speaking of which, I’ve just contacted him!

Steel: *Appears from another end* We’re sending you all some support! Everypony! Our rulers and friends need our help! Give them your strength! *Everyone bows to the ground and sends their energy to the Crystal Heart, which fires off a beam to the bubble* It’s up to all of you now! Give it your all!

Flash: Thanks, Steel! *Everyone feels the strength of the Crystal Empire and shines* Let’s do this! HUH?!

(Author’s Note: For a more detailed version of this scene, please read my Sonic The Hedgehog/MLP crossover, “Equestrian Runner”!)

Before we got to the stratosphere, we had a surprise encounter with a gigantic Discord and a large mechanical Alicorn-looking thing! But before we knew it, the two mysterious heroes and Twilight Sparkle, the one behind the entire operation had already defeated them both and we moved on. Huh, twice already, I skipped over the bits with Discord… Oh well, Author’s script! When we saw Twilight and the other two heroes defeat him, I was taken aback a little. I just remembered how much of a brat she used to be and to see her become so much more… I could barely think of anything else until we made it to the point where we stopped and all of a sudden, an invisible space fleet and gigantic space station revealed itself!

SCORE: Live & Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)…

As if the power boost from the Crystal Ponies wasn’t enough, Princess Celestia herself gave us her strength to help us move forward in the great battle all the way from the massive fortress after some choice words from Princess Luna and the enemy! With her final order, we headed out into the thick of it! Heavyweight and Thunderclap would keep ahold of Drum and Bass respectively and I would lead our charge in a small squadron! The battle itself was so intense! Fast paced! EPIC! It was so incredible that going into full detail would take forever, so just do what Author said and read that other story for further details… NO WAIT! COME BACK! This story isn’t done yet!

Flash: Alright, Amp! Give me battle specs! Thunder! Bass! You guys take the right! Heavy and Drum, take the left!

Amp Atom: Absolutely!

Drum & Bass: YO!

Thunder & Heavy: ROGER!

Flash: *Draws spear and electrifies it* THEN LET’S ROCK!!!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 43
The return of some old faces for an epic war in space against a threat from another world! Wait, this feels familiar... Nostalgic in fact... Equestrian Runner...*Sighs* I remember it as if it were yesterday... Ah, the headaches that one was! If you're wondering, you can find it in my gallery. 


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Drum Role- Peter New
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Princess Cadence- Britt McKillip
Heavyweight- Roger Craig Smith
Thunderclap- Troy Baker
Verse 42

Flash: Star Swirl?! HEY WAIT A S-! *Hears a thundering boom and a lightning bolt falls from the sky and strikes the ground in front of him, forcing him to cover his eyes for a moment* GAH!!!

SCORE: Thundercloud Temple (Kid Icarus Uprising)…

The next thing I knew, I had come face to face with a being of another world within my mind… He had appeared before, but I never truly understood what he was or why, but it was here that I finally got some answers. But first, I had to open my eyes to see what exactly I was facing. I did so and I was completely taken off guard by what I found myself on! I was the size of a gnat in comparison to this enormous creature and standing on the bent joint of his front left hoof!

????: Congratulations, Flash Sentry! You pieced the puzzle together! Took you long enough but not bad for a newbie!

Flash: What?! Newbie?! What’s that supposed to-?! Whoa…*Uncovers his eyes and sees…a gigantic orange Pegasus with flowing blue mane and tail* Wh-WHOA!!! WHAT THE FRUIT?!?!

????: Well, that’s ONE way to greet me! Then again, I can’t blame you! I must’ve forgotten to brush my mane! Sorry about that, I just woke up!

Flash: You….You…. HUH!?

[PHOSPHORUS- Jason Adkins]

Phosphorus: I’m sorry! Where are my manners?! I’m Phosphorus! Good to finally meet you!

Flash: Uh… OH! *Ahem* Sorry! My bad, I…just needed a moment. Hello, Phosphorus.

Phosphorus: I’m guessing you have a lot of questions for me, don’t you?

Flash: A LOT! Yeah!

Phosphorus: Well, as much as I would love to answer all of them, we’re on a bit of a time limit since it’s only a matter of time before my daughter frees you.

Flash: You’re so sure she can do it? She’s still a filly and doesn’t have much of anything in combat experience!

Phosphorus: As I recall, you, as a colt had little to no true combat experience when you first picked up my spear and yet you were able to use it rather nicely when your mother was in danger. Am I correct?

Flash: But…

Phosphorus: And you said yourself to my people that they were much stronger than they thought. You weren’t lying when you said that. As weak and fragile as my daughter may seem, she’s actually quite durable and she really does love you very much. You helped fill the void that Astraea and I left when we died and she has no intention of letting that void be empty again. Sound familiar?

Flash: No kidding… Huh…She’s a lot more like me than I thought.

Phosphorus: It runs in our family.

Flash: “Our”? You’re saying it as if I’m blood-related.

Phosphorus: Heh… So what else do you wish to know since we still have a little time?

Flash: Well…why did you and Star Swirl create the Lightning Spear?

Phosphorus: What are you using it for?

Flash: To protect the innocent and peace and to fight for justice…but that doesn’t answer my question.

Phosphorus: I would say it does since what you just described was the very reason that I put my power into it. You see, I used to have the power of lightning as a part of me and could use it on a whim. I used it to protect my people from the monsters that would try to harm them. Especially one monster named Erebus, was my sworn enemy.

Flash: Erebus…where have I heard that name before?

Phosphorus: He went by a different name when you met him. He was unfortunately the one who ended my wife and I.

Flash: *Remembering the dream* Sombra?!

Phosphorus: The very same. He was also the one who forced me to have to make the spear thing happen. He wanted to destroy me to get rid of the power that I used to defeat him when he was Erebus. Fortunately, with the help of a certain friend, I was able to prepare for the inevitable.

Flash: But couldn’t you have tried fighting? If you could beat Erebus, why couldn’t you beat Sombra?!

Phosphorus: I was still very strong, but upon his reincarnation, Erebus became exponentially stronger than my body was. I knew that if I fought him directly as I was, I was going to lose and my power would disappear.

Flash: But you tried fighting him anyway even after…

Phosphorus: Well he just killed my wife. I would hate to meet the one who’s feeling good or calm after that. You saw for yourself how that ended. Either way, I knew I was going to lose, but at least this way, I was able to save the part of me that could be restored in another. I had Star Swirl put my power into the spear and asked that it would only be usable by somepony with a pure heart and somepony that was willing to fight for justice.

Flash: “Pure heart?” You mean…

Phosphorus: Yes, Flash. You! Many ponies of many generations tried to master my spear’s power, but none were able to. Either it was because they weren’t worthy or because they just couldn’t handle it. But you, Flash, were able to use it to a great extent. Far greater than any other pony could. You had the heart for it and through your training, you were able to make it a second nature just like I did. But to this day, only one being could ever truly master my power.

Flash: You sure, though? I don’t know if I can call myself “pure of heart”. After all the mistakes that I made in life… Even I’ve gotten mad and wanted to really hurt some people…

Phosphorus: Well, you were obviously good enough to handle it. You’re right about one thing, you did make mistakes. But it takes a good heart for someone to feel guilty and make amends for it. You cleaned up your mistakes and by doing so, you cleaned up your heart. You remember that time you lost control of your power against that dragon during your training?

Flash:….Garble again… Yeah, why?

Phosphorus: That was your heart being cluttered with anger and rage with some contributions by your inner demon. But you cleaned it up rather quickly.

Flash: Burst Frenzy… Wait a minute, how did you know about that demon?!

Phosphorus:…….You still haven’t figured it out? Star Swirl and I both told you about reincarnation. My friend, Grand Cross became your friend, Advent Playwright. Erebus became Sombra…and my power could only be mastered by one being.

Flash:……You can’t mean….

Phosphorus: That is right! When Asteria and I died and left our mortal bodies, our souls travelled through the ground to The Tree of Harmony and waited for the generation that would see the return of our home and people. When the time finally came, we both left the tree and became parts of the spirits of two newborn ponies of that generation…this generation! Upon birth, you were the one I selected to be reincarnated as. Your mane would have drooped down if I hadn’t. But my presence was able to make your hair spike up as it naturally does, which looks a lot better on you anyway so you're welcome!

Flash: I’m…you?!

Phosphorus: Kind of. It’s a little more complicated than that. Believe it or not, my relatives did the exact same thing. We all had to because we still had jobs to do. So we shared our spirits with you and a few other ponies to make it all happen.

Flash: But…with who?!

Phosphorus: You’re a lot like me, Flash. We’ve both been very close to our mothers. We both had twin brothers. Our fathers weren’t there for us…and we’re both destined to be with the stars!

Flash: Cryptic, much?

Phosphorus: Those are hints. I can’t outright tell you! Besides, if you’ve been paying any attention, you might’ve figured it all out by yourself by now!


Phosphorus: You’ll get it eventually.

Flash: I suppose…so wait. All the things I did in life…this just occurred to me, were they all done by you?! Am I just a 1-Up of you or something?!

Phosphorus: Huhuhuhuh… No. My memories were mine. Your memories are yours. You’re afraid that there never was a “you” in life and that it was all me?! Heh… You have nothing to be afraid of there. You’re not named Phosphorus. You are Flash Sentry. You’ve lived your own life and made a name for yourself. I’ve just been along for the ride!

Flash: Well I ain’t done yet! And you’re right! So wait, if you’ve been a part of me this whole time, then does that mean that you’ve seen that demon thing before?

Phosphorus: I’ve seen a lot of things come and go through this crazy head of yours. Yeah, I know of him. Burst Frenzy has been a pain in the neck for me to hide from ever since you were born.

Flash: He’s been in me since I was born?!

Phosphorus: Yes. I don’t know how he got there, but when my spirit entered your body right before being born, I noticed him hanging there in your mind like a sleeping beast. I would’ve tried to remove it, but I feared of what might’ve happened to you if I did something wrong. Fortunately, my niece was able to get rid of it.

Flash: Your niece?!

Phosphorus: Moving on. We’re running out of time.

Flash: Oh! Uh… Hold on! Just two more questions!

Phosphorus: What is it?

Flash: You reincarnated as me…so that really does make me Dream Vania’s father?

Phosphorus: In a way, yes. But not by biological means. More of a spiritual sense… You are gonna take good care of her just as you promised her as an adoptive father until she is ready to see more of the world. When she is ready, she will know…and so will you.

Flash: I guess so… And what of her mother…what became of her?

Phosphorus: Asteria… She too reincarnated as a pony of your generation. She lives again as a beautiful young mare that grows stronger and smarter every day while gazing at the stars every night. The stars that she set the foundation for!

Flash:……Who is it? You can tell me, right? Don’t you want to be reunited with her?

Phosphorus: Huhuhuhuh… Don’t you worry! She and I WILL meet again and be happy together once more. It’s in the constellations! But I can’t tell you! Not yet! That would ruin the surprise! Just look for the mare with the stars in her eyes!

SCORE: Kaze No Naka No Solitair (Origa)…

Flash:…”Keep your eyes on hers and you’ll know it”….

Phosphorus: Moonlit Spark… Good filly, that one. And speaking of good fillies… *Turns Flash’s attention to his sight*

Flash: Huh?!

Dream Vania: PAPAAAAAA!!! LET HIM GO!!! *Takes the spear in her hooves and rushes at Flash’s robotic armor*

Flash: She needs help!

Phosphorus: Please…allow me. *Eyes glow* I’m here for you, my daughter. I always was… And I always will be! *Lets out a bright glow that reaches Dream Vania from within*

Flash: WHOA!!!

Dream Vania: Papa… Ngh… *Eyes resonate and the spear electrifies itself in her hooves* PHOSPHORUS!!!

Phosphorus: *Smirks* Heh! That’s MY cue!

Flash & Phosphorus: WE’RE RIGHT HERE! COME AND GET US, GIRL!!!

Dream Vania: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! *Strikes with tears flying out of her eyes and the spear sparking with electricity as it pierces the strange mechanical saddle on Flash’s back, causing it to fly off him and explode*

Flash: OUCH!!! Okay, that’s smarts!

Phosphorus: Worth it, though… You’re about to wake up. Remember what we talked about. And be a good Papa to her, ya got it?

Flash: I promise! Thank you, Phosphorus… But I still have more questions! You better have answers for me when we meet again!

Phosphorus: *Nods* Don’t you worry. I will. Keep up the good work, Flash! Farewell for now!

Flash: *Returning to control of his body and waking up* Ngh… *Looking to Dream Vania, who is looking down to him with tears coming from her eyes* Heh….Well done, Dreamy…

Dream Vania: Papa! Are you okay?!

Flash: Don’t you worry, girl. Papa’s fine…and he’s very proud! I’m honestly surprised you knew how to use Phosphorus’ power in the spear.

Dream Vania:…I just heard his voice… Papa’s voice told me to shout his name to save you… It worked! I didn’t hurt you, did I?!

Flash: No, no! Don’t worry! I’m not hurt! In fact, I feel better than ever! Though I would like my spear back.

Dream Vania: Oh! Right! Here! *Gives him back his spear and the two of them pause when they see something incredible happen in the distance towards Canterlot* Wh-What is…THAT?!

Flash: A giant bubble of magic?! What’s going on over there?! *Picks up Dream Vania and they both take off* We’re gonna go see!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 42
At last! They finally meet! The Ethereal Spirit of the Morning Star and Legendary Hero of the Crystal Empire, Phosphorus! Flash Sentry didn't see THAT coming! He's only seen Phosphorus a couple times when a projection around him allowed him to during the notable battles he's faced. Now he has truly met him face to HOLY SWEET MASSIVE FACE!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Phosphorus- Jason Adkins
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Verse 41

SCORE: E.G.G.M.A.N. [INSTRUMENTAL] (Sonic Adventure 2)…

Dream Vania was showing great progress in her training and had become so much stronger than before all in the matter of one week! Though we weren’t doing this just for training purposes… There was trouble afoot! During the time that we were training, an invasion had begun! Airships and crazy-looking machines flew all over the place! Large bipedal robots started running around and capturing ponies! A lot of them ended up getting turned into their slaves when they were suited up by weird saddle-looking things that covered them head-to-toe in mechanical armor!

I had Dream Vania stay low while I stepped into the fray to help the ponies that were getting overrun with those machines. Strange enough, none of them were any of Amp Atom’s creations, but instead the creations of some crazy bald primate with a massive mustache! He kind of looked like an egg too… I was doing well for a little bit, but then I felt something hit me on the back and I ended up blacking out…

Whoever those dirty little sneaks were, they got me with my back turned…so I found myself in another one of my unconscious state dreams where I would meet someone that would either do something to help me or give me answers to a vexing question. And boy did I have a question for the guy I was about to meet. I ended up meeting the spirit of Star Swirl the Bearded once more. Interesting timing, too. I wanted to have a word with him sooner or later, so that’s just what I was gonna get!

SCORE: Poem Of Everyone's Souls [Arranged Version] (Revelations Persona)…

Flash: It’s…you! You’re the Lightning Spear’s creator!

Star Swirl: I am the creator of many things, your spear just being one of my larger investments. And considering how much of it you’ve mastered, I’d say it’s one of my most successful! Thank you, Flash!

Flash: I always keep my promises! But what are you doing here? And what’s going on?!

Star Swirl: Well, you’re currently unconscious, so we need to make good use of your time while someone is on their way to rescue you and everypony else that’s being controlled by the same insane force.

Flash: So what, I can’t wake up?

Star Swirl: Your body is under complete control, unfortunately. That also means that your access to the spear’s powers has been blocked off.

Flash: Oh…great… But what about Dream Vania?! Is she going to be okay?!

Star Swirl: Who do you think is coming to your rescue?

Flash: WHAT?! But…I never taught her how to fight back! I only taught her blocking! How is she gonna-!

Star Swirl: Two reasons. One is that this little filly is much more resilient than one might think. After all, our old friend, Grand Cross was able to teach her the art of survival. The second reason is…she has your spear. You seem to have dropped it.

Flash: Huh?! Oh…no kidding… You really think she can hold her own? Does she even know how to use a weapon?! I doubt that the power of Phosphorus….would…. *Sees the smirk on Star Swirl’s face*….Okay, Star Swirl, I need some kind of clarification here. What is up with this?!

Star Swirl: Excellent transition, Flash! It’s time we got onto our main topic of discussion! Did you know that Grand Cross, her old teacher was not only a travelling missionary, but also a Seraph Knight?

Flash: Seraph Knight?! Wait, where have I heard that before?

Star Swirl: From my records, I recall that you faced one before during your initiation exam for the Royal Guards of Canterlot. Radiant Paladin was the Seraph Knight that Heracles became when he was brought to this world thanks to Princess Celestia’s agreement with a being much more powerful than anything you or I could ever comprehend. And she picked her very best candidate to carry on that power. The young stallion known as Shining Armor!

Flash: The Chief?! *Remembers that battle* Oh yeah! He was nearly indestructible! I still wonder how I was able to beat him… Princess Celestia chose him?

Star Swirl: Indeed she did. She spoke with the spirit of the original Seraph Knight and they selected him to be the correct reincarnation.

Flash: So wait, Grand Cross, that guy who looks like Advent?! HE was a Seraph Knight too?! Dang! He must’ve kicked some major flank back then!

Star Swirl: Indeed, he did. But there had to be someone to teach him, to bestow upon him the great power to use it to maintain peace and protect all that is good. There were several in fact, ones that would give their loyalty to the great being and dedicate their lives to protecting their world. Grand Cross had a friend who was like that of a brother to him. You stated that Grand Cross looked like your friend, Advent Playwright? Well yes. The Ethereal Spirits like to wear familiar faces when they grow fond of them, and you would be surprised how many faces between generations can look similar. But it is not just that. They also look into their hearts through their mothers’ eyes to see what they will be like. That is the deciding factor of whether or not they will be reincarnated within that new born child.

Flash: So they can protect their loved ones throughout the generations? Huh… Then that means that Advent isn’t just a descendant of Grand Cross…but…

Star Swirl: A reincarnation of him! Yes, now you’re getting it! Though they are spirits that share a body, the main host is the one in charge while the other takes a backseat, as it were.

Flash: But what does any of this have to do with Dream Vania or my spear?

Star Swirl: Do you know how destiny works? There are many paths that you take to reach a final destination. Along those paths, there are many bridges that allow you to take any of the alternative paths at any time you choose. One of those paths led you to finding a relic that the Seraph Knight trusted his or her power within in order for you as the heir to find and utilize for good.

Flash: And I found the Lightning Spear of Phosphorus… Wait… You said Grand Cross had a friend. What was his name?!

Star Swirl: Heheh…HEHEHEHE!!! You’re piecing all together now, eh?! Yes! The friend I was referring to was his honorary brother, Phosphorus!

Flash: *Remembers Dream Vania saying that her father’s name was Phosphorus and then remembers the dream she gave him after they met and he remembers Phosphorus looking, sounding, and behaving very much like him as well as the moments when he felt like another presence was there at crucial moments*……..N-No….way….

Star Swirl: There are some things about my relics that not even the books know about! In fact, not even Celestia herself knows some of these facts.

Flash: Really?! I thought she was-

Star Swirl: All knowing? Not necessarily. She started as blank as everypony else. She just had the gifts of a long life and a wide-opened door for knowledge and wisdom to take refuge into. But you never stop learning as you continue to live.

Flash: So...back to Phosphorus… I need to know about him and my spear! How are they tied together?! If you created it, you should know!

Star Swirl: Indeed I do. But I think you would rather hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Flash: Huh?!

Star Swirl: While his daughter works to save you, how about you get to know him! *Vanishes*

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 41
Time to unravel some of the mysteries behind certain characters! And to help us out, we have the return of an old friend! Also, how was everyone's Father's Days? Guess I picked the perfect time to upload these parts!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Star Swirl The Bearded- "Big" Jim Miller
Verse 40

SCORE: Winter Road (Georgy Sviridov)…

Dream Vania and I would begin our training on the summit itself. She told me how she used to train with her caretaker and teacher, Grand Cross for a while, though she only learned how to avoid and evade. She was too scared to learn how to fight back. But she then told me that she wanted to learn just that! I don’t blame her, dodging is essential to winning a combat scenario, but it won’t save you all the time. You do need more skills and tools to win. So I agreed to teach her the next step, blocking!

Flash: Okay… Now you’re ABSOLUTELY sure you’re okay with this? I don’t want you being scared!

Dream Vania:…..*Looks down, but then up and shakes her head* I’m not scared… I’m NOT scared!

Flash:…*Smiles* Alright then. Let’s start by you hitting me. I will only block, but I want you to come at me with everything you’ve got!

Dream Vania: *Nods and runs to Flash to try and hit him but gets blocked* NGH!!!

Flash: You see? Now pull back on your hoof. That was a block. Protect your vital area from an incoming attack. You can evade all you like, but something WILL eventually hit you, so why not minimalize the damage? Make your opponent work for their hits! It will tire them out and cause them to drop their guard!

Dream Vania:…..*Nods and keeps trying until Flash stops her and they switch positions* So now…I block?

Flash: That’s right. Put up your strong defense! And remember what I told you before when we were climbing! You’re a Crystal Pony! You’re tough! *Swings at her with a light jab and gets blocked as she puts up her crystal coat*

Dream Vania: I’m tough… I’M TOUGH!!! *Shines in her coat as she blocks the attack like a champ and takes no damage from Flash’s attack, in fact, Flash takes the pain* Papa?

Flash: *Twitches and shakes his hoof in pain* OWCH!!! Whoooo! *Looks at Dream Vania* Eheh… Nice one! You’re catching on pretty quick!

Dream Vania: AAH! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?!

Flash: Eh, don’t sweat it! I’m tough too! C’mon, let’s get back to it!

We kept up her training on the summit until we decided to set up a campsite for the night. Dream Vania would spend a lot of the night talking to me about how her parents were. I asked her who they were and her answer really surprised me. Her mother’s name was “Asteria” and her father…his name was... “Phosphorus”... THAT really got to me! Her father had the same name as my weapon… But why?! Well, that just added to the mystery of whatever the heck I was getting myself into.

I could barely sleep, now knowing that not only does her deceased dad have my looks, but also has the name of my spear. What could it all mean?! I wouldn’t get my answer on that until much later. Sometime later, we moved towards a new destination around the perimeter of Equestria to continue our training. We went all over the place with nothing less than plenty of variety of environments to get used to! Forests, plains, deserts, mountains, a beach, and the many towns. All the while, I taught her basic survival skills.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 40
Dream Vania's training has begun and now she's learning something that will become essential for her, the very same thing Flash and many others had to to fight! Now THIS is what I call quality father-daughter bonding!"


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Verse 39

SCORE: Brave New World (Namco X Capcom)…

And so we left the Crystal Empire for a weeklong trip around Equestria. We went on a trip to the Frozen North’s Crystal Mountains to begin a long hike up. Dream Vania and I would start moving along with the intent to reaching the summit. When we reached the end of the trail about halfway up, I started scaling up, but at first, she had a little trouble. When she felt down, her coat turned dull and she began slipping. I managed to catch her from falling and gave her some encouragement. With the right words, I was able to get her to perk up again, though she couldn’t stop slipping…that is until I came up with an idea.

Flash: Dreamy! Take my hoof! Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall!

Dream Vania: Papa! I didn’t think THIS is what you had in mind! I….I don’t think I can do it!

Flash:….Yes you can! You’re stronger than that! You have to believe that you CAN!

Dream Vania:…But…!

Flash: Dreamy! You’re a Crystal Pony, right?!

Dream Vania: Of course! Why?!

Flash: That means that your body can become pure crystal! You can be a prism for light! You can take physical damage better than a castle wall! AND you can pierce rock!

Dream Vania:….!!!

Flash: You need to scale this! NECESSITY! It’s the mother of all invention!

Dream Vania: Necessity…. *Looks at her other hoof*…..*Gasps in realization and scratches a bit of the rocky surface with her hoof and realizes that she doesn’t feel any pain and yet can dig through the dirt*… I can….do that?! *Pulls back on her hoof and strikes the side of the mountain* NGH!....*Lets go of Flash’s hoof and strikes the mountain again to stick to it* I… I’m…

Flash: You okay?!

Dream Vania: Yes… Yes, I am! *Entire coat shines and she begins scaling up the mountain* HAH!! HAH!!! *Lets out a grunt for every step up* HAH!!!......*Panting* Ngh…. I…I don’t know how I’m doing this, but… I have to… I have to believe…that I CAN…!!!!

Flash: *Sees her shining*…..

Dream Vania: Papa…you and Mama were the only ones who believed in me…

Flash: The only ones...?

Dream Vania: Everypony else… They didn’t believe in me…and…King Sombra…he said I was too weak…and I couldn’t do anything…that I was nothing… But you… You, Papa…and Mama… You believe in me… You always did….

Flash:…*Lowers eyelids and smiles before saying something spontaneously as if someone else was saying it* And we always will… *Snaps out of it* Huh?! Who said that?!

Other Voice: *Echoes in both Flash’s and Dream Vania’s minds* Believe in yourself…just as we did!

Dream Vania: Papa…you never stopped believing… Then I have to… I have to believe in myself too! I DO! I DO BELIEVE! *Strikes the mountain’s surface and starts scaling much faster up the mountain to the point of passing Flash* HAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *Letting out tears as she goes up*

Flash:…..!!! *One of her teardrops turns into a tiny dot of ice that lands right on his nose* Huh?! *Picks the dot off his nose onto his hoof and looks at it with a smile*……Heh… That’s my girl… *Spoken with a second voice in his head* Huh?! Okay, seriously. What was that?!

We kept climbing until we finally reached the summit of the mountain. All the while, I felt like there was someone else with us. Strange, I know. When we reached the top, we sat down together and looked out to the distance with all of Equestria in our sights before us. The view was unlike any other, and this is coming from a Pegasus Pony! I reached into a bag and pulled out both my guitar and her flugelhorn and we played a little song that is carried by the wind all over Equestria.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 39
Sorry about the delay in parts. I've had a lot going on and's a long story...kind of like this one! Seriously, I think I've broken a record by now. Well, moving on! Let's get back to said story! Flashing Life is still going strong and Dream Vania has finally made her first steps in becoming stronger! With Flash's encouragement, Dream Vania was able to find a strength within her that she never even knew she had!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Other Voice- Jason Adkins

Pony Kombat New Blood 6 Needs 4 New Challengers!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 9:46 AM

Dream Vania demands worthy opponents, people! Who's got the heart to step up and take her on?! Who thinks they've got the best MLP OC in the world?! WHO'S UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?! If you think you've got what it takes, then go to the linked journal entry by :iconmacgrubor: and throw your hat into the ring! Prepare your OC with vectors and bios to make them strong kombatants! Dream Vania will be waiting for you at the end!

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It's time this Batty Starry Storywriter came around and got to know a little more about you all! It's not like the Velvet Room, but Varender's been practicing! So here's some music for ya! Take it away, girl!

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Verse 38

SCORE: Crystal Choir [Jewel Fever] (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

We took off for another flight through the Crystal Empire, much like the last one only with a different course layout. Our destination would be a Breakfast Restaurant. We were in the mood for pancakes. While we were there, we were just discussing our living arrangements just to give Dreamy a heads-up about how things would go since I was adopting her. I’m glad that none of it gave her any issues. She saw an advertisement of the upcoming Equestria Games and asked if I was competing, but even though I was considering it, I’m not much of a sports guy. I recall that later on, my band was going to play the Cloudsdale Anthem, but the Chief’s sister’s little dragon, Spike….tried to sing it… But that’s something for later…much later….

Anyways, afterwards, we went on back to the palace and got her settled in with her room. It was originally right next to my room, but they had the wall removed so that the two rooms became one. I wondered why, but Chief then explained to me that this is what everyone was doing while I was occupied with the paperwork… Several days went by and I didn’t even notice… Wow… So anyhow, the days went by and all was going according to plan. The Crystal Empire was now in a time of peace with no shadows of fear or hatred or doubt in sight! I would make my rounds around the Empire and help anyone in need while Dream Vania got her own tutoring from Princess Cadence, whom she started to lighten up on. I would come home and she’d be very happy to see me back.

It was like when I was a colt and Mom came back after one of her good days of work. Speaking of that, I also remember at one point I introduced Dream Vania to the rest of my available family and Mom nearly had a heart attack…again… Though this time it wasn’t from a terrible shock, but from her seeing how adorable Dream Vania was and how happy she was at the thought of being a grandmother to the little sweetheart, as she put it. I didn’t mention the part that we were living in the Crystal Palace, though. I had a bad feeling that telling her that might’ve finished her off… And so, time passed afterwards. Days became weeks and it felt so calm and peaceful that it almost started to feel boring.

SCORE: Dream Gate (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

Flash: *Yawns* It sure is boring around here…

Shining Armor: My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!

At least until the Crystal Ponies started priming the Empire up for someone named Ms. Harshwinny. The Empire was so shiny and bright that it almost hurt my eyes just looking at it. Amp even had to switch to a pair of shades just to look around! Dream Vania, Amp Atom, Quicksilver, and even the Royal Guards and I all pitched in to help out with the preparations. However, that had to be put on hold for a bit when Dream Vania started to feel some of the effects of her timidity and self-proclaimed weakness from before kick in and she had a hard time working with the others. She came up to me and asked me something that would change our course in a drastic way.

Flash: What’s wrong, Dreamy? You look a little upset. Talk to me.

Dream Vania: Papa…. I was just…remembering what you said before… That day…at the stadium…

Flash: What I said? What are you referring to? I recall saying a lot of things that day.

Dream Vania: About us, Papa! The Crystal Ponies! Are we…really all that strong to you?

Flash: Oh, THAT! Dreamy, it’s not a matter of whether you’re strong to me or not. You have to be strong to yourself. You’re the one who has to decide of how you want to be.

Dream Vania: But that’s just it! I know that…I’m nowhere near strong enough…

Flash: Enough for yourself? Well… Huh… Tell me, what did you want to be? What did you tell your parents what you wanted to be when you grow up?

Dream Vania: What I wanted to be… I don’t even remember… After what happened… I just forgot everything about what made me happy… My hopes, my dreams…everything…

Flash: (King Sombra must've hurt her even more than most of the others. This is gonna be trickier than I thought.) I think I get it. You feel weak because you don’t know where your strengths are anymore. So what do you want to do about it?

Dream Vania:….I want…to have them again…

Flash: You want to take them all back? But how can you find them if you don’t even remember what they looked like?

Dream Vania:….I don’t know….

Flash: *Pauses and chuckles* Well then, I think I know what you’re getting at. It’s just as I thought. Even though I took you in and gave you a home, you still feel lost… Heheh! Don’t worry, I understand how you feel. I’ve had times where I lost hope and strength too. I felt lost without that light before…but you know what I did? I looked and I looked, hoping for it to come back. It never did…but that was when a voice told me the truth. If you can’t find the light you’re looking for then make a new one! Your very own light! One that will always lead you to where you want to go!

Dream Vania: Who was this voice?

Flash: My mom taught me that one! And besides, you’ve guided me with trails of light before. So I think I owe you this much.

Dream Vania: Huh?

Flash: When I fought King Sombra, he told me that there will always be shadows just waiting to shroud everypony in fear. But that’s when I told him this… As long as they do, there will always be a light to shine through and defeat the shadows. A light that will protect the innocent and righteous! If you can’t create one yourself, which trust me, it’s no easy task; you can at least accept the light from someone else. Dreamy, I took you in because I wanted to give you a light to start with, my own. As long as you keep my light with you, no shadows will ever hurt you again! With that in mind, you can find your strengths again. And I’m here to help!

SCORE: Know Thyself (NiGHTS Into Dreams)…

Dream Vania: Papa…thank you! But…how do I even know where to start?

Flash: I guess we’ll have to start right here and now! My light will become yours in time, but we need to get a move on to make that happen, which is why I think it’s time for us to take a little trip!

Dream Vania: A trip?

Flash: You’ve spent your entire life in the confines of the Crystal Empire and lost out on a whole world to see. I think it’s time to remedy that. Let’s see what the outside world has for you!

Dream Vania: But what if the other guards need you?

Flash: That won’t be a problem. I’ve discussed things with the chief and the princess. And though it took a little convincing, I finally got their approval. So grab a few things you want to take with. We’re gonna be roughing it for about a week!

Dream Vania: Okay...

Flash: C’mon! What was that?! Let’s have some spirit! Louder!

Dream Vania: O-Okay…!

Flash: Once more with feeling!

Dream Vania: OKAY! LET’S GO!

Flash: THAT’S the spirit! Then let’s pack some things! We leave within the hour! *With packed provisions, they are ready* Alright, Dreamy. This is it! You ready?

Dream Vania: *Does Cadence’s breathing trick that Flash taught her* Yes!

Flash: *Nods* Awesome! Time to show you this brave new world!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 38
Say good-bye to the Crystal Empire for a bit, because now Flash and Dream Vania are taking a hike! The Empire's in good hooves right now. Flash must be where he's needed and right now his filly needs him more than ever

Also :iconmahboiplz: MAH BOI!!!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Verse 37

SCORE: Crystal Choir (NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams)…

So that happened… I went on patrol for early morning, shifted gears to my morning training when Princess Celestia raised the sun, took care of my daily duties both around the castle and around town until Prince Shining Armor pulled me aside so that we could go over the details of the adoption.

Shining Armor: Okay, Flash. A promise is a promise. You filled out the paperwork, so thank you. By the way, where is your daughter?

Flash: What do you mean? She’s still at the shelter. I haven’t talked to you about it until now. I thought I had to fill out those forms first.

Shining Armor: What do you mean? You could’ve picked her up at any time! You know you shouldn’t keep people waiting!

Flash: WHAT?! But weren’t those adoption forms?!

Shining Armor: Adoption forms?! When did I say that?! They were all paperwork that I sat on for the last year! I meant to get them done, but with all the stuff I had to deal with, I didn’t think I’d have time. I wanted to get them all out of the way before Cadence started nagging at me about them. She’s a sweet mare, but when she starts nagging… Oh boy, does she nag!

Flash:…………..*Eye twitches and he cracks a crooked smile and talks in his teeth* Youuuuu tricked meeeee…..

Shining Armor: *Cracks a smile of his own* Yeah, I guess I did… Heheheheheh…


Shining Armor: Don’t give me that look! I told you to do something and you did it, so what difference does it make?!

Flash: (If they were YOUR responsibility, then shouldn’t YOU have done them?! I’mma-tellin’ Cadence on you, Chief!)

Shining Armor: Besides, don’t you have a filly to go pick up?!

Flash: OH! Oh man! You’re right! I’ll be back soon!

Shining Armor: Hmph… Don’t be long!

Flash: Got it! *Leaves quickly to the shelter… When he arrives* Hey! I’m here!

Crystal Mare: Ah! Mr. Sentry! We’ve been expecting you!

Flash: Kept you waiting, huh? Heheh! Sorry about that! Anyways, I’m here for Dream Vania. Is she around?

Crystal Mare: Why yes she is! She’ll be very happy to see you! *Picks up an intercom and calls Dream Vania and her current caretaker to the foyer* They’ll be with you shortly.

Flash: Thank you. *Waits patiently a few moments before they finally arrive* Dreamy!

Dream Vania: *Gasps happily* FLASH! *Runs up to hug him*

Flash: OOF! Aheheheheh! Sorry I kept you waiting for so long! I had to finish one of the prince’s delegations. But I’m free now and everything’s set!

Crystal Mare: That’s correct. You’ve already filled out all the paperwork and paid the adoption fee. I assume you’ve already set her living arrangements, is that correct?

Flash: Of course!

Dream Vania: So… I get to live with you now?!

Flash: That’s right, kiddo! From this moment on, I’m your adoptive father! You can still call me Flash if you like, but- *She hugs him tight*

Dream Vania: THANK YOU, PAPA!!!

Flash: HNNNNGH!!!! (TOO TIGHT! TOO TIGHT! CAN’T BREATHE!!! Wait… “Papa”?!) *Pats her on the back and she loosens up so he can take a big breath* Okay…. *Coughs*

Crystal Mare: I’ve never seen her so happy before… Yet this stallion was able to bring her spirits out…amazing!

Flash: Eheheheheh! You really want to call me “Papa”?

Dream Vania: *Nods*

Flash: (Well, I’ve seen it myself that I do look like her dad… I guess she just wants to pay respects to him by calling me “Papa”…) Okay, I can live with that. (Wherever your parents are, I’m sure your real Papa and Mama would be happy to know that you’ve gotten better. I just hope he doesn’t feel like he’s being replaced…) Okay, so are you ready to go?

Dream Vania: *Nods again* Mm-hmm!

Flash: Alright then! Uh… Where are your things?

Crystal Mare: She insisted that she’d leave everything here. She wasn’t interested in taking anything with her.

Dream Vania: Yes…

Flash: Oh… Okay then…

Dream Vania: Can we go somewhere to eat? I’m kind of hungry.

Flash: *Stomach growls* Heh! You and me both! Sure! *They step out* So do you want to try the same place as last time, or somewhere new?

Dream Vania: New sounds nice.

Flash: Alright! Shall we fly?! *She jumps onto his back* Alright! Let’s go!

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 09 VERSE 37
Flash Sentry, everyone! A friend guitarist, a high rank soldier, a friendly neighborhood superhero, and now a papa! All this and the story's still far from over!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Crystal Mare- Britt McKillip
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh

So Now... Same Sex Marriages...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2015, 6:54 PM

They're legal now all over the country of USA! 'Bout freaking time! I may be heterosexual, but I'm very happy about this because I have always been a firm believer of people having the right to think as they would freely and this was one of those things! So hooray for our homosexual brethren! Just don't force it on others and we're cool! 

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SonEminoKami asks: So far in the Equestria Games set he made a background appearance on a Mane Character card of Princess Cadance, so who wants to see Flash Sentry become a card in the My Little Pony CCG? 

16 deviants said Yes! So I can add him to my deck and WRECK SOME SHIT UP WITH HIM!!!
1 deviant said No! I don't want him to get added to a discard pile! It would hurt too much!!!


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