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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


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Verse 8

SCORE: Lost Portrait (Castlevania Harmony Of Despair)…

Dream Vania: Oh… Um… Papa, I was going to mention this before, but I just remembered… You see… Advent and I… We… *Blushes while Flash has a shocked look, Milky Way and Cadence feel anxious, and Shining Armor and First Base just look with eyes wide open* We…became a couple…

Flash:…………………………..*Looks at Dream Vania and then at Advent a few times and says nothing until…*Are you serious?!

Dream Vania: Uuh… Eheehee… Yes!

Flash:…….(Phosphorus, what do you think about this?)


Flash: (Okay, that answers that…) I… I… I’m very happy for you!

Dream Vania: *Gasps happily* You really mean it?!

Advent: Are you sure? I had no idea she was your daughter!

Flash: Well, we’re not blood related, but she still is my daughter. *Looks to Dream Vania* You were able to take care of yourself out there while I was gone, weren’t you?

Dream Vania: *Nods* Mhm!

Flash: And even though you needed help, you were able to find it… You’re more like your Papa than you think!

Dream Vania: I learned from the best!

Flash: Heh! And you, Advent… I’ve seen how strong you are. I’ve fought alongside you before…and you’ve been one of my best friends, even like a brother to me! I can even tell that you’ve become a lot stronger since the last time we met.

Milky Way: And your heart… It’s become brighter. I can see that myself!

Flash: Exactly! So…I can trust you. It’s obvious to my daughter, my mom, and to me. So I give you my blessings to have Dream Vania! Love her with all your heart! And Dreamy, you do the same!

Dream Vania: OOOOH!!! *Gives Flash a big hug* THANK YOU SO MUCH, PAPA!!! I promise I won’t make you regret it!

Advent: As do I! Thank you, Father Flash Sentry!

Flash: (FATHER?! What happened to “Brother”?!) So… I guess since Advent travels around a lot, I assume you plan on joining him, huh?

Dream Vania: Yes. I want to be with him… I want to become stronger too!

Flash:….I was only able to show you a little bit of the world in that trip we made. I didn’t have enough time to help you before you were thrown into more trouble…but perhaps Advent can. Would it be right, though? You would be away from home…away from me… Are you sure you’re ready for that?

Dream Vania: Papa…I will always love you…I will miss you too…but I do think I’m ready! Besides, I can come back and visit, right?

Flash: Of course! You’ll always have a place to come back to if you ever need or want to!

Cadence: And we’ll always welcome you back with our hooves wide open!

Dream Vania: *Smiles and tears* Thank you! I will come back to visit! I promise!

Flash: Then go on, Dreamy. You two take care of each other...*Trembling a little* Make your Papa proud!

Dream Vania: I will, Papa! *Separates from Flash and joins Advent*

Advent: Amen. You have my word, Flash! She’s in good hooves! *Steps back with Dream Vania* We look forward to seeing you again! Ready, Dee Vee?

Dream Vania: Right behind you! *They walk away*

Flash:….*Sniffs and tears up a little as he watches them leave*

Milky Way: To think I’m already a grandma…and already my granddaughter’s on her own with her lover…I’m too young for this… *Looks to Flash* Honey?

Flash: Y’know, Mom… I now understand how you felt… I may not have known her for as long as you knew me…but I get it… But don’t worry…I’m not crying… It’s just…

Shining Armor: Liquid Pride?

Flash: Y-Yeah! That’s it! Liquid Pride!

Cadence: *Sighs* Oh, you stallions…

Milky Way: I know, right?

SCORE: Overture (Castlevania Rondo Of Blood)…


Dream Vania: VENUS!

Flash: Huh?

Advent & Dream: DUAL CRASH!!!

Flash: Huh?! *Sees them raise up a shining light with a pocket watch in it with resonating eyes and two bright figures above them*

Advent & Dream: FAST FORWARD!!! *Two crosses appear over them as they raise a glowing pocket watch between them and zip away after a flash of light and move at incredible speed*

Flash: HUH!??!?!? WHAT THE…. Did… Did you guys just see…

Phosphorus: (Oh…my… Grand Cross truly does live! Hallelujah!)

Milky Way: But….but how did they…

Cadence: *Chuckles* They really are full of surprises!

Shining Armor: Flash, you just know the craziest ponies, don’t ya?

Flash: Never a dull moment…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 08
Never a dull moment indeed! That's more like it! More heartwarming moments to help everyone heal their hearts after a funeral! Now I'm sorry to say that this is the last of Advent and Dreamy for pretty much the rest of the story. We've got some catching up to do and they're off to go on other adventures together, tournaments to enter and fight, secrets to uncover, and lives to save! But that's a story for another time! For now, it's time we got back on track!


Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Phosphorus- Jason Adkins
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Princess Cadence- Brit McKillip
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Verse 7

Throughout the song, I kept my guitar-playing where it was needed, but I was able to see poor Advent crying over in the front row with both Dream Vania and First Bass sitting next to him to comfort him. Even with how much Advent has grown, he still had the heart of a colt. Not that it was a bad thing. After the song was over, we all paid our respects to his parents one last time in a line and right behind me was a cloaked stallion…weird.

Flash: Perhaps we will get to meet one day. *Hears a sneeze behind him* Hmm? Bless you, dude!

Cloaked Stallion:….*Clears throat* Pardon.

Flash: *Walks ahead a bit* Wait, why are you wearing a cloak? We’re in a church.

Cloaked Stallion: I have my reasons… Please move forward.

Flash: Alright… *Moves ahead*

Cloaked Stallion: Rest in peace, old friend… Perhaps I will get to join you very soon… Then again… You’re not the one who’s been harboring a monster… *Walks forward*

Flash: No need to shoot yourself down, dude. None of us are bad here.

Cloaked Stallion: You have no idea, do you? *Walks away*….Tell your mother that she has a very nice singing voice…just as I remembered it.

Flash:……What was with that guy?

Drum Role: Eh, don’t worry about it, buddy.

Bass Keys: Yo. Da brudda needs us now.

Amp Atom: Indeed. Everyone seems to be leaving now. Let’s go join Advent.

Flash: Yeah.

Milky Way: I hope he’s alright. The poor dear was always in such high spirits that seeing him break into tears like that…it was heart-wrenching… Do you think my singing did that?

Flash: Don’t blame yourself, Mom. It was just the moment is all… Besides, your singing was phenomenal! You did great! In fact, that cloaked guy said it was just as beautiful as he remembered…though I don’t know how he knows you or anything. *They all step out and meet Advent, Dream Vania, and First Base outside with Shining Armor and Cadence joining them*

First Base:….Are you okay?

Advent: Yes… I’m alright… It’s just that…now I’m the only one left… My parents were both only foals and I was their only foal… I’m literally the only one to carry on my family’s blood…

Flash:….*Looks at Milky Way and she looks back*

Dream Vania: It’ll be okay… You know I’m here for you.

Advent: Yeah… Thanks, Dee Vee.

Flash: Eh? Deh-Dee Vee?

THIS…I didn’t see coming…

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 07
And now, we've reached the end of the funeral service for old friends. Wow, just before the end of Track 9 was a funeral and now Track 10 starts on one! We need to raise some spirits up before this story gets too depressing! So time for some love!


Flash Sentry & Cloaked Stallion- Vincent Tong
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Drum Role- Peter New
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
First Base- Chiara Zanni
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Serious Question: If you had to choose between revenge or forgiveness when faced with someone who did wrong to you or someone you care about, which would you choose? You have the chance to end this bad person's life, but would you? (Answer Honestly)
16 deviants said Forgiveness- I choose to show mercy in hopes that this person can pay for what they've done and perhaps better themselves so that no more lives have to be wasted.
8 deviants said Revenge- I choose to end this horrible person's life! I don't care what they could be! They have to pay!
Verse 6

Everyone found themselves clapping and stomping in applause for the crew’s performance. It was a pleasant surprise for Advent as well. Though, he seemed a bit embarrassed about the whole “Can’t swim” part. I honestly never knew he couldn’t swim! Either way, we finished socializing and sat down when Advent’s old mentor, Pastor Golem stepped up to the altar with Advent by his side and they gave a speech.

Golem: Beloved friends, family, and acquaintances, we are gathered here today to honor the passing of two of our dearest friends, Hymnodist and Shepherd Cane. In this church, they were the finest examples of loyal and loving children of the Great Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. They would help spread the word and help those who needed it without thought of personal gain and did well to pass what they knew to the next generation with the help of their own offspring, our young friend, Advent Playwright. Do you have anything you would like to say, Advent?

Advent: Yes… *Steps up and takes a deep breath* Everypony, dragon, buffalo, griffon, and everyone who have come here, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all sitting here in this single room in peace and harmony is a wonderful sight. My parents have always wanted it like this where we can all mingle with each other in a positive light. Back when my parents were young, they used to see a lot of conflict between two or more people whether they were of the same species or not. My mother dreamed of a world without violence and would create song lyrics that would inspire heroes to settle disputes so that no more would arise. My father dreamed of a world of cooperation and would raise the same cane that I bear on my back to help lead everyone I worked with to a brighter future. When I met you all, I helped you face great challenges and you accepted me as your friend and leader. Even for here, you all came to this by my invite. That is cooperation. What I see today is not just a crowd of many of the people I’ve met, worked with, and befriended, but also the very picture that my parents dreamed of… Thank you, everyone for helping me to fulfill my family’s dream… *Looks to the table* I just wish they could be here to see it… *Takes one more deep breath* Thank you, Pastor Golem. That is all.

Golem: And thank you, Advent. Let us pray. *Everyone puts their hooves, claws, and talons together, closes their eyes, and bow their heads* Great Father in Heaven, we thank you for listening to our words as we see off our good friends and brethren to return to you as your children. Shepherd Cane and Hymnodist will be greatly missed and we hope to one day see them again. The world that they dreamt of was one that we hope to see if it is your will, Great Father.

Advent: Please bless my parents’ souls and accept them unto your kingdom if it be your will also. We will all continue to live, grow, become stronger, and see the formation of their dream into reality. Hallelujah…

Advent & Golem: *Simultaneously* Amen. *They look to each other and bow*

Advent: And now, we will have one more performance by my friends of Flash Drive and Mother Milky Way, a childhood friend of my father’s with lyrics by my mother’s teacher, Countess Lyricist Composer!

Milky Way: It’s time, Flash.

Flash: Yeah. Ready, guys?

Amp, Drum, & Bass: YO! *They all get up and get their instruments and stand in front of the altar*

Milky Way: *Stands to the microphone with the audience clapping for them* Ever since I was young, I knew Shepherd Cane as a very close loved one… His wife and I also became very close, like sisters even… This song comes from her teacher who taught her to put every ounce of her heart and soul into her writing. I shall put every ounce of my heart and soul into this song as well in honor of them and my love for them.

Amp Atom: 3…2…Ready…GO!

SONG: Here’s To You [Lyrics by Lyricist Composer] (Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes)…
{Instruments by Flash Drive}
{Vocals by Milky Way}

Here’s To You, Hymnodist & Cane
The Heavens all weep and let down it’s rain
The sun returns to shine on your grave
To remember the gifts that you both gave

Here’s To You, Hymnodist & Cane
Rest in peace and without your pain
Unto The Lord, you belong to Him
Your loved ones sing your Final Hymn

Oh Here’s To You, Hymnodist & Cane
Our love for you will always remain
This last and final moment is yours
Blessed be your hearts and souls

Here’s To You… Oh Here’s To You
Hymnodist & Cane… Oh Here’s To You…
One last goodbye from the ones that you love
Bless your souls, Hallelujah

Here’s To You… Hallelujah

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 06
We haven't had this many custom lyrics songs since Track 4! That brings back memories. And for this, Flash, his band, and his mother provide a little song to see off Advent's family. And you know, this is also the first Metal Gear song to return to the series since...forever! I hope you liked it!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Pastor Golem- Jamieson Price
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Drum Role- Peter New
Bass Keys- Phil La Marr
Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Verse 5

Before the main ceremony began, Advent started mingling with everyone who were both friends of his as well as his parents. They were all very happy to see him. We even began socializing with some of them as well to get to know them a little. They all had some crazy stories as to how they met either Advent or his parents, Shepherd Cane and Hymnodist. Especially the pirate guys! Seriously…PIRATES?! They even prepared a song for Advent to show their respect and appreciation for his help and to tell him that he will always be welcomed as a member of the Salty Sea Mare crew.

Advent: Aw! You guys shouldn’t have!

Hoofbeard: Aye, but we did, boy! Now prepare for a song! All hooves ready!


Jewel: *A mermare who’s floating in in midair via hovering magic water* You’re gonna love this, Advent!

SONG: Advent Of Iron Blue Intention [Lyrics By Lyricist Composer] (Castlevania Judgment)…
{Vocals & Instruments by The Salty Sea Mare crew}
{Lead Vocals by Jewel the Mermare}

{7 Second Intro With The Crew Chanting}

Staying True with the wonderful
Iron Blue and adventurous
Hero Through and Through it all
Sailing To the world and back
Setting off with an azure smile
From the land and sea and even the sky
With spear-sharp wits and crack of whip
He moves as fast as a flying zip
There is no challenge that he cannot win

You will all now know his name
He leaves his mark all over the terrain
Come one on one or in a crew
He’s got a trick up his cape or two
You never know where he’s gonna go next or what he’s gonna do
With a Super Jump, he gains new heights

Never impossible for him to fight
He would make the perfect pirate if only he could learn how to swim
In the water he’s a klutz
And let’s be honest here, he really is nuts
But nonetheless, he is bold
And packing a heart of gold
He’s the kind of treasure that no chest can lock and hold
The coming of the True Blue Hero

On the stage, our minds all become blown
Nothing breaks his Iron Blue Intention of his HOLY SOUL
Staying True with the wonderful
Iron Blue and adventurous
Hero Through and Through it all
Sailing To the world and back
{Ends With A Final Note Of Chanting}

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 05
Before the service begins, we're treated to another aftermath of Advent's exploits. He's apparently friends with pirates...yeah! If anyone remembers one of the two-part arcs of the IDW comics, you should remember The Salty Sea Mare and Captain Hoofbeard! Well, I decided to write a story for that...later on... Don't worry, I WILL get Advent's series out there eventually! But for now, enjoy these fanmade lyrics for another Castlevania theme since it's been a while since we had one of them!

(Fun Fact, Iron Blue Intention was going to be Advent Playwright's original theme before I decided to give him "Divine Bloodlines" instead to match him to Richter Belmont.) 


Narration (Flash Sentry)- Vincent Tong
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Captain Hoofbeard- Alex Hirsch 
Jewel- Kari Wahlgren
Salty Sea Mare Crew- Various Voices
Verse 4

SCORE: Requiem For The Gods (Castlevania Symphony Of The Night)…

Dream Vania and Advent Playwright spent the night with us at the Crystal Palace and we enjoyed each other’s company. We made the most of our time together as friends and family until it was time for us to head out to Manehatten, Advent’s hometown. His church was where we all met up… Flash Drive was reassembled once more and we all stepped in to see a huge and well-decorated room with a bunch of seats and familiar-looking books in them and the walls were lined with stain-glass windows. It was like stepping into Princess Celestia’s throne room.

At the end of the room was an altar with a large cross and a picture of several winged creatures and a single bipedal primate-like creature in the middle praying to the sky with a bright light shining from above. There was a table off to the side with some pictures of Advent’s family. And to address the elephant in the room, the whole place was packed with all sorts of Equestria’s citizens! There were buffalo, ponies from Appleloosa, Deer, Zebras, Griffons, Pirates, Ninjas, Dragons…. WHAT?! Just how much travelling does Advent do?! There was even that one guy…Garble…

Flash: Huh?! YOU!

Garble: Oh great… What’s HE doing here?!

Flash: You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here!

Garble: Hey! I was invited here! What’s YOUR story!?

Flash: Invited?! YOU?! Yeah, like I’d believe that!

Garble: *Snarling*

Advent: WAIT! Garble! Flash! STOP! *Breaks them up* Flash, I DID invite him! He’s one of my friends!

Flash: WHAT?!

Garble: Well, we ain’t buddy-buddies… I…just owed him a favor, that’s all!

Flash: Whoa, whoa, hold on! How did all this happen?!

Advent: It’s a long story. But please, don’t fight here! This is God’s House! Please show some respect and restraint! Please?!

Flash:…..*Sighs* Fine. Sorry, Advent. *Looks at Garble*…….*Garble looks away and huffs*….Yeah, you got that right…

Milky Way: Flash!

Flash: Hmm?

Milky Way: It was years ago. I’ve gone past it and healed. Let it go.

Flash: *Takes a deep breath*….Alright.

Advent: Thank you. I’m surprised, though. Why isn’t King Bahamut here? Didn’t he get the invite?

Garble: He did, but he couldn’t come. He knew he was too big and would probably break something on the way here.

Advent: Oh… That’s a shame.

Garble: Don’t start moping… Here! This is from him. *Gives him a present* Now I’m gonna take a seat! And word from Mina: “Sorry I couldn’t be here. An emergency came up.” Blah… Blah… Blah…

Advent:…..*Sees that the present has a card signed from King Bahamut and the rest of the Southern Dragon Tribe and smiles*….Thank you, Garble. And can you tell them I extend my best wishes?

Garble: Whatever…

Dream Vania: You really have a way with making friends with people, don’t you?

Advent: Yeah…

Flash: (That’s ONE way to put it…)

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 04
Bet you didn't see THIS coming either! Yes, in one of Advent's journeys, he befriends several dragons including the leader of them all, King Bahamut as well as his daughter, Mina and this classic jerk, Garble! Take it as you may.


Flash Sentry & Garble- Vincent Tong
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Verse 3

SCORE: Lost Portrait (Castlevania Symphony Of The Night)…

Milky Way: *Whew* Okay, now that that’s settled, how are you, Advent? It’s been so long, I almost didn’t recognize you! You’re looking more and more like your father every time I see you!

Advent: *Scratches head and blushes* Eheheh…thank you! Well…funny that you mention him. Since we got back, I’ve been handing these out. *Gives them a little invitation card*

Milky Way: This… This is an invitation to a funeral… You don’t mean…

Flash: You found out what happened to your parents?

Advent: I did… In the same adventure that Dream Vania and I had, I encountered an enemy that revealed to me that he was the one…who murdered them… *Looks down* I finally found the answer to what happened…but it wasn’t what I wanted…

Milky Way:…..Dear Shephard… *Tears up* Oh, Advent, I’m so sorry. *Steps forward and hugs Advent* You must be devastated…

Advent: Thank you, Mother Milky Way… And I was… But now, I think their souls are at peace…

Flash: I never really got to meet them…but I knew they were good ponies.

Advent: Yes… They were… I won’t force you, but I would appreciate it if you would come. I’m sure they would appreciate it too.

Milky Way: Absolutely! Of course we will! Right, Flash?

Flash: If I can have another bit of time off, I don’t see why not.

Shining Armor: That won’t be a problem. We’re going too.

Cadence: I would love nothing more than to give my friend support! I’m really sorry about your loss.

Advent: Thank you, Cadence. And Flash, would it be possible for you to assemble your band to play for us at the memorial service?

Flash: Yeah, sure.

Milky Way: There’s a music sheet in here… “Lyricist Composer”?

Advent: That was written by my mother’s teacher, “Countess Lyricist Composer”. It was made special for this event. If you could sing it, Mother Milky Way…

Milky Way: Say no more. I would love to!

Advent: Thank you.

Flash: Amp, call up Drum and Bass. *Looks back to Advent* So when is it?

Advent: Tomorrow.

Shining Armor: We’ll be there. Oh! And Doc! Tell Steel to keep watch when we’re gone while you’re at it

Amp Atom: Understood!

Flash: You gonna be alright?

Advent: Yes. My parents always told me to be strong. *Looks back up to them* In body and spirit…I will be.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 03
During Advent's journey to save Dream Vania, he found his parents' killer and defeated him. It matters not of who or why anymore. All that matters is that they can rest in peace now and that friends are there to comfort the remaining one for his loss.


Milky Way- Tabitha St. Germain
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Princess Cadence- Brit McKillip
Prince Shining Armor- Andrew Francis
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 2

SCORE: Father And Son (Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots)…

Dream Vania: Papa? You know him?!

Flash: *Walks towards him and scans him rigorously* Advent… You’ve….grown!

Advent: And yet you’re still the same size! Eheheh! *Holds out hoof*

Flash: And your voice… WHAT HAPPENED?!

Advent: I believe they call it puberty. Now c’mon! Don’t leave me hanging!

Flash:…….*Surprised look turns to a grin* Heh! Yeah! *Hoofbumps* Good to see you again, buddy! *They both take out their spear and cane and cross them, making them glow* Something’s different about you! You’ve grown in many ways, haven’t you? *The spirit of Phosphorus appears next to him*

Advent: Indeed I have! *The spirit of Grand Cross appears next to him* I trust that you have too?

Flash: (Whoa! So THAT’S him!) Heh! You know it! So you were the one who saved her, huh?

Advent: I didn’t do it alone, but yeah! But she’s a lot tougher than she looks!

Flash: *Looks at Dream Vania* What exactly happened?

Dream Vania: Well…after you left, you didn’t come back for a long time, so… *Explains her situation and the events of her adventure in a nutshell*….and that’s what happened!

Flash:…….HUH?!?!?! *Looks at Cadence, who nods* HUH?!!?!??

Cadence: Everything they said was true, Flash. I was there! But now I think it’s your turn to tell everyone your story. *Milky Way, Shining Armor, and Amp Atom appear*

Flash: *Sighs* Okay. I told this to Princess Celestia when I got back, so I’ll explain it now. *Explains the events of his adventure in Dark Equestria in a nutshell* ….and that’s what happened, believe it or not. I’m sorry I worried you all.

Fortunately, it didn’t take much to convince them that I was telling the truth and they were able to accept it. Good thing I work with understanding ponies. It was then that our happy reunion turned down to a more somber note.

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 02
The cast that was established several Tracks ago has truly grown


Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
Princess Cadence- Brit McKillip
TRACK 10 Tears From The Heart

Verse 1

I honestly couldn't tell what was going on out on the battlefield with that monster. I was completely blacked out. I want to wake up soon, but right now...I just can't. I hope the Princesses and Chief and Twilight are all okay... But I just can't wake up. I have no choice. I need to see this life review through. So instead of returning to present day, let's just pick up where we left off! I've rested from remembering the past for long enough and I'm moving on! This is for you, Heavyweight and Thunderclap!

After a rough mission that took me to a different world parallel to mine, I hurried back to the Crystal Empire after finding out that I was gone for no less than 3 days and in that time, a search party has been looking for me…what’s worse, though is the fact that my filly, Dream Vania went missing to look for me! She must’ve snuck out or something! Whatever happened, I was officially in panic mode! I made it home to find that my mom and little brother were there…

Ordinarily, I would have been embarrassed, but in that case, I couldn’t care to hear Mom’s scolding. I immediately had Amp contact everypony and bring them back. Strangely enough, through all this, Princess Cadence was sleeping all day. When I asked Chief why she was, he answered that she had a long and tough night, so she asked to sleep in… Thanks a lot, Princess… At least, Chief worked with me to get the search party set on finding Dream Vania. We were ready to go when suddenly, my little brother stopped me for a second.

First Base: Uh… Big bro?

Flash: What is it?

First Base: Dreamy…she looks like this, right? *Holds a picture of her*

Flash: You’ve met her before, First Base, you should know! Why do you ask?

First Base: Then I think I found her!

Flash: Wh-What?!

First Base: Down there! *Points down to a path that leads to the palace in the main town*

SCORE: Metallic Madness Good Future [JP Version] (Sonic The Hedgehog CD)…

Flash:….That….That is…. DREAM VANIA!!!

Dream Vania: *Gasps in excitement* PAPAAAAA!!!

As soon as it came, the feeling of intense fear and panic went and was replaced with relief! It was a little weird as to why the problem was resolved before I could even do anything, but there was a whole story behind that adventure.

(Author’s Note: Read “My Little Ponyvania: Orchestral Of Sacrifice”)

Flash & Dreamy: *Simultaneously while hugging and crying* THANK GOD YOU’RE OKAY! WHERE WERE YOU?!...I WAS WORRIED SICK!!!...STOP COPYING ME!!!

Cadence: *Walks up from behind while rubbing her eye and yawning* Is…this what all the commotion was about?

Flash: Princess?

Dream Vania: Hello, Cadence!

Cadence: Oh good, you made it back safe! I had a feeling you'd at least come back to see us!

Flash: Wait, huh?

Cadence: Seems we all have some stories to tell! Don’t we, Advent?

Flash: Advent...?

Dream Vania: Oh! Papa! I want you to meet somepony! He was the one who saved me when I was gone! *Advent walks up to Flash dressed in a brown vest, red cape, a blue cane, grappling hook, and bag*

SCORE: White Blood (Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots)…


Advent: Though in the end, she was the one who saved me!

Flash: *Has a seriously shocked look on his face* A….Advent…you…

Advent: It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Brother Flash?

My Little Pony Flashing Life TRACK 10 VERSE 01
Flashing Life Of An Unsung Hero has returned! Let us continue on with this life review of our hero! And YUP! I plugged this story! author-bat-pegasus.deviantart.… If you want to know how Advent and Dream Vania got here and how Cadence knows, read that. Be sure to come back to this afterwards if you choose to do so. Or if you just don't care to, at least enjoy the return of Flashing Life!


Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
First Base- Chiara Zanni
Dream Vania- Stephanie Sheh
Princess Cadence- Brit McKillip 
Advent Playwright- Quinton Flynn
SCORE: Signs Of Love (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

School is back in session for Canterlot High’s students and staff after a good long break for the winter holidays. Some students here and there are seen talking to their friends in rather peculiar ways. They appear as though they’re reconciling with each other over something….as if they were fighting or something and they’re working out their differences. That happens from time to time, of course, but to see so many instances of groups doing that in one general area seems kind of odd. At least, it would seem odd to those not in the know as to why. Flash Sentry is one such case.

Flash takes notice to all these reconciling groups and can’t help but wonder about them. The only groups that aren’t doing so are ones who have already settled their conflicts, but surprisingly, when Flash asked them what was up, they all gave the same response. “It was a misunderstanding.” Their stories were all different, but they all boiled down to the same explanation. All this did, however was make Flash scratch his head in added on confusion. Ironically, the only group he couldn’t find was his own. His team, his band, his brothers…where was his Flash Drive?!

Looking around the school, Flash was able to find all three of his teammates in different areas, all hanging out alone as if something was bugging them. Flash decides to get to the bottom of this, but by piecing this together with the fact that everyone looked like they were going through a phase of guilt and repairing broken bonds, he comes to a rather accurate conclusion. “Something happened here while I was gone.” What could it have been?! Canterlot High has had its share of dark times. All of which were triggered by a common trend: “Friendship problems.” Flash reaches for his phone in his jacket.

Flash: There’s something up here. I might need an expert for this. *Phone is ringing*

Sunset Shimmer: *Picks up on the other end* Hello?

Flash: Hey, Sunset. Sorry to bug ya.

Sunset Shimmer: Flash? What’s up?

Flash: Hey, I couldn’t help but notice something strange looking at everyone in the halls.

Sunset Shimmer: In what way? Is there something out of the ordinary?

Flash: “Out of the ordinary” might be the best way to put it. I’m looking at all these groups of friends who look like they’ve been fighting and are either already fixed or they’re doing so as we speak. Did something like the Dazzlings hit us again?

Sunset Shimmer: Oh… You haven’t been on MyStable lately, have you?

Flash: I couldn’t. I was sick at home and my connection was too weak for any of my devices to work online. I wanted to surprise my friends with my return now that I’m all better but I noticed something about them too.

Sunset Shimmer: What’s wrong with them?

Flash: They’re all separated and they looked kind of ticked. Since you’re in the “Friendship Problem” business, I figured calling you was my best bet. Would you know anything about this?

Sunset Shimmer: *Sighs* That… Meet me after the third period. We’ll talk before lunch.

Flash: Alright. I have a feeling this is gonna be a long story.

Sunset Shimmer: You don’t know half of it. See you then.

Flash: Yeah. See ya. *Hangs up* Hmm…

SCORE: Alone (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Flash Sentry would go about his morning via his usual schedule. First period is Homeroom where Flash meets up with Bass Keys and wants to talk to him, but he’s just chilling in a corner of the Library near where Twilight Sparkle and Spike stayed the first time they visited this world. Flash can’t get him to wake up. Second period is Physical Science where he tries to talk to Amp Atom…who is feeling too down to want to talk at all and instead just keeps to himself. Lastly, third period is PE and the game is soccer. Flash is shocked to see Drum just leaning his back against the side of bleachers instead of playing.

Flash: Okay, seriously! What is going on with these guys?! *Anxiously waiting for the bell to ring and he leaves the gym and heads for the cafeteria before getting stopped by Sunset in the hall* There you are! Think we can talk now?

SCORE: I’ll Face Myself [Special Version] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Sunset Shimmer: Yup… Everyone’s fully settled down from before, thankfully.

Flash: Not everyone… All three of my bandmates are acting way off. None of them want to talk or do much other than keep to themselves. It’s getting kind of depressing.

Sunset Shimmer: That’s because of something that happened before our holiday vacation. You see, last December, our school got hit by an anonymous leaker on MyStable in an attempt to frame me. It unfortunately worked and got everyone to feel hate and distrust towards me… *Looks down*

Flash: Oh come on! I thought we were past this!

Sunset Shimmer: You know I don’t post rumors or slander on people or do anything cruel like that anymore…but that apparently doesn’t stop impersonators.

Flash: I’m sorry that happened.

Sunset Shimmer: It’s fine in my regards. But unfortunately it didn’t end there. “Anon-a-Miss” was the name of the leaker. She-er…They used my likeness online to make people believe it was me and started using me as a scapegoat while they spread rumors and private info and trivia about our classmates, causing conflict and strife amongst everyone in the school.

Flash: Wait, what?! THAT’S why they’re like this?!

Sunset Shimmer: Your friends? Well…yeah. It was hard for me to convince my own friends to trust me enough to even let me talk to them.

Flash: Did Twilight help at all?

Sunset Shimmer: Funny enough. She did! *Opens her book* She told me to just act on what I knew and believed to be the truth. Surprisingly, it worked out and the truth was revealed soon after. Turns out it was a few younger kids here looking to make mischief. Justice has already been served…but even that won’t solve everything right away.

Flash: You’re right. It won’t…but I do know what might. Thanks, Sunset. That’s all I needed.

Sunset Shimmer: No problem, but what do you plan to do?

Flash: Oh…nothing much. *Smiles and walks away with his face turning from sweet to sour and salty* I just plan to give my friends a piece of my mind… *Air coming out of his nostrils, he pulls out his phone and systematically texts to all three of his teammates and tells them to meet him during lunch for an “emergency”*……..*Receives replies that shows their reluctant answers, but ultimately, they all agreed*

SCORE: Awakening (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

From three different doors, Drum Role, Bass Keys, and Amp Atom all appear in the same boxed in area next to the cafeteria and look at each other with disdain and confusion.

Amp Atom: You two?!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! What chu doin’ here?!

Drum Role: Well DUH! I’m here to meet up with my ACTUAL friend, Flash!

Bass Keys: D’at’s messed up, punk! Flash texted d’is brudda, not you suckas!

Amp Atom: You’re both too stupid to make up the same story like this… Flash must have set this up… I have no intention of staying! *Turns around and sees Flash standing right behind him* HMM?!

Flash: Yeah… You DO! *Glares at Amp and gets him to back up* I called this meeting for my team. I’m glad to see everyone showed up. I missed you guys.

Drum Role: Yeah well… I don’t feel very “missed” by these two jerks!

Bass Keys: Tch! Finally somethin’ we can agree on!

Amp Atom: If your plan was to get us to reconcile, then I’m afraid your skills as a leader are as lacking as these two idiots’ brains!

Bass & Drum: HEY!!!

Flash: *Gives a sharper glare* Oh, is that right? *Eyes spark and Flash takes out his guitar and slams on the strings to send out a strong soundwave that sends the others flying back into a wall behind them* You’re ALL acting like idiots! I’m not gonna force you to work out your differences. That’s for you to do yourselves! But either way you choose, we’re still a team and since we all agreed to make me the leader of this team, I’m gonna do my job and straighten you guys out!

SCORE: I’ll Face Myself [Another Version] (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

Drum Role: *Rubbing his head* Rrrgh… Ouch, dude!

Bass Keys: Whoa, whoa! Easy, dawg!

Amp Atom:……

Flash: Sorry, but I had to do that to get you guys to shut up and listen! When we got together and formed this team, we made an oath! We promised to know when to and when NOT to fight! What are the three reasons to fight?

Amp Atom:….To protect the innocent.

Bass Keys: Ta d’fend ourselves…

Drum Role: And to keep the peace by stopping bad guys…

Flash: That’s correct! And what are the reasons we DON’T fight?!

Amp Atom: Because we don’t try to get 1-up on others…

Bass Keys: Revenge…

Drum Role: Uh…what was the last one?

Flash: “ANYTHING PETTY!” I don’t know what rumors or garbage about you guys have caused any of this fighting, but frankly, I don’t care! You guys are FRIENDS! You’re MY friends! We set dreams and goals for this team to go far so we can be heroes for our world! So while you’re on the ground, take some time to think about what we’ve been through and learned together as friends! That should outweigh any petty arguments!

The others look down as Flash continues.

Flash: Amp, you’re physically weak but you’re smart and clever! Bass, you’re usually cool and reserved but you’re always there to help us! Drum, you’re a pigheaded moron but you’re tough on the outside with a heart of gold on the inside! Everyone has pros and cons to them! We learned that when we dealt with our Ids back during the Battle Of The Bands! We DON’T need to go back to that!

The others are still silent and their expressions are full of regret.

Flash: *Sighs* So you get it? I’m not letting all of our hard work go to waste. (Or Twilight’s… It’s thanks to her that everyone at this school learned how to accept others. I’ll die before I let her down like that!) Think we can bury the hatchet now?

Amp Atom:……Yes….

Bass Keys: Tch…. Yeah….

Drum Role: Sorry, guys… I guess I really AM stupid…

Amp Atom: For once…I feel even dumber… I’m sorry too…

Bass keys: Yo, bruddas. I dunno what came ov’a me.

Flash: *Sighs once more and smiles*……

Amp Atom: And we’re sorry to you too, Flash. You were sick for a while and came back to find us like this…

Bass Keys: Yo, I’d get peeved at us too.

Drum Role: So…are we good?

Flash: Yeah. Glad to see you all back to your senses. Now c’mon. Let’s go get something to eat! I’m starving!

SCORE: New Days (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4)…

The four boys of Flash Drive, now reunited with a much stronger friendship, walk back to the cafeteria together. The three other members happily walk next to Flash with Drum stretching his arms over their shoulders.

Drum Role: I am SO there! And it’s Taco Tuesday again!

Amp Atom: I guess you’ve developed a 4th reason to fight, Flash.

Flash: Oh? And what’s that?

Amp Atom: Our friendship was at stake and you didn’t want to give up even when we did.

Bass Keys: D’at right d’ere’s da REAL fight worth beat’n!

Flash: Heh… We might need to think of another “wrong reason” just to balance them out!

The boys laugh together on the way to lunch. When they turn the corner, Flash sees Sunset standing by and smiles and nods to her as a silent “thank  you”. Sunset smiles back and gives a thumbs-up before returning to her own group. Before entering the cafeteria, the boys decide to do something silly as their first thing back together as a team! They put their hands together and recite their signature motto.


MLP EQG Holiday Special Aftermath
I guess you can call this a "Flash Drive Chronicles" one-shot. This follows the events after the Holiday Special IDW comic for Equestria Girls where a whole bunch of craziness happened and while Flash was completely absent from that comic aside from a few cameos. His teammates, however WERE in there as background characters and well, I decided to make this almost a year ago, but FINALLY got around to writing it! Hope you guys like it!

And now because of both mine and :iconmythrilmoth:'s works, I can't stop matching Persona music to EQG... Nothing can save me now!
“…..Magic, you say?”

SCORE: Tartarus (Persona 3)…

In a darkened Principal’s Office, a deep-sounding and masculine voice speaks from the shadows to the principal of Crystal Prep, however, Principal Abacus Cinch is standing in front of the main desk rather than in the seat. She is the one being questioned by the dark figure and his deep voice. Dean Cadence and her husband, Officer Shining Armor both stand at the entrance of the office and listen to the conversation. The atmosphere is so tense that it’s almost suffocating for everyone in the room except for the mysterious man.

Cinch: Yes, sir… I know it sounds unbelievable, but I’m not making this up! I felt it would be best to talk to you first before taking it up with the schoolboard.

????: You were wise to do so, Ms. Cinch. After all, who would believe such a fantasy?

Cinch: You don’t really believe me either, do you?

????: Ordinarily, I would not. However, this is one of those rare instances where not only do I NOT believe you…but I also do not care!

Cinch: W-What?!

????: At what thought did you come to the conclusion that it was okay to bribe, threaten, and pressure our absolute best student? I’ve talked with Dean Cadence about what happened and she made it clear that you forced our school’s representative to do something illegal under the assumption of cheating. That’s quite a claim but I’ve never known her to lie. Just to make sure, though, I also talked with a few of the other competitors. They confirmed it.

Cinch: But… Principal Celestia, she-!

????: I do not take excuses, Ms. Cinch. I did not mold this school into what it is on excuses!


????: The students here are to be trained to be the elite! The elite are forged from hard work and honor! We do not cheat to win! We show our true strength by crushing others with that honor! It appears that you have forgotten that.

Cinch: Wait… Mr. S-

????: And to top it all off, you let your best student slip through your fingers and into the saddle and reigns of Canterlot High School. We lost our prodigy because of YOUR negligence!


????: Come here. *Pulls out a large black bag and puts it on the desk* Take this with you. It contains everything that is yours. Everything else has been sorted out.

Cinch: Wait, you’re not serious, are you?! You’re firing me?!

SCORE: Deep Breath Deep Breath (Persona 3)…

????: I hope there is no problem with that.

Cinch: But….I…..

????: You know I do not like repeating myself! Take your things and leave now or else your job will be the SECOND worst thing you lose today!

Cinch:…..*Wants to protest, but freezes in fear when she looks into his glaring eyes from within the shadows*……!!!! *Slowly reaches for her bag of belongings and leaves*……*Looks at Dean Cadence before looking back down and walking out the door*

????:…….*Ahem* Dean Cadence!

Cadence: *Startled* U-Uh… Yes, sir?!

????: At ease, I merely wish to give you something to fill out. Come here. *Places a small packet of papers on the desk*

Cadence: Okay… *Looks at the papers and her face turns from confused to shocked* Th-This…

????: Hmhmhm… Crystal Prep is going to need a new principal and I’ve taken notice of your hard work over the past few years. There is no better choice than the best, as it were. So take this form to your desk and give yourself a promotion!

Cadence:…..I…..I……WOW!!! Thank you so much! Shining! *Runs to her husband and hugs him* I’M GETTING A PROMOTION, DEAR!!! Isn’t this GREAT?!

Shining Armor: Yeah! That IS great!

????: Hmph… However, I must ask that you take care of it immediately. There are some matters I must attend to before I go and I’d like those papers turned in before I am finished here.

Cadence: Of course, sir! I’ll get right on it! I’ll be back soon! *Leaves the room with the papers and a bright smile on her face* WOOHOO!!!

Shining Armor: That was unexpected… I bet she’ll want some company.

????: Well first, I have something for you that we must discuss now since you’re here.

Shining Armor: Uh…yes, sir?

SCORE: Master Of Shadow (Persona 3)…

????: Has the Chief increased the security of the city yet?

Shining Armor: We’re working on that the best we can, sir. At least, that’s what the Chief told me.

????: I see. I may have to get a better look later. Though it seems that he has neglected to make sure you are well-informed at all times. It is a pity, isn’t it?

Shining Armor: I can see why it would be. I kind of feel like he’s just stringing me along. And when there’s a lot of weirdness going on around the city, the force really SHOULD be better educated, y’know?!

????: Indeed, I do know! Which is why I’m giving you a little assignment.

Shining Armor: Mr. Superintendent?!

????: Hmhmhm… If the Chief of Police won’t take this seriously, SOMEONE has to! I want you to keep an eye on some certain suspicious individuals. *Gives him a list of names and faces*

Shining Armor: Huh? *Looks at them* Wait, hold on, some of these look kind of…familiar. These are students from Canterlot High School! In fact, some of them are friends with my sister.

SCORE: Master Of Tartarus (Persona 3)…

????: Yes… As it were, there are some students from Canterlot High that have gained my attention. I can’t quite put my finger on “why” though. That is something about them that I wish for you to keep an eye on. Let’s just say your sister’s curiosity has rubbed off on me.

Shining Armor: Twilight? Well…she DID spend a long time studying that school for whatever reason. I thought it was just for a school project or something.

????: None of the teachers assigned anything of the sort. It was a voluntary project that she took on herself. I admire her initiative and ambitions.

Shining Armor: I’m glad to hear that, but what about them makes them suspicious?

????: Don’t you find it strange how your sister seemed so attracted to that place when everything was flowing so well for her here and then she goes to that school during the Friendship Games and all of a sudden, she transfers to it without even a second thought?

Shining Armor: Yeah, that DOES seem kind of weird. Though we’ve all been kids in school, sir! We all did weird stuff when we were kids.

????: Indeed, though with talk of anomalies going around about that school, one can only be so sure before they have to start being careful.

Shining Armor: Ah, I see. So you think there might’ve been some kind of influence on my sister that might’ve made her switch over?

????: Indeed and I have reasons to believe that the students you see there may be contributing factors. Read them aloud, please.

Shining Armor: Alright, let’s see… “Atomic Microchips Adam aka Amp Atom”; “Bass Keys” formerly known as “Ringo”; “Brawly Beats” aka “Drum Role”; “Flash Sentry”; “Green Sandalwood Cycle”… Huh, a lot of these boys seem to have gone by different names. That couldn’t just be a coincidence, could it?

????: I’ve heard that the change of environment can help change one’s own perspective and even change how they portray themselves. But when you factor in anomalies that can even alter one’s personality so drastically, I have a hunch that could have led to some of those students changing their identities entirely.

Shining Armor: Wait…are you saying…that Twilight might not even be Twilight later?!

????: If this gets out of hand for her, which from what I’ve gathered, has already happened, then she could very well be in the process of changing into one of Canterlot High School’s Granfalloon. She will be throwing away all of her hard work and knowledge to contribute to a lost and meaningless cause.

Shining Armor: What?! But…how do you know?!

????: Because I’ve seen this once before. All it takes is a little charisma and nice words to lead one astray from their path…or perhaps a small taste of what they “think” they want! Read the rest of the names if you would.

Shining Armor: “Octavia Melody”; “DJ Pon-3”….wait, who names a kid with a number?!


Shining Armor: Sorry… Okay, it says her name is actually “Vinyl Scratch”. Great, even some girls have changed identities. Another one is “Sweetie Drops” who changed her name to “Bonbon”. We have “Lyra Heartstrings”; “Derpy Hooves…Ditzy Doo…Bright Eyes…Muffins…” Okay, how many names did THIS one go through?!

????: It IS indeed a mystery…

Shining Armor: That’s….REALLY strange, actually.

????: Continue…

Shining Armor: And for the last row, we have my sister and her friends, “Rarity”; “Applejack”; “Pinkie Pie”; “Rainbow Dash”; “Fluttershy”; “Sunset Shimmer”; and…. “Twilight Sparkle”…. Great, so you want me to spy on my sister or something?

????: Not necessarily “SPYING” per say, more so I want you to look out for her. You ARE the big brother, so you should know what is best for your little sister. You don’t want her to become a zombie, now do you?

Shining Armor:…..Well no, of course not…. Alright. I’ll keep my eyes on them. I’ll even see what I can do to keep security alert for any suspicious behavior.

????: Very good. I knew you were the right man for this job.

Shining Armor: Will there be anything else, Mr. Superintendent?

????: Yes, just one other thing.

Shining Armor: Yes, sir?

????: Keep this confidential. Nobody outside of the force needs to know of what or why. That includes your loved ones, as well as young Twilight. Understand?

Shining Armor: Yes, sir.

????: Very good. Then that is all for now. Keep in touch. You are dismissed.

Shining Armor: Understood! *Cadence enters the room* Hmm?

Cadence: I filled everything out, Mr. Superintendent! Here you go!

????: Ah, perfect timing! Just what I’d expect from you! *Looks through it all* Hmm… Very good. Then with that, I think my work is done here for now. I will be out of your hair. You may organize your things any way you like.

Cadence: Well actually, I’d like to renovate a few things and Shiny could use a little extra muscle. Would you like to lend a hand, Mr. Superintendent?

Shining Armor: *Sneers at Cadence for that remark* Hey… I’m standing right here!

Sombra: *Smiles and steps out of the shadows, standing tall, dark, and well-built* I would love to help… And please, Principal Cadence… Call me, Mr. Sombra.


Equestria Girls Tales Of Heroes
MLP EQG Of Crystals And Shadows
Bet you guys didn't see THIS coming!

I couldn't come up with a good Flash Drive Chronicles story for the most recent Equestria Girls movie, Friendship Games. But I at least was able to think of something that could not only deal with one of the three problems I had with the movie AND introduce something that I've been wanting to surface for a long time! I guess the advantage of being sick means I finally have enough time to fully think everything over while writing to pass the time until I get better! 

Okay, yes, this contains spoilers to Friendship Games. But in any case, I hope you guys enjoy this as well as one of the projects that I plan to get off the ground soon! 
Derpy's Reaction To Friendship Games by Author-Bat-Pegasus
Derpy's Reaction To Friendship Games
YEEHEHEHEE!!! Ain't I a stinkah?! I couldn't resist. The moment was too cute and...somehow symbolic.

This is basically Derpy saying "Welcome to the Background Character's Club, Flash!"

The most loved background character comforting the most hated support character... Like the rest of the movie, it leaves me with mixed feelings.
Flash's Reaction To Friendship Games by Author-Bat-Pegasus
Flash's Reaction To Friendship Games
You already know my ire concerning Friendship Games due to certain missed opportunities that were just SO bad that I almost let it ruin the whole movie for me. But seriously, if the only development Flash is gonna get is via fanfictions, then that's just sad. Because let's be honest here, this is getting ridiculous.
Verse 18

SCORE: Victory Is Near (Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance)…

While Celestia and Luna and all the civilians leave to set up some festivities for their big party, Sombra takes the Guardians and I to a statue of Sir Disco…er…”Captain Goodguy” that he claims to have a portal hidden in the bust. Along the way, I share a few things about myself to answer their many questions. It was like a job interview with them, I tell ya! While that was going on, I noticed Sombra writing something on a piece of paper. When we finally arrived, Sombra put his hoof to the bust to find that most of the portal is gone! I got a little worried until Sombra kept feeling around the bust to find that there was one small hole.

Sombra: What?! Just a small bit?! It used to be that you could walk through it with ease… Of course… The mirror broke! *Sighs* I’m sorry, Flash. But I don’t think you can go through there. This is the only way to your world that I know of and most of it is cut off. There’s only a small way through that you can just barely poke your hoof through!

Flash: Really? *Pokes his hoof through it* Yeah, you’re right… Good thing I know one trick that can help with that. *Pulls out his spear*

Sombra: Ah yes! Phosphorus!

Flash: Bingo! I can get through no problem! *Turns around to face the others* Well… I guess this is good-bye.

Sombra: I suppose so.

Chrysalis:….Will you…ever come back?

Flash: I don’t know. Maybe.

Chrysalis: *Looks rather sad* Then at least…promise that you won’t forget me…er…us! Okay?!

Flash: Y-Yeah, sure! I promise!

Discord: It was definitely interesting seeing another visitor from the other side! Perhaps next time you could become my sidekick in crime-fighting! *Salutes*

Flash: Next time…?

Muffins: If you ever do come back, please share some of your intelligence with me of your world.

Flash: You bet…if coming back is an option for me later.

Sombra: Absolutely. You will always be welcomed in my kingdom. The balance between our worlds doesn’t seem to have shifted or cracked in any way anymore. We shall see.

Flim: Well then we look forward to next time!

Flam: I second that!

Trixie: Then this isn’t “Good-bye”. It’s “See you later!” I like that better!

Chrysalis: *Perks up* Then…can I get one more hug before you go?

Flash:….Yeah…sure. *She gives him a big and tight squeeze* HNNNNNG!!!! *Pats her on the back*

Chrysalis: Thank you…for everything. *Whispers* I love you.

Flash: (HURP?!?!) *Blushes brightly and his wings extend out* Okay… *She lets go* Time for me to go. I’ll miss you all!

Sombra: One last thing. *Pulls out a piece of paper* Could you please give this to the Celestia of your world?

Flash: A message? Yeah, sure! I’ll give it to her as soon as I see her!

Sombra: Thank you. Godspeed, Flash Sentry! *Salutes and the others salute as well*

SCORE: Old Battlefield (Fire Emblem Awakening)…

Flash: See ya later, King Sombra and Guardians! *Salutes and raises up his spear* PHOSPHORUS!!! *Turns into a lightning bolt and shoots upward to the sky* I MUST GO NOW! MY WORLD NEEDS ME!!! *Flies outward and back in a looping fashion to dart straight into the hole of the portal and vanishes into it, then finds himself flying through the vortex between worlds* WHOA! WHOA! WHOAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Dearest Celestia,
I am writing to you to let you know that I am alright. I am sorry I worried you the last our eyes met, but everything is fine now. The evil that has haunted me and my kingdom has finally been extinguished. I am happy to say that it was thanks to your people. Your star successor, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends were able to push us in the right direction while your young prodigy of a royal guard, Vanguard Flash Sentry was the one who finished the job. He brought hope back to me and my people and spearheaded the final charge against the Nightmares without fear. I give him my strongest regards as a soldier and as a true hero. You should be proud to have built a fine generation of ponies in your Equestria. You have created a generation of heroes under your wings. Thank you. I hope that we may see each other again very soon if possible. And next time, with 100% less chance of our worlds collading.
I Love You, Always ~Sombra

SCORE: Everything Hereafter (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)…

Flash: I SEE A LIGHT!!! IS THAT IT?! YES! IT IS! HERE I COME! I’M HOOOOOOME!!!! *A potted tree begins to shake as the mirror shard hanging from one of its branches glows along with the yellow card that’s next to it until he finally comes out of it in a blinding light and is wrapped in electricity*…..Kept you waiting, huh? *Electricity fades and he looks around to see a canopy bed and a well-decorated room* Wait…is this…a bedroom? Wait a minute, I know this place… *Turns around* Isn’t this…

Celestia: My bedroom? Yes, it is!

Flash: MEEP!!! *Turns around to see the Princess Celestia he’s familiar with* ACK!!! PRIN-PRINCESS CELESTIA!!! Um…. Hi, how ya doin’?! I…uh… *Is getting her stern eye*….Okay, there is a perfectly good explanation for this…though you’re probably not going to believe it…

Celestia: Try me. I would most certainly love to hear your explanation as to how you came out of that piece of the mirror. Where exactly WERE you?!

Flash: *Takes a deep breath* Okay… *Explains the whole story in a nutshell*…and that’s what happened. I’m sorry I worried everyone.

Celestia:….My Sombra…. *Is dumb-founded*

Flash: Princess? Are you okay?

Celestia: Yes, I… I’m okay… Thank you for your report, Flash. I’ll be sure to inform Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor of your situation and make sure they go easy on you.

Flash: Well, thank you. And that’s not all.

Celestia: Hmm?

Flash: Here. *Gives her the message from Sombra*

Celestia: This… This penmanship… This is Sombra’s writing!

Flash: *Just looks back and smiles*…..

Celestia: *Reads the message and begins to tear up with a few of them falling onto the paper*…..You’ve done well, Vanguard… And you’re quite the messenger…. Thank you.

Flash: *Salutes* Permission to leave for home?

Celestia:…*Nods* Granted.

Flash: *Opens her window and flies out of it to head back to the Crystal Empire* Hang on, everypony! I’m coming home! *Gets a call from Amp Atom* Huh?! *Answers* Hello?


Flash: OW, MY EARS!!! Okay, okay! I already explained it to Princess Celestia, so I’ll tell you everything when I get back! I’m on my way now!

Amp Atom: Well you better hurry back then! Do you know what’s happened while you were away?!

Flash: What?! Wait, did you say 3 DAYS?!

Amp Atom: YES! There was a search party looking for you with no luck! And to top it off, YOUR DAUGHTER WENT MISSING!!!

SCORE: Plight (Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance)…

Flash: SHE WHAT?!?!? Dream Vania’s gone?! *Takes out his spear* PHOSPHORUS!!! *Bolts ahead to the Crystal Empire at blinding speed* (She must’ve gone looking for me… Oh no! Dreamy…!)

My Little Pony Flashing Life BONUS TRACK VERSE 18
It never truly does end for a soldier like Flash, does it? I hope you all enjoyed this part of Flashing Life! I really put my heart and soul into this one since I loved the Reflections Arc of the IDW MLP comics so much! And now it's time to return once more to the Equestria we all know! And get ready, guys! Because Flashing Life is back with a vengeance! 

This Bonus Track is dedicated to Katie Cook and :iconandypriceart: for their incredible work on the original story behind this one! 

Special Thanks to :iconfountainstranger: for her continued support of the ship between Mirror Sombra and Prime Celestia! It's thanks to her that I got the motivation I needed to get this story out there! So thank you so much!

EXTRA Special Thanks to my friend :icondarknazawrath: for his hard work on the illustrations! You rock so much, dude!


King Sombra- Crispin Freeman
Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
Queen Chrysalis- Kathleen Barr
Professor Muffins- Tabitha St. Germain
Sir Discord- John De Lancie 
Princess Trixie Lulamoon- Kathleen Barr
Judge Flim- Samuel Vincent
Judge Flam- Scott McNeil 
Princess Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Doctor Amp Atom- Samuel Vincent
Verse 17

Everyone around me was struck dumb. For a moment, they couldn’t say anything. Neither could I. My extra armor broke off and disappeared as it hit the ground. I raised my spear back up to the sky and channeled all the energy that everyone loaned to me and returned it all to them.

Flash: *As his helmet and armor return to normal* EVERYONE! WITH YOUR HELP, WE HAVE WON!!! HERE! TAKE BACK YOUR STRENGTH! I NO LONGER NEED IT! *Sends back all their energy in the forms of arching beams of light that flow into their bodies*

SCORE: Winning Road [Super Smash Bros Brawl Version] (Fire Emblem The Binding Blade)…

Sombra: Flash…thank you. *Returns to his body* The war is finally over thanks to you!

Flash: Heh… Don’t mention it… *Falls to the ground as everyone rejoices and Chrysalis approaches him* Ngh….

Chrysalis: FLASH! *Picks his head up* Flash! Are you okay?!

Flash: *Opens his eyes slightly* I always keep…my word…

Chrysalis: *Smiles with tears in her eyes* Yes… Yes, you do! Thank you! Here… Let me heal you up.

Flash: *Feels his helmet being taken off* Huh? What are you doing?

Chrysalis: Giving you my gratitude. *Kisses him on the forehead and leaves a glowing mark that fades into his head, then spreads throughout his body, rejuvenating him*

Flash: Ngh…. *Blushing and feeling much lighter as he gets back up* I… I feel…good as new! What was that?!

Chrysalis: *Just smiles and blushes*

Flash: *Scratches his head and looks away nervously as the others approach* Huh?

Discord: Well, well, WELL! This is an interesting development!

Muffins: Chrysalis, you HAVE learned from last time you gave your heart to a stallion, right?

Chrysalis: WHAT?! Of course I have! WAIT! I MEAN…ER…. I WAS JUST…UH….

Flim: Oh-

Flam: Really?! *They both put on smirks*

Flash: Uuuuuuuuuuuh……..

Trixie: You can’t tell a lie, remember, Chryssie?

Chrysalis: *Sighs* No…you’re right…

Sombra: *As everyone begins laughing* Heheheh… Don’t think too much of it, Chrysalis. We’re merely teasing. *Looks to Flash* Flash Sentry, from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you greatly for your efforts and sacrifices to save me and my world. If there is anything you need, just say the word. I would like to show my appreciation.

Flash: Well…just one thing. I want to go home.

Sombra: Home? So soon?! We are all planning to have a victorious celebration. I would be remiss if I didn’t invite you to join.

Flash: Sorry. I can’t. I’d love to, but I need to get back home right away. I have responsibilities back in the Crystal Empire of my world. Everyone’s probably wondering where I am and worried sick! Especially my daughter! Oh, man! I am SO going to get it from her!

Chrysalis: You have a daughter?! *Jaw drops*

Flash: Yeah, I adopted her from a shelter and I’m taking care of her. Didn't I mention that part before?

Chrysalis: Oh… Adopted… *Whew* I…er... I mean… Uh...sorry, must've forgotten...

Flash: It's fine. But I’ve been away for so long and she’s bound to be worried! I probably scared her half to death with my disappearance…

Trixie: Well Sombra should know how to get you home, right?

Sombra: Indeed, I do. And I would be happy to show you the way. It would be the least I could do. Follow me.

My Little Pony Flashing Life BONUS TRACK VERSE 17
The battle is over... After so long, it's finally over... Euphoria has overtaken me... Now all that's left is for Flash to return home victorious!


Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
King Sombra- Crispin Freeman
Queen Chrysalis- Kathleen Barr
Judge Flim- Samuel Vincent
Judge Flam- Scott McNeil
Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Luna- Tabitha St. Germain
Princess Trixie Lulamoon- Kathleen Barr
Professor Muffins- Tabitha St. Germain
Sir Discord- John De Lancie
The Friendship Games TV Version

I just noticed something. The DVD and Blu-Ray versions said that the runtime was 91 minutes, yet the TV version only goes on for 70 minutes... Not to mention that there were some unused songs from the movie's official soundtrack... So maybe, JUST maybe... The other 20 minutes of the movie has some good content in it! 

Those extra 20 minutes might actually make a difference!
And... I'm STILL... F%$KING SICK!!! I HATE being sick! I wish this cold would just go away!
Verse 16

{END OF THE MILLENIUM WAR} Settle The Last Score! FIGHT!  
Lightning Vanguard VS. Nightmare
SCORE: Code Name FE (Code Name S.T.E.A.M.)…

EPIALES- No longer weighed down by a physical body, Epiales is able to pull out all the stops by using dark magic to conjure weapons for direct combat and send out flying phantoms to rush out in set patterns that can do damage on contact, grow to a large size and attempt to rush at the hero without mercy, exhale a massive breath of black smoke that can cause the hero’s vision to go dark, launch magic slash beams from his horn, teleport, make duplications of himself to confuse the hero, and create a massive burst of dark energy that can do immense damage within a wide set perimeter.

PHOSPHORUS- The Lightning Vanguard comes armed and prepared with the increased strength of everypony of King Sombra’s subjects, the Guardians of Equestria, and King Sombra himself. He has all of his usual abilities, but with the addition of Sir Discord’s magic cancellation that can negate the enemy’s attacks, Princess Trixie’s protective shield, Queen Chrysalis’ healing spell, the Flim Flam Brothers’ art of double-team with King Sombra being his partner, Professor Muffins’ detecting eyes, Celestia & Luna’s magic burst, and one final attack to be saved for the end.

Of all the battles I’ve ever been a part of, this one was by far the most surreal and most important yet! I was able to see all of Sombra’s memories becoming part of mine. I was finally able to understand why winning this fight was so important. This thing… Epiales, the Ethereal Spirit of Nightmare, was the monster that’s been haunting Sombra’s world for the longest time. He’s been at war with this thing for over a thousand years and now it seems like there’s a chance for everyone to finally see the end of this millennium-old battle! After all the pain that it caused and how it nearly drove two worlds to fall apart, there was no other fate that would be acceptable. Epiales had to perish then and there! Sombra and I worked together to fight Epiales with everything we had! Imagine it however you like! Our battle went on until Epiales found itself on the defensive and was losing it!

Sombra: Unbelievable….. He’s…doing it! What took me over a thousand years….he’s doing in seconds!

Flash: Don’t get the wrong idea, Sombra! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you doing what you did.

Sombra: What?

Flash: Celestia and Luna were this thing’s puppets for a long time and were hurting people because of it. Then you took it upon yourself to trap it! Do you see how it is now? That’s because of you and your loved ones! Their light was able to weaken him! All you needed was one last piece to the puzzle!

Sombra: The last piece…

Flash: I guess you could say that I’m the missing piece that you guys needed. Epiales was only tough because it didn’t have a physical form for you to beat! Thanks to all of you, it does now! You made it possible to finish Epiales off for good! It’s as my mom always told me! Everything happens for a reason! So now that we’re here, how about we finish this?! You ready?!

Sombra: Heh! I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this! Of course I’m ready!


SCORE: Reincarnation (Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem)…

Lightning Vanguard: *Eyes spark* THEN LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *Electricity charges and he swiftly strikes at Epiales multiple times to get it into position in the sky* EVERYONE! NOW!!! *The Guardians’ apparitions appear around him and they all begin a massive combination attack* JUDGES FLIM & FLAM!

Flim: Shall we, brother?!

Flam: Absolutely! *Horns glow and they form a gigantic gavel and base to slam onto the weakened shadow for the first hit*

Epiales: RRRGH!!! RAAAAGH!!!!

Flim & Flam: ORDER IN THE COURT! GUILTY!!! *They vanish*


Lightning Vanguard: SIR DISCORD!!!

Discord: Order, you say?! Sounds like my cue! *Snaps his gloved fingers to create miniature explosions to knock Epiales around* Now THAT was fun!

Epiales: AAAAAAAAGH!!!!


Muffins: Target locked! Let it loose, Trixie! *Catches Epiales in a reticle*

Trixie: Don’t have to tell me twice! *Horn glows and she unleashes a barrage of magic shots* HAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Epiales: STOP!!! S-STOP!!! AAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

Muffins: It’s not finished yet! Don’t let up now! *They both vanish*


Lightning Vanguard: QUEEN CHRYSALIS!!!

Chrysalis: I would love to! *Raises her front hooves up and she forms together a giant blue ball of energy* I my abhor violence… BUT I HATE SEEING YOU HURTING MY FRIENDS EVEN MORE!!! NOW DISAPPEAR!!! *Drops the ball of energy on Epiales and inflicts massive damage*…..Sorry, was that too much?

Flash & Sombra: *Eyes twitching*……UUUUUUH…..

Chrysalis: *Blushes and scratches her hair with her tongue sticking out* Eheheheeh… Well! You know what to do, dears! Let him have it and come back to us! *Vanishes*

Lightning Vanguard: CELESTIA! LUNA!!!

Celestia: The time has come, Sister!

Luna: This is for all those years of torment!

Celestia & Luna: PERISH, NIGHTMARE!!! *Fire off two beams in a cross-shaped blast* NOW! FINISH HIM OFF!!! *Vanish*


Flash: You get it now, Epiales?! You loved to give everyone despair…but you never counted on there being somepony that could break it! Somepony to give them hope!

Epiales: YOU…HOPE?!?!

Flash: Yeah! And the best part is…that’s not even my job! That’s where THIS GUY comes in! GO GET ‘EM!

Lightning Vanguard: KING SOMBRA!!!

Sombra: *Rushes at Epiales and strikes with a dashing tackle with an aura of light enveloping him* TAKE THIS!!! *Makes a powerful impact* NOW! FLASH SENTRY!!!

Lightning Vanguard: HURRAAAAAAH!!!! *Strikes once more on Epiales and both he and Sombra unleash a double-barrage combination of light magic-powered attacks before rising up above him and raises his spear up to charge it with an unreal amount of electricity* MANA PHOSPHORA!!! THIS ENDS NOW!!! *Calls upon everyone one last time and they all appear behind him and they dive down as one massive lightning bolt and strikes down, plummeting Epiales down to the ground* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!


Flash: Now to fulfill my promise! It’s all you, Sombra!

Sombra: Flash Sentry… Thank you! *Takes the very tip of the lightning bolt and forces it down one last time to fully engulf Epiales in the light as they crash down to the ground* THIS…IS FOR MY PEOPLE! MY LOVED ONES! MY EQUESTRIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Epiales: NGH…. L-LORD…AZAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Perishes in the lightning with the final touchdown and a thundering BOOM*

SCORE: Fire Emblem Victory Fanfare (Super Smash Bros. Melee)…

Lightning Vanguard: *Wrapped in electricity with his spear stabbed into the ground and he stands up to salute* It’s….over!

My Little Pony Flashing Life BONUS TRACK VERSE 16
The final battle of this Track, everyone! I've SO wanted to do this for SO long! Flash's first true defeat was at the hooves of Nightmare Moon and he has gotten much stronger since then! It is here where he has truly proven himself by defeating the fiend and bringing an end to a thousand-year war and obtaining the justice that Dark Equestria has been pining for!


Vanguard Flash Sentry- Vincent Tong
King Sombra- Crispin Freeman
Epiales- Tabitha St. Germain, "Big" Jim Miller, & Fred Tatasciore
Queen Chrysalis- Kathleen Barr
Judge Flim- Samuel Vincent
Judge Flam- Scott McNeil
Celestia- Nicole Oliver
Luna- Tabitha St. Germain
Princess Trixie Lulamoon- Kathleen Barr
Professor Muffins- Tabitha St. Germain
Sir Discord- John De Lancie

Seriously, DHX! What The Actual Heck?!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 7:22 PM

Just saw the new movie. And I suppose I can come out and say that I liked it. It was very good and I would definitely recommend it to you guys to watch! 

There IS one thing about it, however, that REALLY bugs me! Y'know that little bit of development in that one short for a certain character that I REALLY want to see more developed so that the crazy haters can shut up?! You know the one!

Y'know...that one character that I'm a huge fan of and one that I've been writing about for the past few years to help develop myself? Well I guess all that means jack and squat! The third movie reduced Flash Sentry to nothing more than a JOKE character!

Seriously, I thought Meghan McCarthey was bad with this character, but Josh Haber has proven himself as even WORSE! He had literally NO important scene to the story at all! The first moment was cute, but after the second scene, he just disappeared into the background with NO MORE F$%KING LINES!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! At least the first two movies made him a contributing factor, but Friendship Games...just...DOESN'T! 

And you want to know the worst part of this?! The worst part is that because of how so little screentime he had and how little he was to the whole story... I CAN'T MAKE ANY FLASH DRIVE CHRONICLES FOR THIS MOVIE!!!

I REALLY wanted to, but how am I supposed to work with this?! I'M SO SORRY, GUYS! I FAILED YOU ALL! I just can't think of anything good! There's...just...NOTHING! Nothing for me to use! I didn't think it was possible, but I think DHX has deliberately sabotaged it! I can't keep my promise. I really am sorry. 

Flash Drive Chronicles isn't cancelled or anything, I'm just gonna have to think of something else. I'll have the characters reminisce on the third movie's events or something, but there's just nothing I can do for what DHX gave us. Somehow, I can feel them laughing at me... I suppose the only way for him to develop now is via my and everyone's fanfics.

Flashing Life will continue as planned. The Final Battle of the Bonus Track is coming up tomorrow. See you then.

Once more, I liked Friendship just left me with mixed feelings, personally. 

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At this point, the writers are just making fun of me...

Seriously, DHX! What The Actual Heck?!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 7:22 PM

Just saw the new movie. And I suppose I can come out and say that I liked it. It was very good and I would definitely recommend it to you guys to watch! 

There IS one thing about it, however, that REALLY bugs me! Y'know that little bit of development in that one short for a certain character that I REALLY want to see more developed so that the crazy haters can shut up?! You know the one!

Y'know...that one character that I'm a huge fan of and one that I've been writing about for the past few years to help develop myself? Well I guess all that means jack and squat! The third movie reduced Flash Sentry to nothing more than a JOKE character!

Seriously, I thought Meghan McCarthey was bad with this character, but Josh Haber has proven himself as even WORSE! He had literally NO important scene to the story at all! The first moment was cute, but after the second scene, he just disappeared into the background with NO MORE F$%KING LINES!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! At least the first two movies made him a contributing factor, but Friendship Games...just...DOESN'T! 

And you want to know the worst part of this?! The worst part is that because of how so little screentime he had and how little he was to the whole story... I CAN'T MAKE ANY FLASH DRIVE CHRONICLES FOR THIS MOVIE!!!

I REALLY wanted to, but how am I supposed to work with this?! I'M SO SORRY, GUYS! I FAILED YOU ALL! I just can't think of anything good! There's...just...NOTHING! Nothing for me to use! I didn't think it was possible, but I think DHX has deliberately sabotaged it! I can't keep my promise. I really am sorry. 

Flash Drive Chronicles isn't cancelled or anything, I'm just gonna have to think of something else. I'll have the characters reminisce on the third movie's events or something, but there's just nothing I can do for what DHX gave us. Somehow, I can feel them laughing at me... I suppose the only way for him to develop now is via my and everyone's fanfics.

Flashing Life will continue as planned. The Final Battle of the Bonus Track is coming up tomorrow. See you then.

Once more, I liked Friendship just left me with mixed feelings, personally. 

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Serious Question: If you had to choose between revenge or forgiveness when faced with someone who did wrong to you or someone you care about, which would you choose? You have the chance to end this bad person's life, but would you? (Answer Honestly) 

16 deviants said Forgiveness- I choose to show mercy in hopes that this person can pay for what they've done and perhaps better themselves so that no more lives have to be wasted.
8 deviants said Revenge- I choose to end this horrible person's life! I don't care what they could be! They have to pay!


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What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?
What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?
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What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
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